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2014级高二英语选修七unit5 reading 导学案(通案)

2015-2016 学年第二学期 2014 级高二英语选修七导学案 编制: 黄国帅 审题人: 梁丽平 编号: 2 领导签字: ______

Book7 Unit5 Reading 班级 ________ 姓名___________ 学号________ 组别________ Learning goals: 1. Enable the Students to learn about Xie Lei’s school life in London 2. Help The Students learn how to deal with problems that they would face when studying in a foreign country.

Teaching important points:To grasp the key words and expressions .
课前预习: Task I: Read the text to find out the following words and expressions and fill in the blanks. 1. adjust to 适应 2. board a plane 登机 3. dream of/about 梦想 4. waiting in a queue 排队等待 5. get used to 习惯于,适应 6. apply for 申请 7. take up 开始(从事) ,占用 8. keep it up 保持优秀成绩 the beginning 起初 in well 很好地适应,很好地融合 11.deserve to succeed 应该成功 far as he was concerned 就而言 13.more importantly 更重要的是 occupied with 忙于 15.feel like 想做…:具有…的倾向或欲望 16. get/be lost 迷路; 丢失 17. one more thing 还有一件事 Task II:choose the topic for each paragraph. Para1 Xie Lei left her friends and family for London alone six months ago. Para2 The purpose of Xie Lei’s going to London Para3 Getting used to the whole new life in London is also difficult. Para4 Xie Lei lives with a host family who help her a lot. Para5 Xie Lei’s preparation course is helpful for her studying abroad. Para6 Xie Lei’s plan for a social life Para7 Best wishes for Xie Lei 自主学习,合作探究 Get the detailed information with your partners 1. Why is she doing a preparation course first? Xie Lei’s preparation course can help her to get used to academic requirements of a Western university. So she first finished the course. 2. What are some of difficulties she faced when she first came to England?

(para. 3)
Learning how to do everyday things like using a phone, paying on a bus, finding her way, understanding English in real life 3. Why does Xie Lei have such a decision that she would like to board with a host family while studying in England? A. She feels lonely while staying in a foreign country. B. She is afraid to get used to a new life in a new country. C. She can make good preparations for her courses. D. She can have opportunities to learn more about everyday life and customs in a new country.

2015-2016 学年第二学期 2014 级高二英语选修七导学案 编制: 黄国帅 审题人: 梁丽平 编号: 2 领导签字: ______

4. How does Xie Lei try to get used to the new social life in England? A. She tried to avoid rising a feeling of homesick. B. She tries to join in a few university clubs to share more social activities and meet some people she had much in common with. C. She tries to put her heart into her preparation for her courses. D. She tries to protect herself from the strange environment and does nothing to make herself familiar with the culture.

.5What is the main idea of the passage? Give one sentence to describe it. It talks about the Chinese student Xie Lei’s experience in the UK.
Intensive reading Ask Ss to find the following sentences and paraphrase them. (1) I was also very nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. (2) …I met her in the student cafeteria between lectures. (3) Xie Lei highly recommends the course. (4) …some choose to board with English families. (5) I was numb with shock.. (6) Besides, as far as he was concerned what other people thought was not the most important thing. (7) We will follow Xie Lei’s progress in later editions of this newspaper. Suggested Answers: (1) Xie Lei left home for the first time and she didn’t know what would happen in the future, so she felt very nervous. (2) …the writer of this text met Xie Lei when they were having a break in the student cafeteria. (3) Xie Lei thinks the course is very important. (4) …some students decide to live with native English families. (5) I was greatly surprised. (6) He also thinks that the other people’s opinion is not very important. (7) The writer will give a continue report on Xie Lei’s study in England.

当堂检测,课堂小结Summary this class.

Fill in the blanks with what we have learned in

Xie Lei _______ a plane for London six months ago to complete a business___________. She is now halfway through the __________ year. At the beginning, she had to learn almost everything again. She lives with a _____ family, which gives her the __________ to learn more about everyday life and _______ in her new country. She wrote her first ______ to her______, but she only got an E. Now she has_________ the life and she feels much more __ _____ and is going to join a few university _____ in order to have a _______ between study and a social life. We wish Xie lei all the best with her_______. Keep it up ! Xie lei.




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