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考研英语一小作文“ 一、必背表达


第一部分:说明写信目的 I am writing in response to(回应) your advertisement in … I am writing this letter to apply for the position that you have advertised in… I am writing to express my interest in your recently advertised position for… I would like to apply for the vacancy(职位空缺) of…advertised in… 第二部分:展示个人能力、经历及求职动机 I am now studying at … and will soon be graduated as a/an … major. Under the influence of the courses I have taken, I have developed a special interest in… Upon graduation, I first worked as… The following job was… and currently I am working for… I feel I have the necessary qualifications and experience needed for the position of… Born in… in… I graduated from… University majoring in… I have been working in… since my graduation, and I have therefore attained a fair knowledge and experience in this field. It seems to me that this experience, together with my education, has given me preparation to assume the role of… in a firm such as yours. 第三部分:希望面试机会,表示感谢 Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your reply. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to meeting you in the near future. Your prompt response will be much appreciated(感激)。 I should be pleased to attend for an interview at your convenience(方便之时), when I could give you further details concerning myself. I am available for a personal interview(个人面谈) at your convenience. Please contact me at…


Dear Mr. Byron, I am writing to express my interest in your recently advertised position for a waitress. Enclosed with(附上) this letter is my resume, which further details my qualifications(资历) and previous work experiences. Not only do my qualifications and work experience make me a perfect candidate (完美候选人) for the job, but my personality is well suited to(适合) working as a waitress. I am a very friendly person who can quickly establish rapport with people of all ages. I would like to meet with you at your earliest convenience, to discuss the possibility of working at your restaurant. Thank you for your consideration of my application. I look forward to meeting you in the near future. Yours sincerely,

Li Ming 三、精彩译文

亲爱的拜伦先生, 写信是想表达我对您近期刊登的女服务员的岗位很感兴趣。 附件中是我的简历, 进一步 详述了我的资历和先前的工作经验。 我的资历和经验都非常适合这份工作, 而且我的性格也很适合做服务员的工作。 我性格 随和,能很快跟不同年龄阶段的人建立起友好关系。 希望能尽快在您方便之时见面,探讨在您酒店工作的可能性。感谢您对我申请的关注, 期待尽快与您见面。 您真诚的, 李明



第一部分:指出被推荐人 I am writing to you to recommend…for… I take great pleasure in recommending to you … as … I would like to present… for your consideration in your search for… With reference to your requirements(要求), I shall, without reservation(毫无保留), recommend…as an ideal candidate.

第二部分:介绍被推荐人的情况 He/She is a/an… 第三部分:总结说明 I expect to hear from you soon. Please give this matter your immediate attention. I am confident/ convinced that… I strongly recommend him to you with no reservation. Therefore, I do not hesitate to recommend her as an ideal candidate for the post you advertised.


I am writing to you to recommend one of my best friends, Helen Wang,for this post. With her outstanding leadership and cheerful personality, she was elected chairperson of the Student Union several times. Busy as she was, she completed his major, teenage psychology, with an outstanding school record. Upon graduation she was assigned to be(分配到) a teacher in Fudan Middle School. What‘s more, she loves his job and enjoys working with children. This has won her great popularity among his students. Therefore, I do not hesitate to recommend her as an ideal candidate (理想的候选人) for the post you advertised. I am sure you will make a wise decision in hiring her. Yours sincerely, Li Ming 三、精彩译文

尊敬的先生或女士: 我写信是为了推荐我最好的一个朋友王海伦申请这个职位。 由于她拥有杰出的领导能力 和开朗的性格,她曾多次当选学生会主席。 尽管她很忙,但她完成了自己的专业——青少年心理学,并且成绩优异。毕业之后,她 被分配到复旦中学当老师。此外,她热爱自己的职业并喜欢和孩子们在一起工作。这使她深 受学生欢迎。 因此, 我毫不犹豫的推荐她作为你所招聘职位的理想候选人, 我确信您将作出雇用她的 明智选择。

