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Unit 4 Earthquakes
Ⅰ.词义辨析 1.The Second World War brought great ________ to the people of Europe and the world. A.steam B.suffering C.power D.flame

2.The mountain climbers ________ in the storm were finally rescued by helicopter. A.ruined B.transported C.trapped D.sheltered

3.I ________ hope that you’ll make an excellent engineer in the future. A.extremely B.fluently C.officially D.sincerely

4.More than twenty miners were reported to be ________ alive when the tunnel fell in. A.buried B.damaged C.expressed D.frightened

5.Don’t you realize the ________ these chemicals are doing to our environment? A.shelter B.track C.damage D.outline

6.He defeated the other competitors and won the world________ for the high jump. A.track B.title C.judge D.headline

7.He ________ his back in Tuesday’s game,and will be unable to play tomorrow. A.rescued B.trapped C.shocked D.injured

8.Her actions ________ her love for her children more than any words could do. A.commanded B.scheduled C.burst D.expressed

9.The car accident seemed to have completely ________ his confidence. A.shocked B.requested C.determined D.destroyed

10.The natural ________ is believed to have caused heavy losses in this area. A.view 【答案】BCDAC BDDDD Ⅱ.名词性从句专练 1.【福建省泉州第一中学 2015 届高三下学期最后一次模拟】With time going by, we have come to realize that creativity is competitive. A. what B. how C. why D. that it takes to keep a nation highly B.block D.disaster



考点:考查名词性从句 2.【四川省新津中学 2015 届高三考前最后模拟】 I don't doubt ______ he has the ability to deal with the situation, but ______ the problem can be solved quickly depends on his attitude. A. whether; if whether; that 【答案】B 【解析】 试题分析:分析句子结构可知 doubt 后是一个宾语从句,该宾语从句句意完整,结构完整, 要用 that 引导;but 后句子的主语是“______ the problem can be solved quickly” ,根 据语境“这个问题是否能被迅速地解决取决于他的态度”可知该空缺处要用 whether,故选 B。 考点:考查宾语从句和主语从句 3. 【福建省泉州第一中学 2015 届高三下学期最后一次模拟】 —Can I sit in the front row? —Yes, you can take ________ seat you like. A. whatever 【答案】C B. what C. whichever D. which B. that; whether C. if; whether D.

考点:考查名词性从句 4.【天津市 2015 届高考压轴】An opinion is _____ someone believes is true but has not been proved. A. that 【答案】B B. what C. which D. whether


【解析】 试题分析:what someone believes is true 做 is 的表语从句,what 指的是 an opinion。 句意:一个观点是一些人认为是正确的但是还没有经过证实的那个。故选 B。 考点:考查名词性从句。 5. 【福建省龙岩市 2015 年高中毕业班 5 月教学质量检查】 —The relation between the actor and his girlfriend has been worsening. —I know. It has got to A. where B. how C. which 【答案】A they have to get separated. D. what

考点:考查考查宾语从句 6.【2014 刷江西省赣州市六校高三上学期末联考试题】 one’s life and never do anything bad. A. That 【答案】B 【解析】 试题分析:句意:一生都做好事并且从不做坏事是难的。第二个 is 前面的是主语从句主语 从句中缺少主语,用 what 连接,that 连接主语从句的时候,不做成分,all 后面加 that 就对了,which 引导定语从句,所以选 B。 考点:考查主语从句 7.【2014 届江西省红色六校高三第二次联考英语试题】 People all over the world have a dream ______they will always live a peaceful life. A. that 【答案】A B. what C. which D. when B. What C. All D. Which is hard is to do good all


考点:考查名词性从句 8.【2014 届江西省红色六校高三第二次联考英语试题】Tom’s pay depends on ______ the factory. A. he plays in what part C. what part he plays in 【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:考查名词性从句。本题考查短语 play ? part in 扮演??作用。句中动词 play 后缺少宾语,故用关系词 what。句意:汤姆的支付取决于他在工厂里所起的重要。故 C 正 确。 考点:考查名词性从句 9.【2014 届江西省红色六校高三第二次联考英语试题】 He said it was this classroom _______ he found his lost watch and _____ he would take good care of it from then on. A. where; / 【答案】D B. when; what C. that; what D. where; that B. he plays what part in D. in what part he plays

