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9B Unit 1Grammar 课件(复习课)1

1.Did you understand___? A A.what she said B.what to say C.what did she said she had said 2.who can tell us___about over there? B A.what they talk B.what are talking C.what do they tal

k D.what they are talking 3.The girl is thinking about ___she will go abroad to C study English next year. A.if B.what C.whether D.when 4.the teacher said that___. c A.the sun moves around the earth B.the earth moved around the sun C.the moon is our satellite D.the moon was our satellite C 50.I don’t know when he __back,Please tell him the news when he ___back. A.come; will come B.comes;comes c.will come; comes D.will come; will come

6.I don’t know if his uncle ____.I think he ___if he is free. B A.will come; comes B.will come, will come C.comes comes D.comes ;will come 7.There is not much different between the two.I really B don’t know_____. A.what should I choose B.which I should choose C.which should I chose D.what I choose D 8.No one knows____. A.which gate we have to go B.which gate we must go C.which gate do we have to go to D.which gate we have to go to


1.“Are you a student ?”

she asked me…

She asked me if I was ….

2.“she wants to join the PLA.” she said… She said that she wanted to…
3.“Is the truck collecting rubbish outside?”Dad asked me

Dad asked me if the truck was …
4.“We will hold a sports meeting tomorrow.”Our teacher told us we …

Our teacher told us we would…
5.How long has it been like this? The man asked how …

The man asked how long it had been ….

6.will it snow tomorrow?

Do you know?

Do you know if it will…
7.where are our tickets? Please tell me… Please tell me where our ticket are… She said that she had …. 9.what time does the train leave?Do you know? Do you know what time the train leaves? 10.I can do it by myself. I think I think that I can do it …

8.I have already finished reading this book. She sa

what is wrong with Jim?
which is the way to “Tianya Haijiao”? who teaches you PE? who is searching for the robber? Who is singing?
Do you know what she is doing?

Do you know

Put the Chinese sentences into English

Do you know where they are flying to ?


Do you know on what day they are going to leave ?



你能告诉我他们订了几张票了吗? 你能告诉到海口的机票要多少钱?

Could you tell me how many tickets they booked?

Could you tell me how much it costs to fly to Haikou?


The Object Clause 宾语从句(二)语序 1. Please tell me who(whom) we have to see. 2. Do you know what they should do next? 3. The boy asked whose coat it was. 4. Could you tell us which teacher is popular among your students? 5. He doesn’t know why he makes the same mistake again.

For pleasure


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