文化:保护与发扬 【社会热点背景】 1.孔子学院(Confucius Institute) 成立十周年:被誉为"迄 今为止中国出口的最好最妙的 文化产品"--孔子学院,从 2004 年 3 个国家 3 所学院起步,截至 2014 年 8 月,全球已有 123 个国家设立 465 所学院和 713 个课堂,注册学员达 85 万人。学 院快速发展,已然成为一张 闪亮的中国名片。 全球最新的第 443 所孔子学院--安哥拉内图大学孔子学院, 将由中资机 构 首次参建。 2.中共中央政治局 10 月 13 日下午就我国历史上的国家治理进 行第十八次集体学习。 中 共 中 央 总 书 记 习 近 平 在 主 持 学 习 时 强 调 , 对 绵 延 5000 多 年 的 中 华 文 明 (Chinese civilization),我 们应该多一份尊重,多一份思考。对古代的成功经验,我们 要本着择其善 者而从之、其不善者而去之的科学态度,牢记 历史经验、牢记历史教训、牢记历史警示, 为推进国家治理 体系和治理能力现代化提供有益借鉴。

3.北京师范大学语文教育研究所所长任翔对外透露,由北师大文学院老师编写的北京市 义务教育语文教材,大幅提高了古诗文所占比例。明年 9 月起,小学一年级《语文》的古典 诗词,将由现在的 6 到 8 篇增加到 22 篇,整个小学阶段不少于 100 篇。在习近平总书记发 表不赞成在教材中去掉古代经典 诗词的观点后,续梅表示,教育部将进一步认真贯彻落实 习近平总书记讲话要求,在中小学教材中继续强化中华优秀传 统文化内容,真正让经典嵌 在学生脑子里。 【必背范文四:传统文化流失与保护】 Directions: Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In youressay, you should 1) describe the drawing briefly, 2) interpret its intended meaning, and 3) give your comments. You should write neatly on the ANSWER SHEET.(20 points) 【额外财富:保护非物质文化遗产】 Protecting the Intangible Cultural Heritages Like tangible cultural heritages such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, intangible cultural heritages like Peking Opera and Confucius- commemorating rituals are equally crucial. We should make our utmost efforts to preserve intangible heritages because, without their physical form of existence, they are in greater risk of extinction. 如同长城、故宫之类的物质文化遗产一样,像京剧和祭孔仪式这类非物质文化遗产,也 同样至关重要。 我们应不遗余力地去保护非物质遗产, 因为它们在不具备物质存在的条件下, 失传的可 能性更加岌岌可危。 According to UNESCO's Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage (2003), all forms of social customs and habits, folklore, performing arts, rituals, oral traditions, festivals, traditional crafts and various knowledge and practices about nature and universe can be classified as intangible cultural heritages. As a country consisting of a great diversity of ethnic groups and with time-honored history and civilization, China abounds in intangible cultural heritages. Cultural heritages connect modern people with the historical past, allowing them to acquire a cultural and historical identity. Without cultural heritages, we would be rendered absolutely rootless and we would find it hard to cope with challenges at present and in the future. 按照联合国教科文组织 2003 年通过的《保护非物质文化遗产公约》的界定,各种社会 习俗、民俗、 表演艺术、 仪式、 口头传统、 节庆、 传统手工艺、 以及有关自然界与宇宙的知识与实践, 全都可被纳入到 非物质文化遗产的范畴。作为一个由众多族群构成的国家,并拥有悠久的

