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高中英语:Unit 5 Theme parks Using language(新人教必修4)

必修 4
Theme parks

高一英语同步练习: Unit 5

第 4 课时 Using language 基础练习 一, 回忆下列单词的词性和汉语意思: jungle ______________ brazil______________ creature______________ brand______________ advanced______________ admission______________ shuttle______________ free way______________ souvenir______________ sneaker______________ activity______________ come to life______________ in advance______________ hands-on______________ class outings______________ get close to______________ 二, 阅读检测


1. Fast reading: 1) What is Futuroscope?

2) What

does Futuroscope provide?

3) What advantage does Futuroscope have?


What the activities are?

2. Read again and do the Ex1,2,3 on P39. 3. Fill in the blank: Entertainment To take a journey deep into space Education To try scientific experiments



实战演练 一: 按课文内容填空 This science and technology-based theme park in France uses the most_____1_____ technology. Visitors can ____2____ parts of the world they have never experienced, going with famous divers to the ___3____ of the ocean; ___4___ part in car racing, skiing on some of the most difficult mountains in the world; meeting ____5_____ with dinosaur; trying ___6____ experiments; learning __7_ must be done to prepare for a flight into space or an undersea trip; understanding why we could not live on the other planets in our solar system. The amazing, ____8____ information together with many

opportunities for ___9____ learning makes the world ____10____ in a completely new way for visitors. 二: 单项选择 1. (2007 北京)We shouldn’t spend our money testing so many people, most of________ are healthy. A. that B. which


C. What D. Whom

2. It is reported that two schools, ______ are being built in my hometown, will open next year. A. they both B. which both C. both of them D.both of which 3. As a senior student, I am determined to work harder in order to _______ the desired university. A. admit by B. be admitted by C. admit into D. be admitted into 4. The plane reached Hong Kong ten minutes ________ of its scheduled time. A. in return B. in detail C. in reality D. in advance

5. All the plants come to _______ when spring arrives. A. live 6. B. alive C. life D. lives

I’ll never forget the days _____ I spent on the farm during my childhood. A. when B. that C. in which D. on which


Seeing the happy_______ of boys playing on the playground, I can’t


help thinking of my childhood. A. sight B. scene C. view D. sign 8.

---_____that he managed to get the information? ---Oh, a friend of his helped him. A. Where was it B. What was it C. How was it D. Why was it


When people talk about the cities in France, the first________ comes into mind is Paris. A. one C. that B. ones D. what


Is it the years ____you worked in the factory____ have a great effect on your literary works? A. that; where B. that; that C. where; where D. when. that



一, 完形填空

Do you read newspapers regularly? Newspaper articles ___1___ important and interesting information for people of all ages. ___2___, not all information is of ___3___ to everyone. Fortunately, finding the sections that you particularly want to read ___4___ not difficult. There are probably certain sections of the paper __5___ interest you most. ___6___, the titles of articles and the pictures ___7___ some clues(线

索) about the contents. Once you have chosen an article ___8___, you will find the important ___9___ information ___10___ the key facts in the first few paragraphs. The remainder(剩下的) of most articles gives ___11___. These details are usually ___12___ because they ___13___ valuable supporting ideas to help the readers ___14___ the key facts better. Sometimes they are simply human-interest details. ___15___ background information or quotes from people in the news story. Remember this important difference ___16___ a fiction story and a news story: The ending of a fiction story is important but ___17___ whole story should always be read, but the beginning of a news story is the most important part. It is necessary to read only far ___18___ in the article to understand __19___ has happened. The details are for people ___20___ are most interested in that subject. 1. A. cover B. keep


C. record 2. A. Whatever C. However 3. A. interest C. interested 4 .A. is C. are 5. A. what C. it 6. A. Above all C. Beside 7. A. give C. make 8. A. reads C. read 9. A. common C. general 10. A. with C. for 11. A. facts C. material 12. A. including D. contain

B. Otherwise D. Because B. interesting D. important B. be D. does B. that D. really B. In a word D. Apart from that B. gives D. makes B. to read D. reading B. ordinary D. detailed B. into D. and B. details D. things B. included


C. used 13. A. put C. providing 14. A. understand C. see 15. A. so that D. found B. putting D. provide B. read D. improve B. such as

C. instead of D. inspite of 16. A. of C. between 17. A. the C. an 18. A. behind C. deep 19. A. what C. which 20. A. what C. whom B. from D. among B. that D. a B. enough D. quickly B. that D. whose B. who D. when

二, 阅读理解 A Recent studies have shown that exercise is good to both your physical strength and brain. A new study finds that people become smarter after


starting a running program.

