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Grammar Filling
高考英语语法填空 词类转换题解析

Task 1: Brief Introduction
1、How much do you know about the Grammar Filling? 该题型要求考生在不改变文意的前提下,完成一 1.5 篇_____个空格的短文。每空格_____分。满分 10 ____

分,应该在____分钟之内完成。 15 10
2、What content is mainly tested?
①语法和词汇(考试重点) ②上下文连贯性(语境)

Grammar + Context

3. What ability is tested?

语法填空旨在考查考生在篇章层面上理解并 应用语法知识的能力。

4. How to test ?
无提示词(题) 6 6 6 提示词(题) 4 4 4

2010年 2011年 2012年

“无提示题”常考了冠词、介词、代词和连接词 等四类词;

“有提示题”即用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。 考查谓语动词的时态和语态、非谓语动词、形容 词和副词的比较等级、词类转换等。

1.通读全文, 了解大意 既然是利用语篇在语境中考语法, 那么, 我们在解题前要快速浏览短文, 以了解全文大意。这一步非常重要。

读懂短文之后,要结合短文所提供的特定的 语境(也就是上下文), ①从句子结构的完整性去分析思考空格所缺单词 在句中作何种句子成分,从而推出断他的词性, 如缺主语或宾语,所填词应为代词; ②根据句子意义的完整性,去确定填一个表示什 么意义的代词、冠词或介词等; ③根据句子与句子之间的逻辑关系来确定具体要 填哪个关联词。在解题过程中,要先易后难。具 体方法见“解题思路大全”。

3.重读全文, 解决难题

在大部分空格填好后,再仔细推敲 难题。此时难题也就不再难了。所有空 格填好后,把整篇文章从头至尾再复读 一遍进行核查。

Focus of today!

How to do the blanks with given words

The blanks with given words
? 有提示词的空格题:主要提供的是

动词、形容词、名词三大类,需要 根据语境写出正确的词形,一般有 3-4个小题。

1. Since Hong Kong ________(rejoin) China in 1997, more student from the Chinese mainland have chosen to study there. 2. Ten years ago, Jessica Cheung was only 13. _________(live) with her parents in Hong Kong, she knew little putonghua.

3. Jane knew from past experience that her _________ (choose) of ties hardly ever pleased her father.

时态 ?(注意时间状语、上下文提示) 谓语 语态

主动? 被动?


掌握:时态结构 & 动词形式
-ing? -ed? to do?
主动/进行 被动/完成/状态



掌握:结构 & 可充当的成分 词类转换 掌握:构词法 Word-formation

rejoined 1. Since Hong Kong ________(rejoin) China in 1997, more student from the Chinese mainland have chosen to study there.
2. Ten years ago, Jessica Cheung was only 13. _________(live) with her parents in Living Hong Kong, she knew little putonghua. 3. Jane knew from past experience that her choices _________ (choose) of ties hardly ever pleased her father.


adj./ adv. /v.

wonderful 1 There, my voice sounds really__________ (wonder) because there’s a slight echo(回 音) to it. 2 A certain man planted a rose and watered faithfully it________( faith) and before it blossomed, he examined it.


1.形容词和副词互换 2.比较级和最高级 3.名词或其它词类转换

rudely 1 “Thirty-five cents,” she said ________(rude). worst 2 One of the ______(bad) gift choices I ever made was for my high school English teacher… 3 In China, “knot” means reunion, friendliness, ________(warm) and love etc. warmth

1. I was certain she would like it because I _______ (tell) by my classmates that she loved was told ~~ hot food. 2. This washing machine is environmentally less friendly because it uses ________ (little) water and electricity ~~ ________ (old) models. than older

3. We must also consider the reaction of the ~~~ receiving person __________ (receive) the gift.
4. Your mistake caused a lot of __________ unnecessary ~~~ (necessary) work in the office.


Mary will ever forget the first time she saw him. He suddenly appeared in class one day, 16 _________ (wear) wearing sun glasses.
解析: 因已有谓语动词appeared,动词 wear前又没有并列连词,即wear不是并 列谓语,它应是非谓语动词,作状语, 表示伴随情况;又因he与wear是主动关 系,故用现在分词wearing 。

had bought He walked in as if he 17 ________ (buy) the school. And the word quickly got around that he was from New York City . 解析:在主格人称代词he后,显 然是作谓语;又因他不可能是买 下了这个学校,故应用虚拟语气; 与过去事实相反,故填had bought。

For some reason he sat beside Mary. pleased Mary felt 18 ____________(please), because there were many empty seats in the room.
解析:在系动词felt后作表语,用 形容词;表示“(人)感到高兴的”, 填pleased。

But she quickly realized that it wasn’t her, it was probably the fact that she sat in 19 ___ last the row. 解析:特指最后的那一排,或 在序数词及last前,用定冠词the。

If 20 ___ he thought he could escape attention by sitting at the back, he was wrong.
解析:因he thought…与he was wrong 是两个句子,且两者之间没有关联词, 必定是填关联词;根据两句之间的逻 辑关系,应填表示条件的If。意为 “要是他想坐后排可以逃避老师注意, 那他就错了”。