历史与文明,中国有着极为丰富 的非物质文化遗产。文化遗产将现代人与遥远的历史连接 起来,使人们拥有某种文化和历史的认同感。如 果没有文化遗产,我们的"根"便荡然无存。 我们也无法去应对当下及未来的挑战。 However, the modernization process poses mounting threats to intangible heritages. Many people have a blind faith in the latest electronic devices. It is also pathetic to see elderly people in possession of such legacies pass away without transmitting them to the younger generation. Faced with those challenges, we should both preserve and renovate our ancestral heritages so that we can help contribute to the cultural diversity of the world and return to our spiritual homeland in this age of impersonal science and technology 然则, 现代化进程正在对非物质文化遗产构成日甚一日的威胁。 许多人盲目崇拜最新的 电子产品。 另外,看着掌握非物质遗产的老者不断逝去,而无法将其留传给年轻的一代,实在令人 痛心。面对这些挑 战,我们对祖辈的遗产既要继承,又要创新,这样,我们才能促进世界 的文化多样性,并在一个缺少人情 味的科学与技术的时代,重返我们的精神家园。 二、文化发展交流与合作(2014 体育大年) 【社会热点背景】 1.国家主席习近平同法国总统奥朗德互致贺电,庆祝中法两国建交 50 周年。 2.亚太经合组织第二十二次领导人非正式会议在 11 月 10 日至 11 日在北京举行。 3.7 月 15 日,金砖国家领导人第六次会晤在巴西福塔莱萨举行。 4.中国国际文化交流中心成立 30 周年纪念大会 10 月 29 日在京召开。中国国际文化交 流 中心成立 30 年来,为扩大对外文化交流、推动中华文化走向世界、服务国家工作大局、 增进中国人民与世界各国人民的友谊,作出重要贡献。 5.二十二届索契冬奥会于当地时间 2 月 23 日在俄罗斯索契落下帷幕。 6.2014 年巴西世界杯(英语:2014 FIFA World Cup)是第 20 届世界杯足球赛。比赛于 2014 年 6 月 12 日至 7 月 13 日在南美洲国家巴西境内 12 座城市中的 12 座球场内举行。 9.7 月 7 日,国际奥委会执委会投票决定,北京正式成为 2022 年第 24 届冬季奥林匹克 运 动会候选城市,将与挪威的奥斯陆、哈萨克斯坦的阿拉木图一起角逐 2022 年冬奥会举 办权。2015 年 7 月,国际奥委会将从候选城市中确定一座举办城市。 8.第二届夏季青年奥林匹克运动会 8 月 16 日晚在江苏省南京市隆重开幕。青奥圣火在 六 朝古都点燃,寓意着现代奥林匹克精神与古老中华文明再度完美融合。

7.2014 亚洲残疾人运动会 10 月 24 日在韩国仁川闭幕。 在 7 天的赛期中, 来自亚洲残奥 委 员会 41 个会员国家和地区的近 3000 名残疾人运动员围绕 23 个竞技大项、443 个小项 展开 角逐。中国体育代表团奖牌总数达 317 枚,其中金牌 174 枚、银牌 95 枚、铜牌 48 枚, 奖牌和金牌总数均列第一。 Directions: 【额外财富:文化交流】 Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should 1)describe the drawing briefly, 2)interpret its intended meaning, and 3)give your comments. You should write neatly on the ANSWER SHEET. (20 points) 【考研英语范文】 What is presented here is a very interesting scenario. A white man is dressed in traditional Chinese costume composed of a bright red hat and a long robe. From the subtitle we know that he is participating in the annual celebration of the Chinese Spring Festival, his face revealing happiness and satisfaction. Behind him are more foreigners in traditional Chinese costumes of various styles. We can deduce from the picture that the world is paying more attention to the traditional Chinese culture that with a long history. It partly owes to China's growth into one of world's principal economies, and partly to the colorful and diversified components in the culture itself. Except the case reflected in the picture, there is bountiful evidence demonstrating the prevailing influence and strong surge of Chinese culture. For example, it has become a convention for the French President to congratulate on the Chinese New Year. To conclude, I believe that the world's recognition of Chinese culture brings China and the rest of the world closer. Apart from mutual benefits of economic expansion, culture exchanges also promote international friendships at home and abroad. Furthermore, they can create a friendly ecosystem to allow China a better environment of development. Lastly, they also contribute vastly to the world's peace and prosperity. (213 words) 【参考译文】

这幅图展示的是一个非常有趣的情景。 一个白人穿着一套中国传统服装, 即一顶大红的 帽子和长袍。 从题目中我们可推断他正在参加一个庆祝中国春节的年度盛会, 同时他喜气洋 洋的笑脸充分展示了他的快 乐和满足。 他后面还有更多的外国人穿着不同风格的中国服饰。 我们可以从这幅图中推断, 世界对于拥有悠久历史的中国传统文化开始投入了越来越多 的关注。这一 部分是因为中国已发展成为世界上的主要经济体之一,一部分是因为中国文 化本身就非常多采和丰富。除 了图中反映的例子,还有无数的事实可以证明中国文化的影 响越来越广泛和深入。例如,现在法国总统每 年向中国人们问候新年已经成为了惯例。 总而言之, 我认为世界对于中国文化的承认使得中国和世界其他地区走得越来越近 了。除了经济扩张 带来的相互利益,文化交流促进了在国内外的友谊发展。此外,文化交 流也为中国的发展创造出了一个友 好的环境。最后,这对于世界的和平与繁荣也做出了巨 大的贡献。




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