In their study, the researchers had seven young people start a running program consisting of running 30 minutes, two or three times a week for at least 12 skills before and after the 3-month running program. After 12 weeks of running, scores on all of the tests increased greatly in the runners., as did their reaction times(反应时间) in completing the tests, but the scores began to fall again if the runners stopped their training. The results could have suggestions for old people as well. According to these researchers, old people who started a 4-month exercise program also showed it may help doctors find a way to use exercise and running to help old people and those with Alzheimer’s disease improved their memory and other mental skills. 1. What is the best title for this passage? A. Running May Make You Smarter and Healthier B. How to Start a Running Program C. Running Is an Important way to Improve Health D. The seven-Person Program 2. Which of the following statements is true? A. Doctors use exercise and running to help aged people improve their memory. B. Some people will develop Alzheimer’s disease if they do not start a


running program. C.

Computers are used in the tests.

D. Running programs work out better for young people than for old people. 3. What can you infer from the statement that ― the scores began to fall again if the runners stopped their training‖? A. The runners should continue their running exercise to keep the good results. B. Some runners did not want to take a test again after they stopped their training. C. The runners would not get scores if they stopped training. D. The runners would have the same scores if they stopped running. 4. The researchers did tests both before and after the running program because ____. A. they had enough time to do it. B. the scores would be higher C. they wanted to make sure that all the runners would take to test D. they could compare the scores 5. The underlined word ―their ― in the second paragraph refers to ____. A. the young people’s B. the researcher’s C. the runners’


D. the tests’

B. To become a doctor in the United States, students usually attend four years of medical school after they complete college. Then these young doctors work in hospitals for several years to complete a training program called a residency(住院医生实习期). These medical residents provide hospitals with needed services in return for not much pay. They work under the supervision(管理) of medical professors and more experienced doctors. Medical residents treat patients . they carry out tests. They perform operations. They complete records. In hospitals with few nurses, residents also do work formerly done by nurses. Some medical residents work one-hundred or more hours in a single week. They often work for more than thirty-six hours at a time before they can rest. Critics (批评家) of this system say medical residents work too long and do not get enough rest. They say these young doctors may be too tired to perform their medical duties effectively. Now, the government will limit the number of hours of work that residents can work. Most doctors in training will be limited to eighty-four hours of work each week. They will have work periods of no more than twenty-four hours at one time. They will have ten hours of rest between work periods. Medical residents will have one day each week when they do not have



to work. Any work they accept outside their hospitals will be limited.Experienced doctors and medical professors will closely supervise the residents to make sure they are not too tired to work. Many medical residents welcomed the work limits. Others, however, said the new policy may interfere with patient care and their own medical education. 6.If a first –year college student in America wants to be a doctor, he has to wait for ___. A.4 years B.8 years least 10 years D.more than 20 years 7.Medical residents are not responsible for ____. A.supervising students B.treating patients C.carrying patients D.doing operations 8.The underlined sentence in the 2nd paragraph means that they have to ____. 36 hours every week for 36 hours before they work can go to


学而思网校 continuously for 36 hours D.take a rest every 36 hours 9.Why does the government limit the number of hours that residents work? A.medical residents get too much money. B.Medical residents should go back to school to study C.There are not enough work for nurses D.medical residents may make mistakes if they work too long. 10.The underlined word ―Others‖ in the last paragraph refers to ___. A.some critics C.some experienced doctors 三.短文改错: I have a good friend who’s name is Liu Mei. She is our ___________ monitor and one of the excellent students in our class. ___________ Although she is clever, but she works very hard. We have a ___________ lot on common and have a lot to talk about. One evening she ___________ told me that something happened when her parents was out . ___________ 5. 4 3. 2. 1. B.some medical professors D.some medical students



She was doing her homeworks one Sunday morning when ___________ she smelt something burning. She stopped look out ___________ of the window and find a cloud of smoke coming out ___________ of her neighbor’s house. She called 119 immediate. Ten ___________ minutes late, the firemen came and put out the fire. Her neighbor 10. ___________ was very thankful for her help.




四. 情景对话: ---Why do we have to walk to the station? And where is it? ---____1___ I guess. --- Look! There’s a policeman! Ask him the way. --- All right. I’ll go and ask. ---___2__. --- Well, we have to walk down this road until we see a river on the right. Across the bridge over the river, we will be able to see some road signs which will tell us the way. ----____3____ How long does it take to walk there?


the train. And with these

---- About fifteen minutes! We may be late for

heavy bags, too! I think we ought to take a taxi. ---___4___ Look at the traffic. It’s moving very slowly. --- You see! The two beds are too heavy for us. --- ___5___ --- What isn’t such a bad idea? What do you mean? --- Taxi! Taxi! A. I agree. B. Perhaps it’s not such a bad idea after all. C. But how far is it? D. Why did you take the bags? E. Not at this hour. F. So, what did he say? G. It’s just down that road.