It might have made it a little 21 harder ________ (hard) for everybody because it meant they had to turn around, but that didn’t stop the kids in the class.
解析:因作宾补,仍用形容词,不作词类 转换,可考虑比较级;又因其修饰语是常 用来修饰比较级、意为“更??一点;稍 微”的 a little,故填harder。

Of course whenever they turned to look at him, they had to look at Mary, 22 ______ made her feel like a which star.
解析:引导非限制性定语从句, 先行词是前面整个句子。

“Do you need those glasses for medical reasons?” the teacher asked .The new boy shook his head.” Then I’d appreciate it if you didn’t wear them in class. I like to look at your eyes when I’m speaking to you.” The for new boy looked at the teacher 23 ___ a few seconds…

解析:表示某个动词或某种状态 延续了多久,用“for +时间段”。

…and all the other students wondered 24 _____ the boy what would do .
解析:引导宾语从句并在从 句中作do的宾语,故用连接 代词what。

“Do you need those glasses for medical reasons?” … “Then I’d appreciate it if you didn’t wear them in class.” …Then he took 25 _____ off, gave a big smile and said them “That is cool.” 解析:代替前面的those glasses, 作took off的宾语,用人称代词的 宾格them。

A young man,while traveling through a desert,came across a spring of clear water. 31 ______ The water was sweet. He filled his leather container so that he could bring some back to an elder 32_____ had been who his teacher.

After a four-day journey,the young man 33 presented (present) the water ________ to the old man. His teacher took a deep drink,smiled 34_________ warmly (warm),and thanked his student very much for the sweet water. The young man went home 35______ a with happy heart.

After the student left,the teacher let 36_______ student taste the water. another He spit it out, 37 _______ (say) it was saying awful. Apparently,it was no longer fresh because of the old leather container. He asked his teacher, “Sir,the water was awful. Why did you pretend to like 38___ ?” it

The teacher replied,“You tasted the water. I tasted the gift. The water was simply the container for an act of kindness sweeter and love. Nothing could be 39_______ (sweet).” We understand this lesson best 40 when _____ we receive gifts of love from children. Whether it is a cheap pipe or a diamond necklace,the proper response is appreciation. We love the idea within the gift rather than the thing.

题 号 考查内容 谓语动词 答案 题 号

考查内容 答案

33 34 37 39

presented adv. (副词) warmly 非谓语动词 saying adj. 形容词 sweeter

31 32 35 36

article ( 冠词) The 引导词


who with another

38 40


it when

1. 给出动词。首先要确定谓语和非谓语。 ? 若句中没有别的动词,所给动词就是谓语动 词,要考虑其时态和语态。 ? 若句中有谓语动词,又不是并列谓语时,所 给动词就是非谓语动词,要考虑用-ing形式, -ed形式, 还是用-to do 形式。 ? 2. 给出其它词。要根据该词在句中所作句子 成分来进行词类转换。

语境(context) 篇章意识

◆2011年广东高考真题 One Sunday morning in August I went to a local music festival. I left it early because I had an appointment 16_____ (late) that day. My friends later walked me to the bus stop and waited with me 17_____ the bus arrived. until

I got on the bus and found a seat near the back,and then I noticed a man 18 ______ (sit) at the front. He 19____ sitting was __________ (pretend) that a tiger toy pretending was real and giving it a voice. He must be 20 mentally (mental) disabled. _______

Behind him were other people to 21 whom he was trying to talk,but _____ after some minutes 22 _____ walked they away and sat near me,looking annoyed. I didn’t want to be laughed at for talking to him but I didn’t like leaving him 23___ his own either. on

After a while I rose from my seat and walked to the front of the bus. I sat next to the man and introduced myself. We had 24 ___ amazing an conversation. He got off the bus before me and I felt very happy the rest of the way home. I’m glad I made a choice. It made 25_____ of us feel good. both

Tip 1!多学多练,

Tip 2!考后总结,

1.Review the method we learned today. 2.Finish the exercises on page 127.
3.Translate the sentences.

? 1.接着,当那位老人横穿马路时,那辆汽车撞到了他。 ? The next moment,the car hit the man while he was ? ?

? ? ?

crossing the road. 2.不知不觉中,我们不得不和工人们说再见。 Before we knew it, we had to say goodbye to the workers. 3.其他人喜欢去旅游,因为它能增长知识、拓宽视野。 Others prefer to go out for traveling since it can increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons. 4.我想七月去,因为八月我要为新学期做准备。 I prefer to go in July because I’ll have to prepare myself for the new school term in August.

? 1.如果我能被选为志愿者,除了以上要

求外,我将努力工作,而不会懒惰. ? 2.我是不会参加聚会的,除非你请我. ? 3.噪音太大了,我几乎不能集中注意力 去学习. ? 4.他是一个博学的人,我们都崇拜他.

Thank you !
Success ahead!



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