考点:考查定语从句及宾语从句 10.【2014 届江西省吉水中学高三上学期 10 月英语试题】Strange as it might be, the suggestion he made A.that B.which 【答案】A 【解析】 试题分析:句意:虽然他提出的我们应该充分利用该设备的建议有点奇怪,但是它是可以接 受的。he made 是定语从句,修饰 the suggestion ;we make good use of equipment 是 同位语从句,解释 the suggestion 的内容,选项 A 的 that 是连接词,引导同位语从句。 选 A。

we make good use of the equipment is acceptable. C.why

考点:考查同位语从句 III.短语填空 right away;run out of;at an end;in ruins;dig out; a number of;think little of;fall down;as if;be proud of 1.His car was buried by the snow and had to be ________. 2.They _______________ my suggestion,which made me a little upset. 3.Please wait for a moment.I’ll find the address for you __________. 4.Quite ____________ worldfamous paintings are on show in this exhibition. 5.The children were happy that the long hot summer was at last________. 6.We ___________ our son for not giving in to such difficulties. 7.We couldn’t continue our way for we had __________ petrol. 8.The earthquake left the whole town ________.What a terrible sight! 9.You must watch your step so as not to __________. 10.She was shaking with terror ________ she’d seen something terrible. (1)dug out (2)thought little of(3)right away (4)a number of (5)at an end (6)are proud of (7)run out of (8)in ruins(9)fall down (10)as if IV.完成句子 1.But the one million people of the city,________________________ (对这些征兆 满不在乎), were asleep as usual that night.(think) who thought little of these events 2 . ________________________________( 有 三 分 之 二 的 人 伤 亡 ) during the earthquake.(injure) Two thirds of the people died or were injured 3.The sound of planes could be heard outside Tangshan ______________________ (即 使空中没有飞机 时).(even) even when no planes were in the sky V.模仿造句 1.It seemed as if the world was at an end.


[翻译]好像什么事也没有发生过似的。 ________________________________________ It seems as if nothing has happened. 2.Everywhere they looked nearly everything was destroyed. [翻译]我放眼望去,到处都是死亡与毁灭。 ________________________________________________ Everywhere I looked there was death and destruction. 3.Your speech was heard by a group of five judges,all_of_whom agreed that it was the best one this year. [翻译]她有三个儿子,他们都当了医生。 ___________________________________________ She had three sons,all of whom became doctors. 4.Our office would like to have_you_speak to the park visitors on July 28. [翻译]我们学校想请你明天给学生作个报告。 ______________________________________________________ Our school wants to have you give a lecture to the students tomorrow. 5.Next month the city will open a new park to honour those_who died in the terrible disaster. [翻译]上帝只帮助那些自己帮自己的人。 ________________________________________ God only helps those who help themselves. VI.语法填空(共 10 小题:每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下面材料, 在空白处填入适当的内容 (不多于 3 个单词) 或括号内单词的正确形式。 【2015 届贵州遵义航天高级中学高三上第三次模拟】 My deskmate admires my fluent English very much and I usually feel ____1_____(encourage) by his compliments. One day, when we learned the new word “eccentric” in class , we ___2_____(ask) to make a sentence with it. I volunteered to do____3_____ by saying “My deskmate is an eccentric boy_______4______clothes never fit him.” ____5_____ (hear) this, the whole classburst into_____6_____ (laugh) and my deskmate’s face turned red.

____7_____class, I learned from the teacher that my deskmate would have dropped ____8______ of school if he hadn’t been helped by others. My mindless words must_____9_____(hurt) him deeply. Not until then did I realize words could be _____10_____ (power) in both positive and negative ways. We should avoid hurting others if we can’t always be encouraging when we speak. 【答案】 encouraged were asked it whose Hearing laughter After out have hurt powerful

“突然大笑”是固定短语 burst into laughter。 放学后,用介词 After。 “辍学”是固定短语 dropped out of school 填 out。 我不加思索的话一定伤到了他,表示肯定推测用 must have hurt,填 have hurt。 be 后用形容词作表语,填 powerful。 考点:考查单词拼写类短文

