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It 的用法(1)keys
ⅠACBD Ⅱ①该做某事的时候了②.这是第几次做某事③自从。。以来多长时间了④.当。。时候几点 。 。 了⑤.多久之后才。。⑥.做某事很重要、必要、奇怪、自然⑦该某人做某事了 。 ◆It is time we went home. ◆ It is the first time that I have been praised. ◆ It has been 3years since they married ◆It was 3 o’clock when he went home yesterday. ◆ Mum said it was important that we should drink 3 cups of water everyday. ◆ It was 2days before he went home. ◆ It is up to him to clean the classroom. today. 练一练:分析 it 成分,辨清相似句型。 1 C. B 2 B C. 3 A B Ⅲ think it important to learn a foreign language. 练一练: 1 C 2. C. It that she could come. 练一练: 1A 2D Ⅳ umbrella 练一练 1. A. 2. B

one umbrella

The umbrella you bought

It one that



(5)it 在强调句中的用法。 强调句的基本结构是:It+be+被强调部分+that(who)+其他部分。 It was a computer that he bought last week. 练习部分 1. I ...


该​内​容​对​i​t​的​用​法​总​结​全​面​实​用​。语法专项复习之 It 的基本用法及句型 It 的基本用法: 1. 人称代...


高​中​I​t​的​用​法​专​题 暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载|举报文档It 的用法(专项总结) 一、人称代词 1,it 的最基本用法是作代词,主要...


与定语从句的区别 It is novels that I enjoy reading.(强调句:that 不作...not until she got home___Jennifer realized she had lost 9) her keys. ...


8 KEYS: 1. It was during the Second World War that he died. 2. It is necessary to complete the task before National Day. 3. I think it ...


英语中 it 的用法及练习 一、概述 在英语中,it 的使用相当广泛,它既可用作...Please tell my wife about it .我今晚不回来了,请你向我妻子说一声。 I ...


与定语从句的区别 It is novels that I enjoy reading.(强调句:that 不作...was not until she got home___Jennifer realized she had lost her keys. ...


it 用法完全归纳 一、it 作人称代词的用法 1. 指事物 作为人称代词, it 可以指代除人以外的一切事物或动物。 如: I dropped my watch and it broke. 我...


It was not until I had finished my homework last night that I went to ...certain that he has lost his keys. B ) It 's C ) This is D ) ...


16.I don't know___ A.what it is about Mary that B.that is it abut...until midnight when he didn't go Keys: 1-5 ACDDB 6-10 DCDBA 11-15...

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