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1.如果我再次使老板失望的话,我将肯定会被解雇。 If I were to disappoint my boss once again, I would be surely fired. =If I disappointed my boss once again, I should / could be fired. =If I should disappoint my boss….. 2. 如果你当时在时速限制内开车的话,事故就不会发生了。 If you had driven your car within the speed limit, the accident would not have happened. =Had you driven your car….. 3.我好朋友今天患重感冒了。如果她没生病的话,她今天上学就不会 缺席了。 My best friend has a bad cold today. If she were not ill, she wouldn’t be absent from school.

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1.之后不久 2.促成,导致,贡献 3.做出重大突破 4.接收到,利用到 5.从…中受益 6.做出调整/改编 7.跟上…的步伐 8.与…谈话 9.可用到,可接近

Lunar New Year
As one of the traditional Chinese festivals, it has been enjoying great popularity in our country.
Usually, no matter how far away or how busy we are, we will try to come home for the celebration. It is our pleasure to celebrate the Spring Festival, such as setting off fireworks, putting up spring festival couplets and paying new year’s call. Of course, we also like the lion dance and dragon dance. As a junior, we can get red envelops. As long as you are outstanding, you can get much more encouragement or pocket money. During the spring festival, everyone must be all smiles to face everything. However, the most important thing is that we can get together to share feasts, which is so great to us.

In short, the Chinese New Year is a prosperous party. We should enjoy this time entertaining each other. Please open your eyes and heats and you will find happiness all over the world.

1.大约三年后,我发现这个令人感动的爱情故事被改编成电视。 About three years later, I found the moving love story adapted into television. 2. 刚才我看见我们校长走向学校大门欢迎一组到我们学校的来客。 Just now I saw our headmaster walking to the gate of our school welcoming a group of visitors to our school. 3.所有困难克服后,这中年妇女最后如释重负地笑了。 All the difficulty overcome, the middle-aged

woman finally smiled in relief.

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导学案, 课本、笔记本 双色笔

Module 7

Electronic technology has been developing very quickly in the last few decades. Do you think these things have made our lives more convenient?

Among the electrical and electric products, which do you think is the most useful? Why?

What kind of TV do you have at home?
black-and-white TV cable TV 有线电 视 satellite TV color TV digital TV

? How important is watching TV you?

? How have different electronic devices changed over time? ? How have these inventions improved people’s lives?

Compare the TV in the picture with the TV in your home.

Early TV was in black and white and had a poor picture.

Liquid-crystal-display televisions (LCD TV)

The development of computers

laptop desktop

The development of dictionary

The development of mobile phones

The evolution of video and sound devices 影像和声音设备的发展 evolution : development n. evolve v.

Prevision Part : 预习一: over time : Over time he gradually realized the significance of making full use of time. Let’s talk about it over dinner. sth./ accessible to sb. 某人可接近/使用某人/物 1.Medicine should not be kept where it is accessible to children. 2.A manger should be accessible to his staff.

1. amazing development 2. in / during/ over the last/past few decades 3. keep in touch with 4. over time 5. electronic devices 6. improve people’s lives

1.惊人的发展 2.在过去的几十年 3. 与 保持联系 4. 随着时间的流逝 5.电子设施 6.改善人们生活

Do the electronic devices bring us advantages or disadvantages? Advantages:
Meet people’s needs and improve people’s lives to some degree.

1) Radiation may be harmful to people’s health. 2) When people buy new electrical or electronic devices, they throw away the old ones, which not only cause waste, but also are harmful to the environment.

Think it over
Do you think these electrical and electronic devices (products) are very useful? Why?

Fast reading
Who developed the system used for most early TV broadcasts? Who made the first recording of a human voice? What were developed by the late 1960s?

Who developed the system used for most early TV broadcasts? John Logie Baird. Who made the first recording of a human voice? Thomas Edison.
What were developed by the late 1960s?

Portable cassette players and video recorders.

Careful reading

Read the text again and complete Parts C1 and C2.

