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高二 人教课标 选修7 Unit 2 Robots words and expression课件

Unit 2 Robots

Look at the reading passage to find words that mean the same.

embarrass 1.____________ cause sb to feel ashamed satisfaction 2.____________ pleasure, comfort, happiness elegant 3.____________ fine, attractive, politeness alarm 4.____________ n. warming; v. disturb, frighten fiction 5.____________ stories, novels declare 6.____________pronounce, announce

smooth 7. _______________ adj. not rough, silky
ring up 8. _______________ call up, telephone, make a phone call desire 9. _______________ n. wish, need, longing v. want, wish, long for victory 10. ______________ success

awful 11. ______________ bad, terrible, unpleasant, horrible, dreadful, ugly
absurd 12. ______________ unreasonable, ridiculous

1.desire v. (1)渴望;希望(做某事):desire to do sth. (2)要求某事:desire sth. (3)要求<请求>某人做某事 desire that…do\should do; desire sb. to do sth. 我请您立即答复。 an immediate answer I desire _____________________ of yours. 我们希望有个好结果。 ___________________________________ We desire to have a good result. 去请他进来。 _____________________________ Please desire him to come in.

他们要求你马上回来。 They desire___________________________ that you should come at once.

(3)食欲;情欲 他有强烈的求知欲.


a strong desire for knowledge / to learn He has_________________________________. 满足某人的欲望 meet one’s desire have\feel a great desire for 渴望

2.satisfaction n. ( opp. dissatisfaction)
1)满足;满意;舒服(at; with) 2)令人满意的事物 我听了这个消息非常满意. with great/ much satisfaction I heard the news_________________________. satisfy vt. satisfied adj. satisfying adj. 满足;使满足


satisfactory adj. 令人满意的

express one’s satisfaction at/ with

find satisfaction in

with satisfaction
满意地 take one's satisfaction in one's daily life 随遇而安, 知足常乐

3.alarm n.警报;惊慌;恐慌 火灾引起很大恐慌. The fire caused great alarm. _____________________________ give/raise/sound the alarm 发警报;敲警钟 take (the) alarm at 对…感到吃惊;因…而惊 恐 a fire alarm 火警 a false alarm 虚惊一场 air alarm 空袭警报 water level alarm 水位警告

vt. 使警觉;惊动;使惊慌 Don’t alarm yourself. be alarmed at (the news)被(那消息)吓了一跳. 不要惊慌

be alarmed for (the safety of …) 放心不下;担心(…的安全)
完成句子: 1. A small boy saw the smoke and raised the alarm _________________(发出警报). Everybody was alarmed at 2.________________________(人人都感到惊恐) the news that war might break out.

4. smooth adj. 平坦的;平滑的;顺利的 路平坦了/困难扫除了. The way is now smooth. ______________________ vt.使…光滑,平坦或顺利.

用熨斗把这件衣服熨平. Smooth this dress with a hot iron. _________________________________
smoothly adv. 平稳地;顺利地 一切进展顺利. Everything went smoothly. _______________________

5.embarrass vt.: to cause to feel ashamed, uncomfortable or anxious 使困惑;使局促不安 销路下降使公司陷于财政困难. embarrassed the company The decline of sales____________________.

embarrass sb. with sth./ by doing sth.
做…使某人尴尬/害羞/窘迫 不要问隐私,会让他们觉得不好意思 embarrass them with Don’t_______________________ (by asking) personal questions.

embarrassed adj.尴尬的,难堪的,害羞的

I was embarrassed _________________by his comments about my clothes.
embarrassing adj. 使人尴尬的;令人难堪的

你什么时候最尴尬? What has been most embarrassing moment your_____________________________?

6.sympathy n. 同情;同感;同情心
相关短语: express sympathy for 慰问 feel sympathy for, have sympathy for同情 in sympathy with 同情;赞成;跟着;和…一致 那位将军去慰问那些受伤的士兵.

