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必修五unit2 words2

Words in Unit2
consist vi. 组成; 构成

consist of 由??组成; 由??构成;

=be made up of
=be composed of=be formed of

The United Kingdom consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

2) consist in (=lie in) 在于; 存在??之中

① The beauty of the city consists in its
historical architecture. ② 这计划的好处在于它的便捷。 The advantage of this plan consists in its convenience.

2) consist with 与...一致,相符 The report does not consist with the fact. consistence n. 一致性,连贯性

consistent adj. 一致的,连贯的
be in consistence with/ be consistent with 与…相符/一致

I’ve been told that the medical team, C _____five doctors and ten nurses,_______ sent to the flood-stricken area next year. A. consisted of; are to be

B. is consisted of; would be
C. consisting of; is to be D. consisting of, had been

2 .divide ... into 把??分成

①The book is divided into six sections. ②The children were divided into four groups
before they started the game.

divide sth.between/among...在??之间分配某物
③The money will be divided equally
among the schools. 这笔钱将平分给学校。


divide(...into...)常指把某个整体划 分为若干部分,即化整为零。 separate(...from...) 强 调 “ 将 ?? 与??分开”,指把原来连在一 起或靠近的事物分开,没有破坏 整体的完整性。 separate 还可做 adj, 意为“分开的”、“个别 的”。

用divide,separate填空 separate (1) The children sleep in __________ beds. separates the two houses. (2)A tall fence ________ divided her spare time between (3)She ________ reading books and walking. (4)We talked until midnight and then separated ________. separatedfrom France by the (5)England is ________ Channel. divide (6)He decided to ________ the large house into flats.

3. break away (from): 挣脱; 脱离; 改掉, 破除

The American southern states wanted to break away from the union.

You should break away from the bad habit.


break down (机器等)出故障;

break in 破门而入;打断(谈话)
break into break out break off break up 强行闯入, 突然开始 爆发 中断,折断 结束,分手,分解,粉碎

break through 突破,冲破

牛刀小试 (1)—I’m surprised to hear that Sue and Paul have ________. —So am I . They seemed very happy together when I last saw them. A.broken up B.finished up C.divided up D.closed up 解析:选 A 。 break up“拆散,分开; ( 关系 ) 破 裂”;finish up“完成;用光”;divide up“瓜 分;分配”;close up“靠近,愈合,关闭”。

(2)I was still sleeping when the fire ________, and then it spread quickly. A.broke out B.put out C.came out out 解析:选A。

4. credit n. 信任;学分;赞扬;信贷
He is a credit to the family. 他是家族中的光荣。 She was given the credit for what I had done. 事情是我做的, 她却受到称赞。 No credit is given to this restaurant. 本店概不赊账。 He earned enough credits for his degree. 他为获得学位取得了足够的学分。

to one’s credit 值得赞扬; 为某人增光。
It is(greatly/much) to one’s credit that …

do sb credit/ do credit to sb 为某人增光

on credit 赊账
credit card 信用卡 To their credit ____________ ,(值得赞扬的是)they have been working overtime without complaining about anything.

5. attract v. 吸引, 引诱 attract one's attention 引起注意 attract sb. to sth. 把某人吸引到某事上 eg. The beautiful scene attracts visitors to the island.

attraction n. 吸引;吸引人的东西 tourist attractions 旅游胜地

attractive adj. 有吸引力, 诱人的 be attractive to ...对...有吸引力 eg. Brighter color are attractive to children.

6. leave out 意为:省去;遗漏;不考 虑;忽视。

leave...alone不管,别惹,让??独自呆着;不打扰 leave aside搁置 leave behind忘带,留下 leave for动身到?某处? leave off停止、中断

④No one speaks to him;he is always left out. 没人跟他讲话,他总是被人冷落。 ⑤The light of the city were soon left behind. 都市的灯光不久就被远远地抛在后面。 ⑥Start reading from where you left off last time. 从上次停的地方开始读吧。

7. take the place of sb. = take sb.’s place代替
She couldn’t attend the meeting so her secretary took her place.

take place
in place of in place

代替(介词短语) 在适当的地方

out of place 在不适当的地方

take the place of; take place;in place of the place of Jane, as she can’t 1.I’take ll ______________ come to the meeting herself today.

place next month. 2. The ceremony will take _________ 3. His room looks neat. Everything in his room in place is ___________. 4. I use sugar ___________ in place of honey.

8. arrange vt. 筹备,安排,整理
arrange sth. 安排(事情) arrange for sth/sb. 安排(具体的人或物) arrange an interview arrange for a car to pick you up 安排某人去做某事 arrange for sb to do sth I’ve arranged for my secretary to meet you at the airport.


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