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安徽长丰县 2016 高考英语阅读理解【二轮】编练(4)及答案

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最 佳选项。 【2014 模拟冲刺试题】 Reading is a great way to improve your English. You'll learn new words, revise previously-taught structures and absorb thousands of useful expressions and phrases... without any effort. By reading, you are receiving valuable language input. And this is how you learn! Remember, language learning is a combination of input + practice. As you're reading, you're taking in language naturally, and you're seeing how it all fits together. This is crucial to your learning. The great thing about reading is that learning takes place subconsciously. There are no exercises to do, no grammar rules to learn, no tasks to complete... it's all natural. The language flows in through your eyes, and gets registered(记录) in your brain. What could be easier? The key to effective reading is to read things that you want to read. There are millions of books, magazines and websites out there. You couldn't possibly read them all. So, the important thing is to find things that you like reading. Then, you'll be motivated to read. And then the reading won't be difficult. It'll be easy! And then you'll learn. It's simple. Remember: read what you want to read. What you like reading.

What motivates and inspires you. But where can you start? Well, you could read a book that you've already read in your own language. Simply find a translated version of a book that you have read and enjoyed. This will make processing the content in the target language much easier as you‘ll already know what the book is about! You could also read the news. This is great as you can read the news in your own language first, then in English. You'll see that it won't be too difficult as you'll be familiar with the topics and stories. Magazines are also great. Find one that covers a topic you're interested in: business, clothing, guns, horses, houses, housekeeping, stocks and shares, sports, computers, electronics, designing, cooking... you name it, they'll have it. If not, look for information on the internet. There are also websites for every topic under the sun! Why not join a forum? They're a great source of English input as the language is often written in a simple, spoken style. Go to Google Groups, which has discussion groups based on common interests. Just type in the topic that interests you and join the chat. Finally, how you read is also important. The best thing is to read without using a dictionary. Let the words flow over you. Just skip the parts you don't understand. If you make your reading feel too much like work, it'll stop being fun. Of course, you could make a note of any new words and phrases that you like or see repeated frequently, but try not to break your concentration too much. Also, set yourself mini-objectives.

For example, if you're reading a novel, read 20 pages a day. Very soon, you'll have been exposed to thousands of useful phrases and words. Have fun reading! You'll learn so much!

50. The underlined word ―crucial‖ in the first paragraph is closest in meaning to _________________. A. easy D. suitable 51. The key to effective reading is _________________________________________. A. to read millions of books grammar rules C. to be motivated to read things 52.You can start to read by ______________________________________________. A. reading a book that you've already read in English B. reading the news in English first C. going to Google Groups to practice spoken English D. reading magazines containing topics you are interested in 53. From the passage we can learn that __________________________________. D. to read easy B. not to learn B. important C. difficult

A. when you read you needn‘t look up every new word in the dictionary B. the great thing about reading is that you can read without any effort C. to read is as much fun as to work D. you should make notes of every new word and phrase while reading 54. The best title of the passage can be ____________________________________. A. How To Read English Novels B. How To Learn English By Reading C. How To Absorb Expressions And Phrases D. How To Learn English Without Any Effort 50. B 根据上下文可知在学习语言过程中自然而然地领会语言是至 关重要的。所以 crucial 在这里表示“重要的” 。 51. C 根据第三段 you'll be motivated to read 可知有效阅读的关键是有 兴趣和动力去阅读。 52. D 根据倒数第二段 Magazines are also great. Find one that covers a topic you're interested in 可知正确答案为 D。 53. A 根据最后一段可知答案为 A。 54.B 根据 Reading is a great way to improve your English. 以及下文讲 的改进英语的方法可知全文的主题是讲如何通过阅读来学 习英语。

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出 最佳选项。 (The Program-Federal Government Helps Minority Business) Federal efforts to aid minority businesses began in the 1960‘s when the Small Business Administration (SBA) began making federally guaranteed loans and government-sponsored management and technical assistance available to minority business enterprises. While this program enabled many minority entrepreneurs to form new businesses, the results were disappointing, since managerial inexperience, unfavorable locations, and capital shortages led to high failure rates. Even 15 years after the program was implemented, minority business receipts were not quite two percent of the national economy‘s total receipts. Recently federal policymakers have adopted an approach intended to accelerate development of the minority business sector by moving away from directly aiding small minority enterprises and toward supporting large, growth-oriented minority firms through intermediary companies. In this approach, large corporations participate in the development of successful and stable minority businesses by making use of government-sponsored venture capital. The capital is used by a participating company to establish a Minority Enterprise Small