The general expressed sympathy for the _________________________________________ wounded soldier. _________________________________________


Do you have/feel sympathy for the beggars ______________________________________ lying beside the road. ______________________________________

7. Ring (sb) up
相当于 call (sb) up 给某人打电话 “打电话”的相关短语: give sb a call/ring; make a (telephone) call; call sb on the telephone; phone/telephone sb

ring off; hang up ring off the telephone;

“回电话”的相关短语: call back; ring back

8.turn around 转身;回转;旋转;好转,有起色
他突然转过身来,看见了我. He suddenly turned around and saw me. _____________________________________ turn about 转身;转向;调向 turn against turn away turn on turn off turn out 背叛;反抗,使对抗 把(脸)转过去;抛弃 开(电灯,收音机,自来水) 解雇;关掉;使失去兴趣


9.declare vt. 宣布;声明;表明;说明;宣称
1)declare +n. 宣告 他们将很快宣布选举的结果. They will declare the results of the election _______________________________ soon. ______ 2)declare+n.+(to be) n./ adj. 宣布…为… 裁判宣布他为比赛的冠军. The judge declared him (to be) the winner of _____________________________________ the competition. ________

我宣布这次会议开始. I declared this conference (to be) open. ___________________________________ 3)declare +(that)从句 宣称;声称 她宣称她是对的. She declared (that) she was right. _______________________________ declare war on/ upon对…宣战 declare against 声明反对 declare for (in favour of) 声明赞成

10. envy vt. & n. 忌妒;羡慕

1)envy+sb.(for sth.) 2)envy sb. sth. 忌妒/羡慕某人某事
我真羡慕您! How I envy you! __________________ 他们羡慕我们的成功. They envied us for our success. ___________________________ envy sb. doing sth. 羡慕某人做某事 be in envy of one’s success 羡慕某人的成功 envy at/ of sth.对某事物的忌妒/羡慕

11.leave…alone 不管;不打扰;让…独自待着
不要动我的书. Leave my book alone. _____________________ 由我来做吧. Let me alone to do it. _________________________ leave behind 留下;忘带;遗留 leave out 省去;排除;遗漏

Exercise: I. 单词拼写 1.We all d_______ peace and happiness. esire legant 2.Flower arrangement is an e__________ art. mooth 3.This kind of material feels as s________ as silk.

eclared 4.The parliament d_________ that the colony was independent.
5.She a____________ her friend to the concert ccompanied last night. 6.How I e________ you getting an extra day’s nvy holiday!

7. To my s_____________, my son passed the atisfaction examination.
8. None of them could offer a satisfactory xplanation e____________ for their absence. 9. Remember not to e__________ them by mbarrass asking personal questions. 10. His second m________ was held at arriage St.Paul’s church.

II 用短语的适当形式填空.(方框内有一个短语 是多余的)

Leave sb alone; turn around; with satisfaction; test out; set aside; be alarmed for; ring up

rang up 1.How many people __________ while I was out.
2.The model must _____________ before we be tested out put it into mass production. 3.______________, I saw an old friend of Turning around mine, whom I haven’t seen for years.

Leave sb alone; turn around; with satisfaction; test out; set aside; be alarmed for; ring up Leave her alone 4. She is very upset. _______________ for a few minutes. to set aside 5. It’s time for us _____________ differences and work together for a common purpose. 6. Tom’s parents _______________ the safety of were alarmed for his while he went out for traveling.


3.这个小姑娘被独自留在那个房子里. 4.你在买新车前必须测试它的性能.


1. 我的父亲满意地笑了.
My father smiled with satisfaction.

2. 人生道路不会总是平坦的. ( path )
The path in life will not always be smooth. 3. 这个小姑娘被独自留在那个房子里. The little girl was left alone in the house. 4. 你在买新车前必须测试它的性能. Before you buy a new car, you must test out its functions.

5. 多么糟糕的天气!我们只得放弃去野营了.
What awful weather! We will have to give up going camping. 6. 他已经旷课一整个星期了. He has been absent from school for a whole week.

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