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Unit 10

Lesson 38
英才职业学校 陈周慧

Good afternoon, everybody! It’s my pleasure to share my lesson with you here today. The topic is about hiking. I’ll explain how to teac

h and why do it in such way. The topic is divided into four parts. First, know something about the teaching material, Second, teaching theories, methods and aids. Third teaching procedure and last blackboard work. Part I. Something about the teaching material: This period is about reading. It plays an important part of this Unit. The talk is around a kind of adventure travel — hiking. At first sight, someone may be think it’s a kind of special adventure travel and it is hard or impossible for us to experience in daily life. Just to the opposite, they are close to life. Mountain Climbing belongs to the hiking. Let them know they are easily access to hiking. At the same time, it can liven the class. We can analyze the text with “3W” questions. Such as: 1.Why do people travel? 2.Where does hiking happen? 3.What’s needed and What should be noticed? In order to fulfill the learning task of the period, I make out 3 objectives, as follows: Teaching objectives: a) Knowledge objectives: 1. Understand the main idea of this text and master the “3W” questions. 2. Learn with some useful words and expressions such as: experience, spend, get close to, watch out…… 3. Grasp some basic knowledge about attributive clause. b) Ability objectives: 1. Encourage them to read or answer some questions. 2. Summarize or retell the passage with learned words. c) Moral objectives: 1. Encourage the students to be careful when hiking 2. Make them love the nature. 3. Educate them to give a hand to someone when she/he is in danger if possible. Teaching key points and Difficult points: Key points: 1. Important vocabularies, Phrases and Sentences Such as: experience, adventure, equipment, expensive, spend, instead of, get close to, at the same time. Sentences: Yet there are other reasons why people travel. Instead of spending your holiday on a bus, in a hotel. 2. How to understand the text better. Difficult Points: 1. Retell the text with the learned words. 2. How to improve the Students’ reading ability.

Something about the Students: 1. The students will be interested in this topic, because most of them like travelling. 2. They are lack of vocabulary. 3. They don’t often express themselves and communicate with others in English, even if some are not interested in English. 4. Some are not active in the class, because they are afraid of making mistakes. Part II: Teaching theories, methods and aids I’ll do my best to carry out the following theories: Make the students the real masters in Class while the teacher herself acts as director; Combine the language structures with the language functions; Let the Ss receive some moral education while learning. Teaching methods: Double activities teaching method; Task-based approach teaching method ;Question-and-answer activity teaching method; Watch-and-listen activity; Free discussion teaching method; Group work or individual work method. Teaching aids: 1.a tape recorder 2.multimedia 3.the blackboard Part III. Teaching Procedures Let’s move to the third aspect — teaching procedure. It includes four steps: Step1 . Warm-up and Lead-in ; Step2 . Reading ; Step3. Summary; Step4. Homework Step1. Warm-up and Lead-in In order to stimulate their interest to read the text that I will ask them some questions, and let them have a small discussion.(Do you love travelling? How do you get there? Why do you like travelling?)They may give out many reasons, such as: relax, have a rest, enjoy the beautiful scenery, broaden one’s mind and so forth. If one of them “to experience excitement” is not mentioned, I will give some hint, such as “How do you think about Mountain Climbing?” They will get the answer “to experience excitement”. Then followed by another 2 questions:“Which kind of travel can help them to experience excitement?” and “What does the adventure travel mean?” At the same time, let them enjoy some pictures of adventure travel. It is natural for me to lead in the topic of this period — Hiking. Purpose: Arouse the Students’ interest of study Bring in new subject — Hiking Step2. Reading 1) Fast reading Read the passage individually as quickly as they can. I will show the questions on the screen and let them have a deep discussion of this passage. ①Why do people travel? ②Where does hiking happen?

③What’s needed while hiking? ④What should be noticed? Purpose: Improve the Ss’ reading ability, understand the general idea of the text. 2) Listening Listen to the passage carefully, then finish True or False exercises. (on the screen) ①Many people travel because they only want to visit some famous places. ( F ) ②Adventure travel is becoming less and less popular. ( F ) ③You can choose hiking if you want to get close to nature. ( T ) ④Hiking have to be very expensive. ( F ) ⑤You should prepared good shoes, clothes, maps and so on while you Hiking. ( T ) ⑥You should just only hike close to home. ( F ) ⑦Hiking is a way to travel on foot. ( T ) ⑧Hiking alone is not dangerous. ( F ) Purpose: Train the Ss’ listening ability and prepare for the later exercises. 3) Preparation for details of the text ①spend v. 花费 spend sth. on sth. 在……上花费(金钱) 【例 1】How much do you spend on food each other. spend (in) doing sth. 花费……(时间)做某事 【例 2】I spent a whole day (in) drawing. ②equipment n.装备,设备 sports equipment 体育器材 ③experience n. c/u 经历,经验 【例 1】They are looking for an unusual experience. 【例 2】I will never forget the experience which I experienced once. ④get close to 接近 【例】We’d better get close to nature when we’re free. ⑤Yet there are other reasons why people travel. Why 引导的定语从句 Purpose: Train the Ss’ ability of using language and help them to understand the passage better. And move to next step by one question: Do you want to know more about adventure travel ? 4) Careful Reading This time, I will ask the students to read the passage carefully and fill in the form as following: Hiking (is a way to travel close to nature on foot) How to travel On foot Advanteges Get close to nature Take exercise,Be cheap Equipment needed Good shoes,Clothes Possible dangers Spiders,Snakes,Sunburnt

Skills needed No special skills needed After finishing the chart, I will say “With so many advantage, it attracts lot of people go hiking. Meantime, it also has disadvantage — danger.” It is natural for me to move to the last paragraph about some basic tips for hiking. I will ask Ss to read them out together.( later, show it on screen. ) Purpose: Further understand the text. Step3. Summary Ask students to retell the text according to the details. At the same time, I will show the pictures for Ss, so they can retell it easily. After retelling, I will raise one question: “have you ever done hiking?” If someone says “no”, I will tell them that Mountain Climbing is one kind of hiking. Purpose: I want to let them have the ability of doing a summary. What’s more, I mean to give them emotional education. Step4. Homework a) Recite the new words b) Write a short passage of hiking Part IV. Blackboard Work Unit10 Lesson 38 Hiking ①spend v. 花费 spend sth. on sth. 在……上花费(金钱) 【例 1】How much do you spend on food each other. spend (in) doing sth. 花费……(时间)做某事 【例 2】I spent a whole day (in) drawing. ②equipment n.装备,设备 sports equipment 体育器材 ③experience n. c/u 经历,经验 【例 1】They are looking for an unusual experience. 【例 2】I will never forget the experience which I experienced once. ④get close to 接近 【例】We’d better get close to nature when we’re free. Note after teaching:

That’s all, thanks for your attention.



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