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学习目标: 1、掌握定语从句定义。 2、掌握关系代词 that, who, which, whom 和 whose 的用法。 2、能够在作文中灵活运用定语从句。 难 点: that 的用法 学习方法: 1、根据学案中所给出的练习总结定语从句的用法。 2、背诵典型句子

Ⅰ. 用 that, who, which,

>whom 或 whose 填空, 并指出它们在句中作何成分。

1. Alice likes singers _______ write their own music. (作 ) 2. Generally ,old people like music _______ is quiet and gentle. (作 ) 3. The girl _______ you met just now in the street is my friend. (作 ) 4. The woman ____ ___ coat is red is waiting for you at the gate. (作 ) 5. This is the school in _______ I studied two years ago. (作 ) 6. The man with _______ my father is talking over there is our head teacher. (作 ) SUMMERY 1、 在复合句中, 修饰某一 或 的从句叫定语从句。 被修饰的词叫作 。 定语从句一般放在它后面。引导定语从句的词叫 ,它包括关系代词和关系副词,关 系代词和关系副词放在先行词和定语从句之间, 起联系作用, 同时又作定语从句的一个成分。 2、关系代词和关系副词三大作用: 连接(连接定语从句和主句) 替代(替代前面的先行词) 成分(在定语从句中要充当一定的句子成分) 3、whose 引导的定语从句应注意以下几点: 1)whose 引导定语从句,在从句中作定语其后应紧跟名词 2)whose 引导定语从句,其先行词可指人,也可指物 4.请勾选下列关系代词的作用 指人 指物 subject (主语) that which who whom whose 关系代词前有介词,先行词指人时,关系代词只能用 ;先行词指物时,关系代 词只能用 SUMMERY: 定语从句解题四步: 第一步,找出先行词; 第二步,找出定语从句 第三步,看先行词在定语从句中的语法功能(主语、宾语…)第四步,选择合适的关系词。 object (宾语) attribute(定语)

Ⅱ. 单项选择
( )1. I like music _______ great lyrics.

A. that have B. that has C. who have D. who has ( )2. I love people _______ friendly to others. A. who is B. which are C. that is D. who are SUMMERY: 关系代词在定语从句中作主语时,定语从句中的谓语动词要与 在人称和数上保持一 致。 ( )3. This is the highest building _______ I’ve ever seen. A. which B. that C. what D. where ( )4. I really didn’t know anything _______ happened to Jim yesterday. A. which B. whose C. when D. that ( )5. —Who is the man _______ is standing over there? —Oh, he is my math teacher. A. who B. whom C. that D. which ( )6. They are talking about things and persons _______ they saw there a few days ago. A.who B. which C. that D. what SUMMERY (1)关系代词只用 的情况: ①先行词被最高级、序数词修饰时。 ②先行词是 all, any, everything, anything, none, the one 等不定代词时 ③当主句是 who 或 which 引导的特殊疑问句,为避免重复,只用 ④先行词既包括人又包括物时。 ⑤先行词被 the only, the very, the same, the last 修饰时。 He is the (only) one of the students who is from the south (2)关系代词在定语从句中作宾语时可省略,作主语则不可省略。 HOMEWORK 一.Choose the best answers: 选择最佳答案 1. This is all ____ I know about the matter. A. that B. what C. who D. whether 2. Is there anything else _____ you want? A. which B. that C. who D. what 3. The last place _____ we visited was the Great Wall. A. which B. that C. where D. it 4. Please take the second chair __ is over there. A. where B. which C. who D. that 5. Is oxygen the only gas __ helps fire burn? A. that B. / C. which D. it 6. Finally, the thief handed everything _____ he had stolen to the police. A. which B. what C. whatever D. that 7. All of the flowers now raised here have developed from those ____ in the forest. A. once the grew B. they grew once C. that once grew D. once grew. 8. I don’t like ____ you speak to her. A. the way B. the way in that C. the way which D. the way of which 9. The weather turned out to be very good, _______was more than we expected. A. what B. which C. that D. it

10. He paid the boy $10 for washing ten windows; most of ____ hadn’t been cleaned for ten years. A. these B. those C. that D. which 二. 用 who, whom, whose, which and that.填空 1. The man ____ I saw told me to wait. 2. The man to _____ I spoke was a foreigner. 3. I know a boy ______ father is an acrobat. (杂技演员) 4. He saw a house _____ windows were all broken. 5. All the apples ____ fall are eaten by wild boars. 6. Can you think of anyone ____ could look after him? 7. This is the best hotel ____ I know. 8. He showed a machine _____ parts are too small to be seen. 9. What’s the name of the boy ______ bicycle you borrowed? 10. I don’t know the man to ______ I spoke on the phone just now. 11. He is a person _______ always thinks more of others. 12. Is there anything ______ I can do for you here? 13. The woman _______ Jack was sitting next to on the plane talked all the time. 14. The beds _______ we slept in last night weren’t very comfortable. 三. 基础练习 1. Is that the house ____ you bought last year? 2. Is that the picture ___ you are laughing at? 3. It is the most interesting book ___ I’ll ever read. 4. The street ___ is to the park is very narrow. 5. The person ___ finds my watch will get a reward. 6. This is the room __ we listened to the lecture. 7. The boy ___ mother is ill can not come to the party. 8. Tell me the reason ___ you are late. 四. 填空: 1. Look at that lady ______ name is Pochi. 2. He is a teacher _________ I like very much. 3. Those pictures _________ were drawn by Tom are nice. 4. Those _____ will go to the park stay here. 5. That was all the money ______ I had. 6. Tom is the first boy _____ left the room. 7. Look at the boy and his dog _____ are coming this way. 8. You can read any book _____ I have. 9. That was the year _____ I went to America. 10. we came to the town, ______ we stayed for 2 hours.

A. where A. which A. which A. where A. who A. which A. who A. which

B. which B. where B. that B. which B. when B. where B. whose B. why



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