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It 的用法(1)keys
ⅠACBD Ⅱ①该做某事的时候了②.这是第几次做某事③自从。。以来多长时间了④.当。。时候几点 。 。 了⑤.多久之后才。。⑥.做某事很重要、必要、奇怪、自然⑦该某人做某事了 。 ◆It is time we went home. ◆ It is the first time that I have been praised. ◆ It has been 3years since they married ◆It was 3 o’clock when he went home yesterday. ◆ Mum said it was important that we should drink 3 cups of water everyday. ◆ It was 2days before he went home. ◆ It is up to him to clean the classroom. today. 练一练:分析 it 成分,辨清相似句型。 1 C. B 2 B C. 3 A B Ⅲ think it important to learn a foreign language. 练一练: 1 C 2. C. It that she could come. 练一练: 1A 2D Ⅳ umbrella 练一练 1. A. 2. B

one umbrella

The umbrella you bought

It one that



I​T​用​法 暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载|举报文档IT 用法【例句展示】 请观察以下各组句子,注意归纳 it 在每组句子中的用法特征。 1. A. That vase ...


特殊句式与it用法 - 特殊句式与 it 用法 1.【2011 全国卷 I 22】Try___ she might, Sue couldn’t get the door open. A. if...


I took it for granted that they were not coming. ③ I’ll see to it that everything is ready in time. “it”的特殊用法常出现在以下几种结构...


It用法及其句型和固定搭配讲解“It用法及其句型和固定搭配,是高中英语...例 I think it hard for you to do the task on your own./I think it...


4. 代替动名词,作形式主语或形式宾语: It is no good / no use / useless / dangerous + doing I think it no good / no use / useless / dangerous ...


I will appreciate it if you can help me . It 用于习惯用法中,在 hate, like, love, appreciate, enjoy, take have 后替代其后的宾语从句。 32. 你可以...


it用法、句型及倒装 - It 用法、句型及倒装 1. --- I saw no more than one motorbike in that shop. Will you go and bu...


— Personally, I think it is the salesmanager, rather than the salesgirls...6. 强调词 it 与先行词 it 的区别。 强调词 it 与先行词 it 的区别可以...


高​中​英​语​ ​​有​关​i​t​的​用​法it 的用法 it 可用作代词、先行词及引导词等。 一, it 作代词: 1. 人称代词 it,是...


It 的用法(II) ---强调句式 1.强调句的基本结构: 强调句型为:it is/was ...(强调句) It was an old friend that I met in the street yesterday.I ...

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