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【金版新学案】2014高考英语一轮总复习 课时作业44 Module 2 The Renaissance 外研版选修8


选修 8

Module 2The Renaissance

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—Are you happy with your life? —________I’m dying for a change. A.Why not? B.Not really. C.What for? D.Never mind. 2.________hotel we stayed in caught fire last night and it’s thought that it was deliberately set on________fire. A.A;/ B.A;the C.The;the D.The;/ 3 . If you have any questions about this ship , go and ask Johnson , who is the________engineer. A.main B.major C.chief D.primary 4.—I have a high fever and feel terrible. —You________have walked in the rain for so long. A.shouldn’t B.mustn’t C.couldn’t D.needn’t 5.My grandmother showed her love through food.This is________I remember most about he r. B.whether C.whom D.what 6.(2013·青岛一检)A lack of________of cultural difference to local customs can cause problems. A.existence B.revolution C.awareness D.evidence 7.When you get out of the taxi,make sure that none of your poss essions are________. A.left off B.left alone C.left behind D.left aside 8.(2013·陕西省西铁一中模拟)Li Min g is said________the experiment in the lab, but I can’t find him there. have done do be doing D.doing 9.The talk between the two leaders aimed at ending the long________of war between the two countries. A.sense C.state D.condition 10.(2013·福州三中模拟)They are________the most reasonable diet which will do good to their health. A.seeking B.stimulating C.shaping D.sinking 11.(2013·武汉四月调研)In a formal football match,each team can have three players to________their teammates when necessary. A.cooperate B.substitute

C.represent 12.(2013·浙江六校联考)After studying in a medical college for five years, Jane________her job as a doctor in the countryside. A.set out B.took over C.took up D.set up 13.(2013·唐山高三第一次模拟)Tony found a better job in Beijing and________in a middle school there now. A.taught B.has taught teaching D.will teach 14.(2013·河北普通高考模拟)The boy________be really annoying at times,but after a while,you’ll get used to him. A.must B.should C.shall D.can 15. If you get tired________staying here,you’re________liberty to go wherever you like. A.of;at B.from;at C.of;for D.from;for Ⅱ.阅读理解 A (2013·江西高三上学期七校联考) “I’ve changed my mind.I wanted to have a telescope,but now I want my dad back.” Lucien Lawrence’s letter to his father for Christmas written after his father had been knifed to death outside his school gate , must have touched everyone’s heart.Lucien went on to say that without his father he couldn’t see the stars in the sky.When those whom we love depart from us,we cannot see the stars for a while. But Lucien,the stars are still there,and one day,when you are older and your tears have gone,you will see them again.And,in a strange way,I expect that you will find your father there,too,in your mind and heart.I find that my parents,who died years ago,still figure in many of my dreams and that I think of them perhaps more than I ever did when they were alive.I still live to please them and I’m still surprised by their reactions.I remember that when I became a professor,I was so proud,or rather so pleased with myself that I couldn’t wait to cable my parents.The reply was a long time in coming,but when it did,all my mother said was “I hope this means that now you will have more time for the children ! ” I haven’t forgotten.The values of my parents still live on. It makes me pause and think about how I will live on in the hearts and minds of my children and of those for whom I care.Would I have been as ready as Philip Lawrence have been to face the aggressors,and to lay down my life for those in my care? How many people would want me back for Christmas?It’s a serious thought,one to give me pause. I pray silently,sometimes,in the dead of night,that ancie nt cry of a poet “Deliver my soul from the sword,and my darling from the power of the dog.” Yet I know the death comes to us all,and sometimes comes suddenly.We must therefore plan to live forever,but live as if we will die tomorrow.We live on,I’m sure,in the lives of those we love,and therefore we ought to have a care for what they will remember and what they will treasure.If more parents knew this in their hearts to be true,

