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【步步高 学案导学设计】2014-2015学年高中英语(人教版,必修一)课时作业:Unit 3 第2课时]

Period Two

Language Points

Ⅰ.语境填词 1.I think the __________(运输) here is very similar to that in our city. 2.How many years is it since you ________(毕业) from college? 3.My

brother was ________(说服) to buy the shirt he didn’t like very much. 4.The meeting is ________(安排时间) for Friday afternoon. 5.Who ________(组织) your birthday party last Sunday? 6.What’s your ________(看法) to what he said? 7.My father is away on a ________(旅行). 8.The young man went on working hard and ________ (最后) he succeeded. 9.He was too ________ (固执的)to admit that he was wrong. 10.Do you ________ (更喜欢) this computer to that one? Ⅱ. 选词填空 dream of,get...interested in,be fond of, change one’s mind,give in,care about, ever since, make up one’s mind 1.Are you willing to ________________? 2.He ________________ drawing when he was a child. 3.I planned a holiday in May but I ________________ and went in June. 4.I don’t ________________ money if you can help make the machine. 5.Most students ________________ maths by the teacher. 6.Once I ________________,nothing can change it. 7.He is ________________ climbing the highest mountain in the world. 8.I have never met him ________________ 1990. Ⅲ.词义辨析 1.用 persuade 或 advise 的适当形式填空 (1)I’ve ________ him to stop smoking by ________ him many times. (2)The leader ________ Dr.Bethune(白求恩医生)to move immediately to a safe place,but he was not ________. 2.用 fare,fee 或 expense 的适当形式填空 (1)If you want to join,there is an entrance ________ of $20. (2)One thousand dollars a month is not a fortune but would help cover my living ________. (3)What is the train ________ to London? (4)It is reported that air ________ have shot up(猛涨)by 20%. Ⅳ. 单项填空 1.What’s your attitude ________ Sharon Stone’s comment that the Wenchuan earthquake was a result of “bad karma”. A.over B.about C.of D.towards 2.Whenever he was asked why he was late for class,he would answer carelessly,always ______ the something. A.saying B.said say D.having said 3.It is in the hall behind the teaching building ______ we usually have our PE lessons on rainy days. A.where B.that C.which D.what

4.The old man insisted that I ______ his wallet and that I ______ to the police station with him. A.had taken;go B.take;should go C.would take;had gone D.should take;go 5.There is still much time left,so I’ll tell you about it ______. detail brief short all 6.______ you promise to buy her a gift,you can’t break it in any case. A.Once B.Until C.For D.That 7.Mr.Brown thought it safe enough and ______ getting into the area. A.advised us B.suggested us C.persuaded us into D.persuaded us to 8.I am ______ to go and nothing will stop me. A.determine B.determined C.determining determine 9.You ______call him if you want to,but you ______,for he’ll surely come here soon. A.can;needn’t B.may;mustn’t C.have to;needn’t D.can;doesn’t need 10.______his technical knowledge was limited,the old worker has a lot of experience. A.Since B.Unless C.As D.Although Ⅴ.完形填空 After their business trip,John and Mary returned,eager to see their lovely children.As they drove into their hometown feeling glad to be back, they noticed __1__, and they went off their usual route to see what it was.They found a __2__ in flames.Mary said,“Oh,well,it isn’t our fire, let’s go home.” But John __3__ closer and screamed,“That home belongs to Fred Jones who works at the plant.He wouldn’t be __4__ works yet,maybe there is something we could do.”“It has nothing to do with us,”Mary __5__. But John drove up and stopped and they were both horror-stricken to see the whole house in __6__.A woman on the lawn was screaming, “The children! Get the children! ”John __7__ her by the shoulder saying,“Get a hold of yourself and tell us where the children are!”“In the __8__,”cried the woman,“down the hall and to the left.” In spite of Mary’s disagreement,John __9__ for the basement which was full of smoke and __10__ hot.He found the door and two children.__11__ he left , he could hear some more sobbing.He __12__ the two badly frightened children into __13__ arms and started back asking how many more children were down there.They told him __14__ more and Mary grasped his arm and screamed,“John!Don’t go back!It’s __15__!That house will fall down any second.” __16__ he ran into the smoke-filled hallway and at last he found both children.As he climbed up the __17__ stairs,the thought went through his mind that there was something strangely __18__ about the little bodies next to him,and at last when they came out into the __19__ and fresh air,he found that he had just ___20__ his own children. The baby-sister had left them at this home while she did some shopping. 1.A.direction B.mistake C.danger D.smoke

2.A.home 3.A.ran 5.A.whispered 6.A.ruins 7.A.pushed 8.A.basement 9.A.went 10.A.heavily 11.A.If 12.A.comforted 13.A.cheering 14.A.many 15.A.dangerous 16.A.Therefore 17.A.wide 18.A.particular 20.A.rescued

