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In Search of the Amber Room

Terra Cotta Warriors The Temple of Heaven Ruins of the Old Summer Palace

The Great Wall

What is a Cultural Relic?

A Cultural Relic is something that survived for a long time, often a part of something old that has remained when the rest of it has been destroyed; it tells people about the past.

The Pyramids

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Lighthouse of Alexandria

The Colossus of Rhodes

The Statue of Zeus

Temple of Artemis

Mausoleum of Maussollos

Terra Cotta Warriors 秦始皇陵兵马俑

The Pyramids 埃及金字塔

Amber Room

Match each part of the passage with its headline

Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3 Paragraph 4 Paragraph 5

More details were added to the Amber Room The Amber Room and its design The rebuilding of the Amber Room The Amber Room was given as a gift The missing of the Amber Room

Read Paragraph 1
Find detailed information about Amber Room

Colour Birthplace Style

yellow-brown like honey Prussia in the fancy style popular in those days

several tons of amber; decorated with gold and jewels

Time to It took the country’s best artists complete it about ten years to make it.

Read Para 2-5 The Amber Room Frederick I built the Amber Room It was made not to be a ___________, but gift Purpose for the ___________ of Frederick I. palace for his palace
Frederick WilliamⅠ gave the Amber 1716____________________________________. Room to Peter the Great as a gift.

Catherine Ⅱ completed adding Catherine Ⅱ had the Amber Room happened 1770____________________________________. moved outsideAmber room details to the St Petersburg to the The Nazi German army secretly Russians removed some furniture and Amber 1941____________________________________. small the Amber Room stole art objects from the Amber Room



The Russians and Germans rebuilt 2003____________________________________. the Amber Room for celebrating

Frederick I

Peter the Great

Frederick WilliamⅠ


Read paragraph 2-5
Names of places

What was the Amber Room used for?

As the palace of FrederickⅠ As a part of the winter palace; Winter Palace Served as a small reception hall (St. Petersburg) for important visitors. Russia Summer Palace Catherine II spent her summers (Outside St. Petersburg) there. Germany K?nigsberg For the people of St. Petersburg Summer Palace to celebrate the 300th birthday Russia 2003 of the city.


① The topic of the passage is ________. ? A the history of the Amber Room A. ? B. how the Amber Room was made ? C. why the Amber Room was made ? D. where the Amber Room is now

② The author introduces the Amber Room to us in the order of _______. ? A. space B. B time ? C. importance D. logic

③ Which is the author’s right opinion? ? A. The Amber Room caused a war between Prussia and Russia. ? B. The Amber Room will not be found in the future. ? C. The new amber room can replace the Amber Room. ? D It is a pity that the Amber Room D. disappeared.

Read paragraph 1 and 3 and tell why the Amber Room was once considered as one of the wonders of the world.


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