Read the sentences below and decide whether they are true (T) or false (F) according to the article. Circle your answers.
F 1. Colour TV became popular within just a few years after it was invented. F 2. People without satellite dishes do not benefit at all from satellite TV broadcasts.



3. Some of the first tape recorders used plastic tape to record on. 4. Records and cassettes do not offer as good a sound quality as CDs. 5. New technology will soon make many of the things talked about in the article out of date.

Complete the following table by filling in the event happening in a particular year.

1877 1887 1925 1929 1938

The first recording of a human voice was made. Emile Berliner invented a record player that used discs to record on. The first public TV broadcasts were made, in the USA. Regular public broadcasting began in London. The first colour TV programme was broadcast.

Year 1962 1967 1982 1993


Satellites were used to broadcast TV.
Regular colour TV broadcasts began in the UK. The first CDs were made available. The VCD was born.


The DVD was invented.

Match these new words from the article with their meanings. Write the correct letters in the blanks.
a. easy to carry e 1. evolution ____ b. using a system of d 2. principle ____ receiving, sending a storing information in 3. accessible____ h the form of number c 4. distribute_____ c. spread something over an area

d. a law or rule that is behind something f 5. component___ e. the slow development 6. portable______ a of something 7. digital______ b f. one of several parts that make up something 8. storage______ g g. the space where things or information can be kept h. easy to reach, obtain or use

Read the following passage about the development of radio. Complete it with the words in the box.
constructed eventually drawbacks delayed foresaw percentage receiver

With the patent of the telephone in 1876, people could now have a conversation with each other over a long distance. Many foresaw that it would be engineers _________ possible to send electrical signal through the atmosphere without relying on telephone wires. Some important breakthroughs in the development of radio were made by Nikola Tesla in the USA in 1891.

However, Tesla’s work had many ___________. drawbacks The first real radio was constructed by Guglielmo Marconi, an ___________ Italian, in 1896. Early radios just sent signals made up of dots and dashes. It was not until 1906 that adaptations were made so that radio could relay conversation and music. Since people were sceptical that the public would want to hear radio broadcasts, the delayed building of radio stations was _________.

Only a very small __________ percentage of radio stations were built before 1920. However, most people had access to a radio ________ receiver by the late 1920s and Eventually radio became early 1930s. __________, the primary means of getting news and entertainment.

TV is a necessary part of our life, and most of us spend a lot of time enjoying a variety of TV programmes every day. What benefit does TV bring to us? Does it have any bad effect on us? And why?

One possible version
First of all, watching TV brings us a feeling of relaxation. After a busy day, people can forget the pressures and challenges of work when sitting in front of TV. In addition to this, TV is a way of helping us to know the latest news and some national policies. As is known to all, TV can also enrich our knowledge and open our views by providing some relevant information.

However, TV has a bad effect on people, too. For one thing, people waste a lot of time in it. Secondly, TV kills people’s creativity undoubtedly. While watching TV, people become receptive and unquestioning. Finally, some TV shows are harmful to children, whose mind may be filled with confusing, misleading, and violent ideas.

如今很多学生带手机上学。为此,学 校组织了一场讨论。讨论的主题是: 中学生是否有必要带手机上学。请你 根据下表提供的信息,将讨论的结果 用英语整理成文。短文的开头已给出, 不计入总词数。


多数老师认为 1.中学生年龄尚小, 还不能自控 2.用手机玩游戏,发 短信, 浪费时间 3.容易引起同学间 相互攀比(vie with …)

你的 观点

1.方便与家长同 学联系(keep in touch with …)


Nowadays many middle school students carry mobile phones during school hours. Is it necessary? We had a big discussion. Most students think mobile phones can help them keep in touch with their friends and family. Also carrying phones is a way to be cool.

But most teachers think differently. They say using mobile phones during school hours often causes lots of problems. Firstly, students are so young that they don’t have self-control. Secondly, they waste too much time playing games and sending text messages on the phone, which will influence their study. Thirdly, carrying phones to school may make students vie with each other.

In my opinion, students shouldn’t carry phones during school hours because it has more disadvantages than advantages. Students should learn to use mobile phones at the right time.



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