there might be fewer knives on our streets today. 1.According to the whole text we can see that the first paragraph________. A.puts forward the subject of the text B.shows the author’s pity on the kid C.relates a kid wrote a letter to his father D.makes a clear statement of the author’ views 2.In the second paragraph the author mainly wants to explain to us________. much he misses his parents now B.why his parents often appear in his dreams C.when Lucien will get over all his sadness proud he was when he succeeded in life 3.What feelings did the author’s mother express in her reply? A.Proud. B.Happy. C.Disappointed. D.Worried. 4.In the author’s opinion,the value of a person’s life i s________. leave a precious memory to those he loves and cares for have a high sense of duty to the whole society care for what others will remember and treasure share happiness and sadness with his family 5.What does the writer mean by mentioning the sentence taken from an old poem? A.Call on criminals and murderers to lay down their guns. B.Advise parents to stay with their children safely at home. C.Spend every day meaningfully while alive. D.Try to keep violence and murder far away from society. B (2013·湖南省五市十校第一次联考) Men can be beautiful too,right? China is going to host the 18th World University Student Beauty Contest in Guangzhou this December.This year for the first time the contest will include a male section.Students from over 130 countries will compete for Mr and Miss Bea uty.The contest is one of the most respected beauty contests in the world.It was copied by the United Nations University (an international university belonging to the United Nations) in 1986. Stick to studying Li Yining,an economics professor at Peking University,said that he would not encourage students to try their luck in the stock market (股市).“They should stress study,” Li said in his speech at Beijing Foreign Studies University.When asked, the professor said he expected house prices in Beijing to continue to rise.Li thinks the government should provide more affordable houses for low?level income people. Campus cinema Students at over 100 universities will have a digital cinema on campus after the National Day holiday.The 21st Century Digital Film on Campus Project was launched at the end of September.The ticket will cost 3-8 yuan,rather than 30-40 yuan at cinemas in town.Students often download movies online or watch DVDs.Now they can enjoy original films in the digital cinema.The digital cinema will show a variety of films besides Hollywood blockbusters (好莱坞大片).

Getting practical All 12,000 graduates from vocational school in Shanxi Province have landed a job, according to the provincial government.In the past five years,it is estimated that over 95 percent of the professional school graduates have found jobs.However,the number for university graduates is 70 percent.Some employers said that they prefer professional school graduates who learned something more practical in school and expected lower salaries than university students. 6.In the third part,the underlined word “launched” may mean________. A.started B.ended C.told D.mentioned 7.Where can the material be chosen from? A.A novel. B.A newspaper. C.An advertisement. D.A fashion magazine. 8.Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage? A.More than 130 countries will take part in the 18th World University Student Beauty Contest. B.The ticket for a digital film on campus will cost 3?8 yuan. C.In the past five years,over 95 percent of the university graduates have found jobs in Shanxi Province. D.Over 100 universities will take part in the 21st Century Digital Film on Campus Project. 9.Professor Li thinks that______ __. A. the house prices in Beijing will keep going up B.the students should try their luck in the stock market C.the government can do nothing about the housing problem D.the s tudents should not only pay attention to study 10.What can we infer from the passage? A.In Shanxi Province,the professional school graduates are less popular with employers than university graduates recently. B.The digital cinema will only show Hollywood blockbusters. C.The graduates from universities can put what they learned into practice more easily. D.No men competed in the World University Students Beauty Contest before this year. 详解答案 课时作业(四十四) Ⅰ.单项填空 1.解析: 由“我极想有所改变”可知,“我”对自己的生活不满意,故选 Not really(事 实上不是)。why not 为什么不呢;what for 为什么;never mind 没关系。 答案: B 2.解析: hotel 后有定语从句修饰,表示特指,故其前需加定冠词 The;set on fire 是 固定短语,意为“使燃烧”。 答案: D 3.解析: main 意为“主要的”;major 意为“主要的,重要的”;chief 意为“首要的, 最高级别的”;primary 意为“最初的,基本的。”句意为:关于这艘船如果你有任何问题, 去问约翰逊,他是总工程师。

