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( 高二 年级 上 学期)


The Rescue of ABU SIMBEL (Unit 7 Cultural Relics , Senior Book 1A)
1. Learn something about History of Ancient Civilization of World.

三 维 课 程 目 标



2. Get to know something about the world cultural relics and know how to protect them. 1. To learn how to give and ask for opinions. 2. To describe something in passive voice. 3. To grasp the basic reading skills. 4. To encourage students communicate with others freely, especially ask for opinions. 5. To plan a debate about “Is necessary to protect Cultural Relics”. 1. To arouse the students interest in Cultural Relics. 2. Train the students’ ability of divergent thinking(发散思维). 3. To improve students’ awareness of paying attention to current events, and put forward a plan for solving questions. 1. To use Passive Voice. 2. To master how to give and ask for opinions. 3. To understand about current situation of Cultural Relics and what should be done. 1. To use passive voice exactly. 2. To improve students’ ability of reading. 3. To help students make suggestion more appreciate.

教学 重点: 教学 难点
教学 方法 教 教 法 学 法 具

Guide by Social-constructivist theory and TBL (Task-based Language Teaching). Talking and debating some questions in groups Overhead projector, Computer

学生情况 分 析

There are fifty-three students in their class, and it includes fifteen boys, thirty-eight girls. Their average English grades are fifty, so, students’ are poor in English learning. The most of students are reside in Nanning, are Nanning residents, but, there are only a few are resides in county town of Nanning. Generally speaking,

Step1.Greeting and three minutes show. Greeting with students each other and checking attendance. A student takes turn to show their talent and skill. Step2.Warm-up words and phrases . Pyramid The Aswan High Dam The Grate Wall The Yangtze Gorges The Nile River

阿斯旺大坝 长 城 尼罗河 三 峡 金字塔


Step3.Leading-in Show a small video about Cultural Relics and answer the following question. Can you summarize what you see just now? Can you tell us something about Aswan High Dam, The Great Wall? Step4. Fast-reading-- Identifying the general idea of each paragraph Read the whole passage and answer the following questions for five minutes. General Part1(Para.1-2) Idea

Part2 (Para. 3) Part3 (Para.4-6) Part4 (Para. 7)

Step5. Intensive Reading Para.1-2
Reading loudly with tape and answer the questions. What are the three greatest man-made objects? What’re the reasons for building Aswan High Dam?

Language points: 1. Object:
n. 宾语;客体;目标;物体 vt. 提出…作为反对的理由


vi. 反对;拒绝


E.g.: We must accept the object fact. I will not wear this dress if you object to it.

2.Produce /~by/~from
vt. 生产;引起;创作; vi. 生产,创作 n. 农产品,产品 E.g.: We produce every kind of brushes. The man produced a ticket from his pocket.

n. 成果;产品;生产;作品

E.g.: And grape juice production and sales. How about our production output recently?

adj. 多产的;富有成效的;能生产的;生产的,生产性的

E.g.: India is a rich productive country. Our productive task is making the machine. 3.Eelectricity

What are the problems will be result? What are characteristics about Abu Simbel?

Language points: 1. culture
n. 文化,文明;修养;栽培 vt. 培养(等于 cultivate)

E.g.: To understand Chinese culture and arts. "It was an enormous culture shock,” she says.

2. recreate
vi. 娱乐;消遣 vt. 再创造;使得到娱乐/消遣

E.g.: We recreated after work every day. On weekends I play; The students all recreate alike.

3. date from


E.g.: My interest in stamp collecting dated from my schooldays. This letter was dated from Beijing 20 May in 2002.

4. carve
vt. 雕刻;切开;开创 vi. 切开;做雕刻工作

E.g.: At the dinner-table, my job is to carve the meat. They carve a face on the pumpkin.

5. One of the most important …….
E.g.: Rice is one of the most important cereal crops. Death is one of the most important affairs for a people.

What’re the measures be taken finally? Can you put forward some different ideas?(讨论)

Language points:
1.Work on 对…起作用;继续工作;从事于…;设法说服 E.g.: The director worked on in the office until ten o'clock last night. He works on the production line. 2. Think about/of/out/that… 3. Complete adj. 完整的;完全的;彻底的 vt. 完成 E.g.: Her medical course was completed ahead of time. A good brandy completes a fine meal. 4.success n. 成功,成就;胜利; E.g.: Failure is the path to success. But this success is relative(相对的). Succession n. 连续;继位;继承权;[ E.g.: Some think two generations, we think succession planning. Many religious personages took part in his succession ritual. Succeed vi. 成功;继承;继任;兴旺 vt. 继承;接替;继…之后 E.g.: Our efforts succeeded. His firm will certainly grow and succeed. Successful
adj. 成功的;一帆风顺的

E.g.: How to reduce successful barrier? He is a successful character actor. What shall we …? Shall we? Could we …? May be could…? I’d like to … What/how about?

Step6. Discussion—divided whole class into two groups, show your idea. Is necessary to protect Cultural Relics?

Step7. Homework Your brother travel to Nanning, but, he unfamiliar with Nanning, so, he write a letter to you, ask for some travel advices, so, you should write back.

内容项目 教学方法 对教学内 容适应性

成功或失败之处及原因 The whole lecture guard by TBL, teacher can not control task appropriately, so the effect is not obvious. In a word, Students are lack of initiative. Teacher can not control time well, and it is too fast for students.

巩固或改进方案 We should help our students to form awareness of autonomic learning.

教学 反思

教学时间 分 配 学生的学 气 氛 学生学习 中的困难

Teacher pay attentions to student’s true abilities, and make lecture suitable to the most of students.

Students are not positive to responding, Make questions easier, and focus on keep client. more interesting topics. Students can not master Passive Voice Do more Passive Voice exercises,

well, and difficult to express their idea.

and encourage students to exchange their idea each other.

Students are lack of background information about Cultural Relics, so, they should read more books to enrich their knowledge.



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