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Goodwill and Social Letters
第八讲 致谢函

Letter of Thanks

Unit 7 Goodwill and Social Letters
7.2 Letter of Thanks 7.2.1 Introduction – Opportunities f

or writing "Thank-you" letters to express appreciation and goodwill:

? to new customers for the first order;
? to established customers for a particularly large order; ? to customers who give advice or perform a service. – Every gift, every favor or courtesy requires sincere and gracious acknowledgements. – Express sincere thanks at the opening of the letter of thanks, then be specific about that which is appreciated.

– Close the letter with a warm statement ? show your wish for reciprocation and good wishes for the other party.

Unit 7 Goodwill and Social Letters
7.2 Letter of Thanks Sentence Menu for Letter of Thanks: – (1) We are writing to thank you for … – (2) Please accept my sincere appreciation for … – (3) Thank you for all the kindness you extended to us. – (4) Thank you very much for the hospitality you extended to me during my stay.

– (5) I really appreciate your thoughtful gift and I will always treasure it.
– (6) I enjoyed the short stay at your home, which is both delightful and memorable.

– (7) We must write to you to say how much we appreciate the promptness with which you have settled your accounts with us during the past year.

Unit 7 Goodwill and Social Letters
7.2.2 Sample Letters
Dear Mr. Karl, I would like to write to you to say how much we appreciate the promptness with which you settled your

Letter 1

accounts with us during the past year, especially as a
number of them have been for very large sums. It has been of great help to us at a time when we ourselves have been faced with heavy commitments connected with the expansion of our business. We hope you will continue to give us the opportunity to serve you. Sincerely yours



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