Businesses that have potential to become future suppliers of customers of the sponsoring company. MESBIC‘s are the result of the belief that providing established firms with easier access to relevant management techniques and more job-specific experience, as well as substantial amounts of capital, gives those firms a greater opportunity to develop sound business foundations than does simply making general management experience and small amounts of capital available. Further, since potential markets for the minority businesses already exist through the sponsoring companies, the minority businesses face considerably less risk in terms of location and market fluctuation. Following early financial and operating problems, sponsoring corporations began to capitalize MESBIC‘s far above the legal minimum of $500,000 in order to generate sufficient income and to sustain the quality of management needed. MESBIC‘s are now emerging as increasingly important financing sources for minority enterprises. Ironically, MESBIC staffs, which usually consist of Hispanic and Black professionals, tend to approach investments in minority firms more pragmatically than do many MESBIC directors, who are usually senior managers from sponsoring corporations. The latter often still think mainly in terms of the ?social responsibility approach‘ and thus seem to prefer deals that are riskier and less attractive than normal investment criteria would warrant. Such differences in viewpoint have produced uneasiness

among many minority staff members, who feel that minority entrepreneurs and businesses should be judged by established business considerations. These staff members believe their point of view is closer to the original philosophy of MESBIC‘s and they are concerned that, unless a more prudent course if followed, MESBIC directors may revert to policies likely to re-create the disappointing results of the original SBA approach.

1.Which of the following best states the central idea of the passage? [A] The use of MESBIC‘s for aiding minority entrepreneurs seems to have greater potential for success than does the original SBA approach. There is a crucial difference in point of view between the staff and directors of some MESBIC‘s. [C] After initial problems with management and marketing, minority businesses have begun to expand at a steady rate. [D] Minority entrepreneurs wishing to form new businesses now have several equally successful federal programs on which to rely. 2.According to the passage, the MESBIC approach differ s from the SBA approach in that MESBIC‘s [A] seek federal contracts to provide market for minority businesses. Encourage minority businesses to provide markets for other minority businesses.

[C] Attempt to maintain a specified rate of growth in the minority business sector. [D] Rely on the participation of large corporations to finance minority businesses. 3.Which of the following statements about the SBA program can be inferred from the passage? [A] The maximum term for loans made to recipient businesses was 15 years. Business loans were considered to be more useful to recipient businesses than was management and technical assistance. [C] The anticipated failure rate for recipient businesses was significantly lower than the rate that actually resulted. [D] Recipient businesses were encouraged to relocate to areas more favorable for business development. 4.The author refers to the ?financial and operating problems‘ encountered by MESBIC‘s primarily in order to [A] broaden the scope of the discussion to include the legal considerations of funding MESBIC‘s through sponsoring companies. call attention to the fact that MESBIC‘s must receive adequate funding in order to function effectively. [C] show that sponsoring companies were willing to invest only $500,000 of government-sponsored venture capital in the original MESBIC‘s.

[D] Compare SBA and MESBIC limits on minimum funding. 5.It can be inferred from the passage that the attitude of some MESBIC staff member toward the investments preferred by some MESBIC directors can be best described as [A] disappointing. Indifferent. [C] Shocked. [D] Defensive.

Vocabulary 1.implement 2.growth-oriented 3.intermediary company 4.venture capital 5.entrepreneur 6.fluctuation 7.pragmatically 执行,履行 增长潜力的,有发展性的 中介公司,中间公司 风险资本 企业家,创业者 波动,涨落,起伏 实用地

难句译注 1. Even 15 years after the program was implemented minority

business receipts were not quite two percent of the national economy‘s total receipts.

【参考译文】甚至在这个计划执行后 15 年,少数民族工业的收入还 不到全国总收入的 2%。 2. Recently federal policy makers have adopted an approach

intended to accelerate development of the supporting large, growth oriented minority firms through intermediary companies. 【参考译文】最近,联邦决策者采取一项措施,旨在加速少数民族工 商业的发展,他们不再直接帮助小型的少数民族企业,而是转向通过 中间公司来支持规模较大、有发展潜力的少数民族公司。 3. By making use of government-sponsored venture capital.

