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Chinese medical teams stick to their task in West Africa

Chinese medical teams stick to their task in West Africa
According to statistics from the WHO, there have been 1,711 suspected or confirmed cases of ebola virus in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria, of whom 932 have died. Members of a Chinese medical team are sticking to their task, risking their own lives to help and rescue the sick in West Africa. "We want to do the right thing." The Ebola outbreak started in Guinea. The very first patient was diagnosed in Conakry, the capital city of Guinea, and was treated in a China-Guinea Friendship Hospital, where a lot of patients with ebola have been treated. The Chinese government has been sending medical teams to Guinea since June 1968. They have now reached team 23, with 19 members from Beijing Anzhen Hospital running a clinic for outpatients in Conakry. "Chinese doctors have stood by Guinea for 46 years. Ebola has taken so many our friends' lives, and honestly, we are concerned too." Medical team leader Kou Qingyu says that all the members of the Chinese medical team are aware of the responsibilities they are facing. The team are working hard on the Ebola emergency plan and will provide more people with access to information on the Ebola virus, which is in fact preventable, controllable, and conquerable. "It is a doctor's duty to heal the wounded and comfort the dying" The Ebola virus began to spread in Sierra Leone in May of this year. Now almost 90% of the ebola cases are in the two areas between Sierra Leone and Guinea, and Sierra Leone and Liberia. Six people have been confirmed with the ebola virus in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. The 16th Chinese medical team in Sierra Leone is composed of 10 members. 9 of them are

doctors from hospitals in Yueyang, Hunan. All the team members are now helping in the Kingharman Hospital of Freetown. "All the team members are still working," said team leader Wang Yaowen. "Though the Sierra Leone government has taken measures to control the virus, it is still hard to say how the epidemic situation will evolve. As doctors, it is our duty to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. We will stay here and stick to our jobs." "People here all think Chinese doctors are reliable. If it had not been for the virus this year, we would have kept running free clinics in other cities," said Wang. The medical team had spoken to overseas Chinese and China-invested enterprises in Sierra Leone and explained how to prevent the ebola virus. Only Chinese doctors remain. The Chinese government started to send medical teams to Liberia in 1984. The current team is the 5th since the civil war in 2005. Nine team members all from Heilongjiang are currently working in the capital hospital in Liberia. Team leader Zhou Yongjun told journalists, "There used to be doctors from other countries. But after the outbreak of the ebola virus, American doctors left in April, and doctors from Egypt left in May. Chinese doctors are the only ones who remain." "We will always be prepared, waiting for the end of the Ebola disaster," said Zhou.
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