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A: 名词后加 “y”变成形容词 sun---_________( rain ---________( health ---________( luck ---__________( care ---__________( colour---__________( hope ---__________( success---________( sleep ---__________( east---______( person---__________( medicine---__________( E: 名词后加 “-ly”变成形容词 friend---___________( danger---___________( G: 名词后加 “-en”变成形容词 wool---___________( energy---___________( pride---___________( knowledge---___________( America---___________( I:动词变名词 ① work---________( 工 作 者 ) sing---________( 歌 手 ) teach---_________( 教 师 ) drive---_________( 司 机 ) write---________( 作家 ) dance---_________( 舞蹈家 )win---_________( 获胜者 ) run---___________( 赛跑者 ) swim---_________(游泳者)act---_________(演员) collect---__________(收藏家) direct---___________(主管) visit---_________(参观者) invent---_________(发明家) translate---_______ _(翻译家) ②educate---___________(教育) describe---___________(描述) predict---___________(预言) collect---___________(收藏) invent---___________(发明) build---___________(建筑物) ③mean---___________(意思) meet---___________(会议) cross---___________(路口) turn---___________(转弯处) decide---___________(决定) die---___________(死亡) ④fly---___________(飞行) know---___________(知识) please---___________(高兴) pronounce---___________(发音) mix---___________(混合物) J:形容词的两种形式—ing/—ed ) ) ) wood---___________( ) athlete---___________( death---___________( ) anger---___________( Asia---___________( ) ) gold---__________( ) ) ) ) ) H: 名词转化为形容词的不规则变化 ) hunger---___________( science---___________( ) Africa---___________( ) Australia---___________( ) love---___________( ) mystery---___________( ) week---__________( ) fame---__________( ) ) F: 名词后加 “--ous”变成形容词 ) ) ) ) ) ) wind ---__________( snow ---__________( noise ---__________( sleep ---__________( ) ) ) ) cloud ---__________( fun---__________( salt---__________( sand ---__________( )__________( ) __________( ) __________( ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

B: 名词后加 “-ful” “-less”变成形容词 )__________( ) _________( )__________( wonder---_______( home---__________( ) use---__________( ) help---__________( ) harm ---__________( ) )

peace---__________( value---__________(

C: 名词后加 “-ern”变成形容词 )west ---_______( )south---_______( ) north---__________( )tradition---__________( ) nature---__________( D: 名词后加 “-al”变成形容词 )education---__________( ) music ---__________(

please---___________(令人高兴的)---___________(感到高兴的) surprise---___________(令人惊讶的的) ---___________(感到惊讶的) excite---___________(令人兴奋的) ---___________(感到兴奋的) interest---___________(令人感兴趣的)---___________( 感兴趣的) worry---___________(令人担忧的) ---___________(感到担忧的) amaze, annoy, bore, disappoint, embarrass, frustrate, relax, terrify, thrill, tire 等 K: 形容词的变化 a: 形容词变副词。 quick---____________( angry---____________( noisy---____________( successful---_________( b: 形容词变名词。 Kind---____________( safe---____________( different---____________( )happy---____________( )confident---____________( )true---____________( )ill---____________( )important---____________( ) high---____________( ) ) ) ) ) ) strong---____________( lucky---____________( usual---____________( ) ) heavy---____________( healthy---____________( ) careful---__________( ) ) ) )

) terrible---___________(

) possible---____________(

1).用所给词的正确形式填空。 1.It is ________ (legal)to drive after drinking alcohol. 2.The Chinese people are very ________ (friend)to foreigners. 3.David moved ________ (caution)forward. 4.The teacher gave them ________ (instruct)to arrive early tomorrow morning. 5.Three people have been killed in a bomb ________(explode)in northwest Spain. 6.One should have the ability to tell the ________(different)between right and wrong. 7.He is a ________ (quality)teacher who is respected by his students. 8.For many Americans the automobile is a ________(necessary). 9.Excessive dosage(剂量)of this drug can result in ________(injure)to the liver. 10.“Thank you.” is a polite ________ (express)which is widely used in English. 2). 改错练习。 1.The Milu deer are living in the wild in a natural park. 2.This blouse is fit for him at all. It’s too long and the color has run. 3.The possibly that the majority of the labor force will work at home is often discussed. 4.We must strength government of the people,by the people and for the people. 5.The sperm whale can dive to a deep of more than 1000 meters in the sea. 6.He is a very famous actress. He has played many important parts in different films. 7.Personal,I’d rather stay at home watching TV. 8.Because of her ill,she can’t go out for the sight-seeing. 9.Thank you for your describe of the conditions here. 10.It’s really dust in this room. It’s a long time since someone last lived in it.



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