利用政府资助的风险资本。 4. The MESBIC then provides capital and guidance to minority

businesses that have potential to become future suppliers or customers of the sponsoring company. 【参考译文】然后再由 MESBIC 向那些少数民族企业提供资金、进 行指导。这些企业是有成为赞助公司的未来供应商或客户的潜力的。 5. company 少数民族小型企业投资公司。 6. MESBIC‘s are the result of the belief that providing established MESBIC – minority enterprise small business investment

firms with easier access to relevant management techniques and more job-specific experience, as well as substantial amounts of capital, gives those firms a greater opportunity to develop sound business foundations

than does simply making general management experience and small amounts of capital available. 【参考译文】MESBIC 的建立基于这种信念:为已建公司提供方便, 使它更容易获得相关的管理技术更具体的工作经验以及大笔资金要 比简单地给予一般管理经验和小笔资金更能使它们获得机会去建立 稳固的商业基础。 7. The latter often still think mainly in terms of the ?social

responsibility approach‘ and thus seem to prefer deals that are riskier and less attractive than normal investment criteria would warrant. 【参考译文】后者――高级经理们――在有大多数情况下,仍然常常 从―社会责任的角度‖来考虑问题,因此,他们似乎更倾向于选择那些 比正常投资标准更具风险性,而不太引人注目的项目。

写作方法与文章大意 文章主要采用因果以及对比的写作方法。先点出 SBA 计划―― 联邦政府对少数民族去也的赞助()的失败及其原因。 为此,联邦决策者改变方法,通过中介公司,建立 MESBIC。由 它来帮助少数民族企业――使其获得相应的管理技术、 具体工作经验 和大量资金,甚至潜在的市场――取得了成功。 可内部存在问题,MESBIC 的职工和领导者之间的意见分歧,职 工的投资观点更切实际,而领导者仍从 ―社会责任的角度‖来考虑问 题,若不改变,有可能重蹈 SBA 之覆辙。

答案详解 1. A 运用 MESBIC 来帮助少数民族企业似乎比原来 SBA 的方法

更具成功的可能性。文章一开始就点名 SBA(小型企业管理局)向 少数民族企业提供联邦保证贷款,政府资助管理和技术方面的帮助, 结果令人失望。组建成的少数民族新企业由于管理上缺乏经验、地点 不佳、资金短缺而导致失败的情况很多。其他见难句译注 1、2、3。 总之在 MESBIC 支持下:为它的潜在市场提供大量资金等,使它们 在地点和市场流通方面风险小的多, 从而带来足够的收入和保持所需 的管理质量。这一切都说明 MESBIC 比 SBA 的成功可能性大。 B.MESBIC 中的领导者和职工方面在观点上有着至关重要的分歧。C. 经历了早期管理和市场问题后,少数民族企业已开始稳步发展。 D. 希望组建新公司的少数民族企业家已有好几个成功的联邦计划可依 靠。 2. D 依靠打工四向少数民族企业投资。见第二段第二句:大公

司利用政府资助的风险资本参与成功而又稳固的少数民族企业的发 展。参与的大公司用这笔资金建立了 ―少数民族小型企业投资公司 ‖ (MESBIC) A.寻求为少数民族企业提供市场联邦合同。 B.鼓励少数民族企业为其 他少数民族企业提供市场。 C.试图在少数民族部门保持特定的增长 率。 3. C 预期加入 SBA 项目中的公司的失败率比实际失败率低得

多。文内没有直接点出,而是从(见第一题注释)SBA 帮助的企业 失败率很高――令人失望,从而推断 C 项结论。 A.给企业贷款最高期限为 15 年。B.商业贷款对企业来说远笔管理和 技术帮助重要。D.鼓励接受贷款企业重新寻找利于企业发展的地区。 4. B 为的是引人注意这一实际情况: MESBIC 必须取得足够的资

