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Notice of English-speaking contest

Notice of English-speaking contest Time: Before the 25 May 2014 Place: At the third floor of the teaching building’s auditorium. People: All the students Purpose: To improve oral English level Prize: The top five winners can win a prize

8 April 2014 Student Union

Notice of English-speaking contest There will be a contest from 1:00 P.M to 3:00 P.M on 5 June Monday 2014. At the third floor of the teaching building’s hall. To improve oral English level, all students in university can take part in it. The top five winners can win a prize. The competition will hold in Student Union’s office. You must apply it before the 25 May 2014.

8 April 2014 Student Union


英语作文之便签 告示

English-Speaking Contest To improve students’ ability to speak English and ...。 The Students’ Union Department of English 24、告示-通知 Notice of ...


(Meeting Notice) ,海报(Poster) ,公约( Pact ),守则或规则( Rules ) ,...of English is organizing a school-wide English-speaking contest to be held...

speaking english

English speaking contest 7页 免费 English Speaking in Cont... 30页 免费 ...(脑中的知识比手中的金钱更重 要) Never say's a piece of cake...


Notice In order to improve students’ oral English level, a English-speaking Contest organized...In the enclosure you can find draft agenda of ...

Speech for english speech contest

To hold a special and high standard Olympic Games is the dream of all ...ladies and gentleman welcome to ***english-speaking contest. this contest ...


①the current situation of the equipments ②your reason and suggestion To:Mr...:You are going to write an notice for an English-speaking contest. ...

english speech contest 主持词

Chen: Welcome to the 8th Speech Contest of Luoyang Normal University!……I...she knows clearly that---you can only learn to speak English by speaking...


(介词) Notice World Environment Day is approaching, so the Students’ Union is going to organize an English-speaking contest, the theme of which / ...

Speaking English

English speaking contest 7页 免费 English Speaking in Cont... 30页 免费 ...过得去 。 Speaking of the devil !一说曹操,曹操就到! Stay away from me...


高专英语写作大赛 Part I (30%) 30%) Directions: Write a NOTICE to inform the students and English teachers You of the annual English speaking contest....

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