答案: C 4. 解析: 由“高烧、 感觉很糟”可知, “你”本来不应该长时间在雨里走, 故用 shouldn’t have done sth.结构(表示过去不该做某事,实际上却做了)。 答案: A 5.解析: 表语从句中缺宾语,故选 what。showed her love through food 通过食物来表 达她的爱。 答案: D 6.解析: 考查名词辨析。句意为:对有关当地风俗的文化差异缺乏了解会引起一些麻烦。 选项中 awareness 的意思是“意识,认识”,符合句意。 答案: C 7.解析: 考查动词短语辨析。leave off 停止,不包括;leave alone 不管,放任;leave behind 落下,忘带;leave aside 搁置。句意为:离开出租车时要确认不要忘带你的所有财 物。根据句意可知答案选 C。 答案: C 8.解析: 句意为:听说李明正在实验室做实验,但我在实验室没找到他。be said to 据 说,排除 D;由句意可知此处表示进行,故用不定式的进行式。 答案: C 9.解析: 考查名词辨析。state 表示“状态”。the state of war 意为“战争的状态”。 sense 感觉;case 事例;condition 条件。 答案: C 10.解析: 考查动词词义辨析。句意为:他们一直在寻找对他们的健康有好处的最合理的 饮食。seek 寻找;stimulate 刺激;shape 使成形,塑造;sink 下沉,沉淀。根据句意知 A 正确。 答案: A 11.解析: 考查动词辨析。句意为:在正式的足球比赛中,每个 队可以有三名队员在必 要时作替补。substitute 替代,顶替,符合句意。cooperate 协作,合作;represent 代表; exchange 交换。 答案: B 12.解析: 句意为:在医学院学习五年之后,珍妮在乡村做了一名医生。set out 出发; take over 接管;take up 从事;set up 建造,搭起;take up her job as a doctor 开始 作为一名医生。 答案: C 13.解析: 考查时态。根据时间 状语“now”可知,应用现在进行时。做题时不要受 “found”的干扰,此处“and”前后两个句子表达的时间概念不一致。 答案: C 14.解析: 考查情态动词。根据语意“那个男孩有时候真的让人恼火,但是过一会儿,你 就会习惯的”可知,此处应用 can,表示“有时会”。 答案: D 15.解析: get tired of doing 意为“厌倦做某事”;at liberty 意为“自由;随意”。 答案: A Ⅱ.阅读理解 语篇解读: 一个孩子在圣诞节对已经去世的父亲撕心裂肺的呼唤让人 情不能已,潸然泪 下。孩子,虽然亲人与我们两世相隔,可是他们永远活在我们心中,恍如昨天。虽然世人难 免一死,但是如果大家互相关怀,没有了暴力和谋杀,世界岂不更加美好? 1.解析: 文章结构题。第一段从一个孩子的一封信谈起,下文则动之以情,晓之以理, 娓娓道来,委婉地纠正了孩子的观点,由此可知第一段在文中的作用是引出话题。

答案: A 2.解析: 段落大意题。作者在本段不惜笔墨,用自己的亲身体会倾诉了对父母的怀念之 情以及父母对自己的深刻影响,再结合本段最后一句的内容可知 B 项正确。 答案: B 3.解析: 推理判断题。作者因成为教授而非常自豪,无比高兴,迫不及待地想要把这个 好消息告诉父母,可是母亲却委婉地提醒作者要多花点时间陪陪孩子,由此可推知,她很担 心。 答案: D 4.解析: 推理判断题。根据第三段第一句的内容以及最后一段后半部分的内容可推知, 作者认为人生的价值在于给自己爱和在乎的人留下珍贵的回忆。 答案: A 5. 解析: 推理判断题。 诗歌的大意是“求你救我的灵魂脱离刀剑, 救我的生命脱离犬类”, 而且作者是在深夜中祈祷, 再结合本段后半部分的内容可推知, 作者引用该诗句意在让社会 远离暴力和谋杀。 答案: D 语篇解读: 文章介绍了四则新闻:一、男士参加选美比赛;二、学生应以学业为重;三、 校园数字电影项目启动;四、职业学校毕业生更符合市场的实际需要。 6.解析: 词义猜测题。根据画线词的上下文可知,此处表示 21 世纪校园数字电影项目是 在 9 月底开始的,故 A 项正确。 答案: A 7.解析: 推理判断题。通读全文可知,这是四则新闻,故有可能从报纸上选取,即 B 项 正确。 答案: B 8.解析: 正误判断题。根据最后一段第二、三两句“In the past five years,it is estimated that over 95 percent of the professional school graduates have found jobs.However,the number for university graduates is 70 percent.”可知,C 项表述 错误,故选 C。 答案: C 9.解析: 细节理解题。根据第二段第三句“When asked,the professor said he expected house prices in Beijing to continue to rise.”可知,李教授认为北京的房价将会持续 上涨。 答案: A 10.解析: 推理判断题。根据第一段第二句“This year for the first time the contest will include a male section.”可知,今年是第一次将会有男士参加世界大学生选美比赛, 故 D 项正确。 答案: D


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