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必修三unit2 词汇导学案



必修三 unit2 Come and eat here(1)词汇导学案
编制:冯建华 审定:高一集研组 班级 组名 姓名 时间 `

学习目标: 知识目标:to learn to use the words and expressions about eating 能力

目标:to grasp the rules of the pronunciation 情感目标:to develop the interest of learning English words 重、难点: The pronunciation of the words and expressions The words formation 学习方法指导: cooperation and exploration; showing yourself 课前预习: 阅读课文“Come and eat here(1)”,并生成词汇问题。 我的问题: 1. 2. 3. 学习流程: Ⅰ.lead in 导入 Today we will learn unit 2 healthy eating. First let’s learn to pronounce the new words and expressions. Ⅱ.cooperation and exploration 1. to learn to pronounce the new words in group and write down the words that you are not sure about their pronunciations on your blackboard. (分组讨论生词的发音,把不会的写在小黑板上)

2. to look through the other’s blackboard, anyone can stand up to tell the class the words’ pronunciations, if you know that.(组间解决其他组不会的发音问 题) 3. group work(找出词汇表中第二单元浊化的单词)

名言: we are what we eat



4. to read the new words and expressions by yourself and find the words and expressions and Phonetic symbol that you are not still clear about their pronunciations(练读生词,写下你还没能掌握发音的单词及其音标,并对 其音节进行划分 )

5. to solve your questions(分组讨论并解决“课前预习”中的生成问题)

6. warming up work on page 9( 分组讨论,并展示)

Ⅲ. Ability promotion(能力提升) 1. make sentences with the words and expressions (造句)

2. what is “ a balanced diet”?

Ⅳ.My harvest in this class(我的收获)

Ⅴ.Homework 1.Read the new words and expressions by yourself again and again till you are familiar with them. 2.finish the excersie on page 12 Assessment(评价) 自我评价:





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