VII. 【天津市河西区 2015 届高三下学期总复习质量调查(三) 】 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选 项。 Annie, a neighbor’s daughter, was away for her first semester at college this school year. She is a very sweet girl but just a bit shy. When her birthday came around, I found out she was feeling a bit Her family is quite poor and visitors. I wanted to bit. I got her school 5 got a(n) 6 I 7 ! perhaps a bit more birthday cheer was needed here. I bought some balloons, 8 novelties at a store. I took a small 9 and asked three 3 2 1 .

are tight, so there wouldn’t be any birthday 4 her day a

her a card and maybe a small gift to

from her mom and planned to pick something up. Then I

birthday hats, and

other people in my area at work to

10 “Happy Birthday” and send some birthday 11 what we

wishes to her. It was such fun making the recording! Other people were doing and on! Then I bought her a small present and a card as was packing them to be sent. I 14 12

their voices, so it really sounded like we had a party going

13 planned. The real fun

everything so it was like opening a mini

birthday party! At the last minute I added a pack of cupcakes and a box of birthday candles 15 sending them off. I got a call a few days later .Annie said her 16 got together with her and held 17 and I was so glad

roommates and one of their neighbors in the

a party for her the moment they arrived. She sounded so that she had some friends to It was such an easy and 18 her special day with.

19 thing to do. The people who helped me make the 20 me it was the most fun birthday

tape still laugh and talk about it. And Annie she would remember! 1.A. lonely 2.A. thoughts 3.A. provide 4.A. attract 5.A. number 6.A. idea 7.A. decided 8.A. another B. nervous B. finances B. sell B. remember B. campus B. surprise B. thought B. others

C. happy C. measures C. send C. describe C. address C. chance C. wished C. other

D. bored D. times D. draw D. brighten D. report D. message D. concluded D. one

9.A. radio 10.A. say 11.A. took out 12.A. added 13.A. suddenly carefully 14.A. collected 15.A. until 16.A. dormitory 17.A. familiar upset 18.A. help 19.A. hard time-consuming 20.A. warned 【解析】

B. camera B. sing B. set out B. devoted B. originally

C. recorder C. repeat C. gave out C. cleared C. finally

D. phone D. make D. found out D. lifted D.

B. paid B. after B. home B. happy

C. arranged C. unless C. classroom

D. expected D. before D. office D.

C. wonderful

B. compare B. challenging

C. share C. fun

D. witness D.

B. convinced

C. advised

D. told

试题分析:邻居家的女孩 Annie 今年上大一,家境贫困的她担心没有人陪她过生日而郁郁 寡欢。作者了解这一切后,为她精心准备了一个小型的“生日派对”并送她礼物,这让她非 常开心。 1.A 考查形容词。A. lonely 孤独的;B. nervous 紧张的;C. happy 开 心 的 ; D.

bored 厌烦的;根据后面的“so there wouldn’t be any birthday visitors”可知 Annie 因没有人给她过生日而郁郁寡欢,故选 A。 2.B 考查名词。A. thoughts 思想,想法;B. finances 经 济 , 财 政 ; C. measures

措施,手段 D. times 时期,次数;作者给 Annie 购买礼物,暗示着 Annie 的家境不是 很富裕,经济紧张,故选 B。 3.C 考查动词。A. Provide 提供;B. sell 出售,卖;C. send 送,邮寄;D. draw 画画; 根据第四段的“The real fun was packing them to be sent”可知作者想给 Annie 寄生日 卡片和礼物,故选 C。 4.D 考查动词。A. attract 吸引; B. remember 记得; C. describe 描述; D. brighten

使快乐;Annie 收到礼物自然会感到高兴,brighten 符合语境,故选 D。 5.C 考查名词。A. Number 号码,数字;B. campus 校园;C. address 地址;D. report 报 道;想给 Annie 寄卡片和礼物,当然需要她的学校地址,address 符合语境,故选 C。

6.A 考查名词。A. idea 想法,主意;B. surprise

惊讶,意外;C. chance


机遇;D. message 口信,信息;下文讲述了作者给 Annie 准备礼物的过程,所以此处指作 者有了一个主意(idea),故选 A。 7.B 考查动词。A. decided 决定;B. thought 思 考 , 认 为 ; C. wished 希 望 ; D.