B.plant B.walked B.nodded B.pieces B.seized B.department B.reached B.slightly B.As B.delivered B.freezing B.several B.foolish B.So B.endless B.interesting B.sunlight B.found C.drove C.disagreed C.flames C.greeted C.asked C.partly C.Since C.recognized C.waiting C.three C.practical C.Instead C.familiar C.crowd C.lost D.rode D.on D.required D.silence D.stopped D.hall D.rushed D.terribly D.Unless D.protected D.suffering D.two D.painful D.But D.dirty D.fortunate D.moonlight D.missed

某些形容词,如 easy,difficult,hard,dangerous,impossible 等,当其后的不定式与前面 的主语构成逻辑上的动宾关系,形容词说明不定式的特征时,不定式使用主动形式表被动含 义。 这篇课文容易理解。 This text is easy to understand.(√) This text is easy to be understood.(×)

【答案解析】 Ⅰ.1.transport 2.graduated 6.attitude 7.journey 8.finally 9.stubborn 10.prefer Ⅱ. 1.give in 2.was fond of 3.changed my mind about interested in 6.make up my mind 7.dreaming of 8.ever since Ⅲ. 1.(1)persuaded;advising (2)advised;persuaded 解析 persuade 强调劝说的成功结果,故意为“说服”;advise 表示“劝说,劝告”, Period Two Language Points 3.persuaded 4.scheduled 5.organized


2.(1)fee (2)expenses (3)fare (4)fares 解析 (1)fare 指乘公共汽车、轮船、出租车等交通工具的费用。

(2)fee 指给律师、医生等的服务费、酬金等或(考试)报名费、(加入俱乐部的)会费等。 (3)expense 可指生活方面的各种费用,多用于指大量、大规模的花费,常用复数。 Ⅳ. 1.D 2.A [the attitude to/towards“对……的态度、看法”。] [saying 在句中作伴随状语。]

3.B [本句为强调句型,强调的是地点状语。] 4.A [insist 表示“坚持要求”时,其后的宾语从句要用虚拟语气,谓语动词用“should +动词原形”,should 可以省去;表示“坚持说,坚持认为”时,其后的宾语从句多用陈述语 气。] 5.A 共计”。] 6.A [once 此处是“一旦……就……”的意思。] [in detail“详细地”;in brief“简单地说”;in short“简而言之”;in all“总共,

7.C [“persuade sb. to do sth.”和“persuade sb.into doing sth.”意为“说服某人做某 事”。] 8.B [“下决心做某事”的句式是 determine to do sth.和 be determined to do sth.。] 9.A [句意为:你可以打电话给他,但没必要……。表示“可以……”这个意思可以用

may,也可以用 can,这样 C 项就可以排除了,D 项中 doesn’t need 不对;B 项中的 mustn’t 表示“不准……”,不符合题意。] 10.D [考查连词的用法。句意为:虽然他的技术知识有限,但这位老工人有很多的(工

作)经验。 since 表示“既然”; unless“除非”; as“当……时; 因为……”; although“尽管……, 但是……”,引导让步状语从句。故选 D。]

Ⅴ. 1. D 2.A 火了。] 3.C [John 不顾大火,继续“往前开车”。] 4.B [Jones 一定是还没有下班,所以 John 更要前去帮忙。“wouldn’t be off work yet” 还没有下班。] 5.C [妻子 Mary 不同意丈夫去冒险。] 6.C [看到整个房子都在火焰中。] 7.B 肩膀。] 8.A 地下室。] 9.D 10.D [急忙去救人 rushed for the basement。] [地下室里满是浓烟,并且特别得热(terribly hot)。] [从下面两点 down the hall 和 rushed for the basement 可知:in the basement 孩子在 [John 抓住她的肩膀说,冷静点,孩子在哪里。seize the shoulder 抓住某人的 [从上文和 flame 火苗, 进而过去一看究竟, 可以推测出他们先注意到 smoke 浓烟。 ] [从第三段第一句话中的“to see the whole house in...”可知:他们看到一座房子着

11.B [就在他救了人就要离开时,他又听到还有呜咽的声音。as“随着,就在……的时 候”。] 12.B 13.C 14.D 15.A 16.D 17.B [他把孩子运送到(delivered)等待着的(人们的怀抱中)。] [把孩子运送到等着的人们的怀抱中,然后又问下面还有几个孩子被困。] [从下文的“at last he found both children”可知还有两个孩子。] [妻子认为那样做太危险了。] [可是 John 还是冲了进去。] [爬上逃生之路的楼梯一定很艰苦,显得很漫长。]

18.C 19.B 20.A

[途中他突然有种感觉,感觉自己身旁的小孩“非常熟悉”。] [从地下室又“重见天日”,又见阳光,又呼吸到新鲜空气。] [才发现自己这次救的是自己的两个孩子。]


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