五. 写作: 根据下面提供的单词或短语写一篇短文, 简单介绍一下 Disneyland.要点应包括 以下内容: 1. Disneyland 是世界上最古老的, 同时也是人们最熟悉的主题公园. 2. 它是以 Walt Disney 来命名的. 3. 这个奇幻的世界可以让你梦想成真. 例如: 穿越太空旅行, 享受与最喜爱的 迪士尼卡通人物面对面的机会(白雪公主, 米老鼠等). 它还提供了各种各样



4. 它不仅仅是一个娱乐园, 还为人们提供观赏或动手的机会. 5. 有这么多令人向往的东西, 难怪越来越多的人来这里旅游. 写作导引: 1. 体裁: 根据本文提供的相关信息及所列要点简单介绍, 应为记叙文. 2. 时态: 以一般现在时为主 3. 人称: 介绍 Disneyland, 所以主语应为第三人称‖it‖ 4. 翻译要灵活,尽量避免汉式英语. 语言提示: 1. 关联词汇选用: and, but , what’s more, besides, however… 2. 高级词汇选用: be familiar with, more than , provide… with, name… after, come true, various,

a variety of, attraction,

3. 参考句型: It’s no wonder that……

第 4 课时: 基础练习: 一, 回忆下列单词的词性和汉语意思: jungle n. 丛林 Brazil n. 巴西 Creature n. 生物 Brand n. 商标,牌子 n.


adj. 高级的; 先进的 Admission n. 可进入;入场费 Shuttle n. 纪念品 Sneaker

往返汽车; 航天飞机 Free way n. 高速公路 Souvenir n. 运动鞋 Activity n. 活动 Come to life 活跃起来


In advance close to 二, 阅读 Fast reading: 提前 Hands-on

亲身实践的 Class outings 班级的短途旅行 Get


1). A science and technology-based theme park that provides people with extraordinary experience without leaving the earth and the present time. 2) Science and technology-based Futuroscope provides up-to-date information, hands-on learning and lots of fun and excitement. 3) a. Don’t have to leave the earth and the present time. b. Have no danger in taking part in the activities. c. Don’t need too much money. d. Carry out some learning in the learning centers. 4) The activities include taking a journey deep into space; experiencing surviving an airplane crash in the jungle; going with famous divers to the bottom of the ocean; taking part in car racing, skiing on some of the most difficult mountains in the world; meeting face to face with dinosaur; trying scientific experiments; learning what must be done to prepare for a flight into space or an undersea trip; understanding why we could not live on the other planets in our solar system. 2. 答案略 3.


Entertainment To take a journey deep into space
Education To try scientific experiments

To experience surviving an airplane learning what must be done to crash in the jungle prepare for a flight into space or an undersea trip going with famous divers to the understanding why we could not live bottom of the ocean on the other planets in our solar system. taking part in car racing, skiing on ….. some of the most difficult

mountains in the world meeting face to face with dinosaur 实战演练: 一: 按课文内容填空 1. advanced 2. get close to scientific 7. what 二:单项选择 1-5: DDDDC 反馈检测: 一:完形填空: 1-5: DCAAB 二: 阅读理解: 6-10: DABCD 11-15: BBDAB 16-20: CABAB 6-10: BBCCD 3. bottom 4. taking 5. face to face 6. ….

8.up-to-date 9. hands-on

10. come to life


1—5: ACADB 三: 短文改错: 1. whose out 2.√ 3.but 6—10: CACDD

5.were look


9.immediately 10. later 四: 情景对话: 1-5: GFCEB 五: 写作: Disneyland is the oldest theme parks in the world and also the one that people are most familiar with. The park is named after Walt Disneyland, the famous film maker. Disneyland seems like a place of fantasy. It will bring you into a magical world and your dreams will come true here. You may travel through space, enjoy meeting your favorite fairy tale or Disney cartoon characters, such as Snow White, Mickey Mouse, etc. What’s more, Disneyland has various exciting rides for visitors to enjoy themselves. However, Disneyland is more than an amusement park. It can provide people with a variety of things to see and do. With so many attractions, no wonder more and more tourists come here for a visit. Welcome to Disneyland to have fun!



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