concluded 推论,结论;作者想(thought)也许需要再多一点庆祝生日时的欢乐气氛,故选 A。 8.C 考查代词。A. another 再一,另一;B. others 其他的人或物; C. other 其他的,

其余的;D. one 一个;作者买了一些气球、生日帽和其他的(other)新奇的小物品,故选 C。 9.C 考查名词。A. radio 收音机;B. camera 照相机;C. recorder 录音机; D. phone 电话;下文的“ It was such fun making the recording! ”表明作者是用录音机 (recorder)录下人们的歌声和祝福,故选 C。 10.B 考查动词。A. say 说;B. sing 唱歌;C. repeat 重复; D. make 制作; 后面的 “so

it really sounded like we had a party going on”暗示着人们为她唱(sing)生日快乐歌, 故选 B。 11.D 考查动词短语。A. took out 拿出,取出;B. set out 动身, 出发; C. gave out 发

出;D. found out 查明,弄清楚;其他人弄清楚(found out) 我们在做什么时也加入进来, 故选 D。 12.A 考查动词。A. added 增加,添加;B. devoted 致力于,贡献;C. cleared 清除; D.lifted 举起;根据语境可知,作者本来请了三个人唱歌,结果其他人发现了也跟着 一起唱,用 add 表示添加,故选 A。

15.D 考查连词。A. until 直到;B. after

在??之后; C. unless 出非; D. before

在??之前; 在把它们寄出去之前(before)的最后时刻作者又添加了一包纸杯蛋糕和一盒生 日蜡烛,故选 D。 16.A 考查名词。A. dormitory 宿舍,寝室;B. home 家;C. classroom 教室;D. office


办公室;文章开头的“was away for her first semester at college”表明 Annie 在学校, 因此用 dormitory,故选 A。 17.B 考查形容词。A. familiar 熟悉的;B. happy 高兴的;C. wonderful 精彩的;D.

upset 生气的,沮丧的;下文的“it was the most fun birthday she would remember” 表明 Annie 很高兴(happy),故选 B。 18.C 考查动词。A. help 帮助;B. compare 比较,对比;C. share 分 享 ; D.

witness 见证,目击;此处是说,作者很高兴 Annie 有一些朋友可以与她一起分享(share) 这特别的一天,故选 C。 19.C 考查形容词。A. hard 艰难的;B. challenging 具有挑战性的; C. fun 有趣的;

D. time-consuming 费时的;这是一个既容易又有趣的(fun)事情,故选 C。 20.D 考查动词。A. warned 警告;B. convinced 使信服;C. advised 建议;D. told 告 诉,告知; 根据上文的“I got a call a few days later. ”可推知 Annie 告诉(told) 作 者这会是她能记住的最有趣的一个生日,故选 D。 考点:考查故事类短文阅读 VIII. 【天津市河西区 2015 届高三下学期总复习质量调查(三) 】假设你是新华中学的学生 会主席。近来,随着网络的普及,学生的汉字书写能力降低。为了保护传统民族文化——汉 字,校学生会提出倡议。请你根据以下内容提示,为学校《英语沙龙》的同学们写一封倡议 书。 内容要点: 1.少上网,多读书、勤记笔记; 2.养成练书写和写日记的习惯; 3.自拟一项其他方面的倡议内容。 注意:短文字数不少于 100 词。 参考词汇: 汉字 Chinese characters 【答案】 Dear friends, In recent years, many of us spend a lot of time on the Internet with its popularity. As a result, our handwriting is not so good as it was in the past. In order to protect our Chinese characters and write both nicely and neatly, we’d like to offer some suggestions:

We should spend less time online so that we can have more time to read books and newspaper. We’d better form the habit of practicing calligraphy and keeping diaries every day. Besides, it is better to write letters to our relatives and friends by hand rather than send e-mails. As the saying goes, “The style is the man.” Beautiful and neat handwriting is beneficial to us students. So please pay more attention to our handwriting in the future. Let’s take action now! Students’ Union

【亮点说明】本篇书面表达格式规范,语言流畅。第一段开门见山地提出文章的主题;第二 段提出了可行性的建议;第三、四段用谚语结束文章并发出号召。本文的亮点是运用了复杂 的句式如定语从句,宾语从句等,提升了文章的档次;谚语的运用也为文章增添了亮色。 考点:考查提纲作文



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