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必修二unit2 一般将来时被动语态


英语动词除时态外,还有语态。 语态指的是句子中主语和谓语动 词的关系。当主语是动作的执行 者时,谓语动词的形式就是主动 语态。当主语是动作的承受者时, 谓语动词的形式就是被动语态。

Let’s review!

? 1. the present passive voice ? 结构:am / is / are + 过去分词 ? e.g. ? Tom breaks the beautiful kite. ? The beautiful kite is broken by Tom.

? 2.the past passive voice ? 结构: was / were + 过去分词 ? e.g. ? Our ancient people built the Great Wall. ? The Great wall was built by our ancient people.

Have a try!
? ? ? ? Fill in the blank with the right form of the verb given. Their house __________ (paint) last week. was painted Visitors ____________ (request) not to take are requested photos in this museum. This terrible disease ____________ (spread) was spreaded in 2003. Students _______ (tell) to work hard are told everyday.

The Future Passive Voice
【含义】 表示将要发生的被动动作,后常跟表 示将来时的时间状语。 【结构】 shall /will+be +过去分词
? shall只用于第一人称,will可用于所有人称

Step 3 Practice:
A.Turn the following sentences into Passive Voice: 1.They will give her a gold medal. She will be given a gold medal. 2.The construction workers will put down the old temple. The old temple will be pulled down. 3.They will read The Music of Chance by Paul Auster. The Music of Chance by Paul Auster will be read. 4.The rabbits will eat the carrots. The carrots will be eaten by the rabbits.

5.The Russian businessman will buy the famous painting by Xu Beihong. The famous painting by Xu Beihong will be bought by the Russian businessman. 6.The teacher will mark the students’ homework tonight. The students’ homework will be marked tonight. 7.They will make some parts of the car in the factory. Some parts of the car will be made in the factory. 8.They will finish this project in five years. This project will be finished in five years.



More and more students will study in our school, so it will become _________ are designing (become) much larger. The engineers ____________(design) will be set a project now. a new building ___________(set) up. will be rebuilt The playground _______________(rebuild). New equipment Will be bought is finished ___________(buy) When the project _______________(finish). Will be kept enjoy More books ____________(keep) in the library. We can _______ will be (enjoy) reading in the bright reading room. There ________(be) will see many trees and flowers in the school. We ___________(see) a beautiful and modern school next year.

Notes:注意下面句型由主动语态变 被动语态的方法。
1.主语 + 谓语 + 宾语 ? 主动:We will build a new house next year. ? 被动:A new house will be built ( by us ) next year.

2.主语 + 谓语 + 间接宾语 + 直接宾语
(含有双宾语的主动语态,在变为被动语态 时,可将其中一个宾语改为主语,另一个 不变。习惯上把间接宾语改为被动语态的 主语。)

? 主动:My mother will give me a Tshirt. ? 被动:I will be given a T-shirt ( by my mother ).

? 注意:如果把直接宾语改为主语,则在间 接宾语前加to或for。

? 主动:My mother will give me a Tshirt. ? 被动:A T-shirt will be given to me ( by my mother). ? 主动:My mother will buy me a new coat. ? 被动:A new coat will be bought for me ( by my mother ).

? 3.主语 + 谓语 + 宾语 + 宾补 ? 主动:We will ask him to help you. ? 被动:He will be asked to help you ( by us ).
? 注意:含有复合宾语的主动句变为被动句 时,将其中的宾语变为主语,宾补不变 (这时的宾补变成主补)。

使用一般将来时的被动语态时,应注意以下两 点: 1.在时间、条件状语从句中,应使用现在时表 示将来时。同样,应使用现在时的被动语态表示 将来时的被动语态。例如: He says he will leave the company if he is punished for this. When the dam is completed,the Changjiang River will be controlled.

1.If the work ________,you can go and play games.
A. finished B. has finished D. is finished C. will be finish

2. It was raining heavily outside, the children were made ______ in the classroom. A. stay D. stayed B. to stay C. staying

The 31st Olympic Games will be hosted by Rio de Janeiro in the year 2016. 否定式:主语+will/shall not be done…
The 31st Olympic Games will not be hosted by Rio de Janeiro in the year 2016.

一般疑问式:Will +主语+be done…?
Will the 31st Olympic Games be hosted by Rio de Janeiro in the year 2016?

特殊疑问式: 特殊疑问词+will+主语+be done…?
When will the 31st Olympic Games be hosted by Rio de Janeiro ?

Let’s practice!

1.The rabbits will eat the carrots.

The carrots will be eaten by the rabbits.

Will the carrots be eaten by the rabbits?

What will be eaten by the rabbits?

The carrots will not be eaten by the rabbits.

一般将来时的其他常见的被动语态形式 1

be going to do sth. be going to be done
常用来表示按计划或安排将来要发生的 被动动作。 E.g.:那座旧的图书馆很快要被拆除了。 The old library is going to be pulled down soon. E.g.:他的新书下个月就要出版了。 His new book is going to be published next month.


be to do sth. 短时期内的打算 be to be done
E.g.:这个任务要在10分钟之内完成。 The task is to be finished in ten minutes. E.g.:你们的家庭作业明天必须要交上来。 Your homework is to be handed in tomorrow.


be about to do sth.正要做某事 be about to be done
E.g.:我 正要出门这时下雨了。
I am about to leave when it begins to rain.

Let us practice
1.They will give her a gold medal.(被动语态) She will be given a gold medal. 2.The construction workers are going to put down the old temple.(被动语态) The old temple is going to be pulled down.

3. We are to repair the machine tomorrow.(被动语 态)
The machine is to be repaired by us tomorrow. 4. These trees are going to be cut down .(否定式) These trees are not going to be cut down.

5.Many new sport venues will be built for the Olympic Games.(一般疑问句) Will many new sport venues be built for the Olympic Games? 6. The sports meeting is to be held on Dec. 5. When is the sports meeting to be held? 7.The football match is going to be held in our school next week . Where is the football match going to be held next week?

7. It is said that new 6. All those old buildings 5. The mistakesain 10. These films him robot _______by __________ down be the Hundredswilljobs 9. exercises will 8.You waterof 1.The days. 2. a Many chances in The question few _______ until is tomorrow.polluted 3. will be fined __________ if the furtherbe the _________lost about if 4. ___________ Don’t worry ______________(lose) will tomorrow morning. going to teacher. It by the that. unless some factory closes. (fine罚款) A. ____________ designed beyou don’t work A. willdiscussed hard. ______________ willbeifknocked be finished policebeen ____. you measuresbykeep B.can't develop has (discuss) us. B. will knocknext week. A. driving so fast. (finish) A. cross A. lose designed C. will have knocked B. aren't developing B. knockbe designed crossing C. will B. will be taken D.A.will be lost C. won't beby D. be crossed been D. will have B. are taken C. are lost developed designed taken cross bylose C. were D. will D. won't develop D. had been taken



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