金才能有效地运转。这在第三段最后一句:在经历了早期财政和运行 问题后,赞助公司给 MESBIC 注入的资金远远超过了 50 万美元的法 定最低限额,以获得足够的收入并保持所需的管理质量。MESBIC 现 在正成为日益重要的少数民族企业的资金来源。 这说明没有足够的资 金是难以有效运转的。 A.扩大讨论范围以包括通过赞助公司投资 MESBIC 的合理性。 C.表明 赞助公司愿意在原来的 MESBIC 只投资 50 万政府资助的风险资本。 D.对比 SBA 和 MESBIC 最低投资限额。 5. A 失望。文章最后一段 MESBIC 的职工――一般是拉美和黑

人专业人员在少数民族公司的投资上比 MEBSIC 的领导者更切实际。 这些高级经理从社会责任角度看问题,会选择更具风险性,不太吸引 人的项目。观点分歧使许多少数民族职工感到不安,他们认为应以公 司的业务爆出来评价少数民族企业家及其企业。 者充分说明 MEBSIC 的职工对领导所青睐的投资项目不满意和失望。 B.漠不关心。C.震惊。D.持保留态度。

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最 佳选项。 【2014 高考二模】 Two friends have an argument that breaks up their friendship forever, even though neither one can remember how the whole thing got started. Such sad events happen over and over in high schools across the country. In fact, according to an official report on youth violence, "In our country today, the greatest threat to the lives of children and adolescents is not disease or starvation or abandonment, but the terrible reality of violence". Given that this is the case, why aren't students taught to manage conflict the way they are taught to solve math problems, drive cars, or stay physically fit? First of all, students need to realize that conflict is unavoidable. A report on violence among middle school and high school students indicates that most violent incidents between students begin with a relatively minor insult (侮辱). For example, a fight could start over the fact that one student eats a peanut butter sandwich each lunchtime. Laughter over the sandwich can lead to insults, which in turn can lead to violence. The problem isn't in the sandwich, but in the way students deal with the conflict. Once students recognize that conflict is unavoidable, they can practice the golden rule of conflict resolution (解决) stay calm. Once the student

feels calmer, he or she should choose words that will calm the other person down as well. Rude words, name-calling, and accusation only add fuel to the emotional fire. On the other hand, soft words spoken at a normal sound level can put out the fire before it explodes out of control. After both sides have calmed down, they can use another key strategy for conflict resolution; listening. Listening allows the two sides to understand each other. One person should describe his or her side, and the other person should listen without interrupting. Afterward, the listener can ask non-threatening questions to clarify the speaker's position. Then the two people should change roles. Finally, students need to consider what they are hearing. This doesn't mean trying to figure out what's wrong with the other person. It means understanding what the real issue is and what both sides are trying to accomplish. For example, a shouting match over a peanut butter sandwich might happen because one person thinks the other person is unwilling to try new things. Students need to ask themselves questions such as these: How did this start? What do I really want? What am I afraid of ? As the issue becomes clearer, the conflict often simply becomes smaller. Even if it doesn't, careful thought helps both sides figure out a mutual solution. There will always be conflict in schools, but that doesn't mean there needs to be violence. After students in Atlanta started a conflict resolution program, according to Educators for Social Responsibility, "64 percent of

the teachers reported less physical violence in the classroom; 75 percent of the teachers reported an increase in student cooperation,and 92 percent of the students felt better about themselves". Learning to resolve conflicts can help students deal with friends,. teachers. parents, bosses, and coworkers. In that way, conflict resolution is a basic life skill that should be taught in schools across the country. 68. This article is mainly about A. how to deal with school conflicts B. the cause of arguments in schools C. how to analyze youth violence D. the lives of school children .

69. From Paragraph 2 we can learn that________ A. violence is more likely to occur at lunchtime B. a small conflict can lead to violence C. students tend to lose their temper easily

D. the eating habit of a student is often the cause of a fight 70. Why do students need to ask themselves the questions stated in Paragraph 5? A. To find out who to blame. B. To get ready to buy new things. C. To make clear what the real issue is. D. To figure out how to stop the shouting match. 71. The writer’s purpose for writing this article is to_______. A. complain about problems in school education

B. teach students different strategies for school life C. advocate teaching conflict management in schools D. inform teachers of the latest studies on school violence 【参考答案】68—71、ABCC



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