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Module 2

Period 1 Introduction & Reading and Vocabulary

Step 2 Pre-Reading: (一)Words:英汉互译 1、毒品、药品_________ 2、fact_________ 3、香烟_________ 4、 prematurely_________5、 de

ath_________ 6、 支气管炎__________ 7、癌症_________ 8、烟草________ 9、die _______

10、injured__________ 11、anti-smoking_________ 12、上瘾的___________13、大麻_________ 14、可卡因__________ 15、危险________ 16、瘾君子__________17、increase_________

18、注射__________ 19、针管_________ 20、有功效的__________ 21、减少_________ 22、offer________ 23、share_________ 24、terrible_____________ (二)Phrases:翻译成汉语 1、take drugs_________ 3、as a result of_______ 5、related to_________ 7、in danger_______ 2、on the dangers of smoking__________ 4、die from_________ 6、heart disease________________ 8、become addictive to__________

9、blood pressure__________10、drug dealer_________ 11、heart rate__________ 12、break into______________

13、share sth with sb __________14、in order to_________ 15、belong to__________ 16、anti-social behaviour ___________

17、take one’s advice____________________

Step 2.Fast Reading Read Article 1 on page 12 and Article 2 on page 13 quickly and Choose the topic of each article from the text . 1. A drug Addict and His Story _______________ 2. Dangerous Activities of Teenagers _______________ 3. The Dangers of Using Cocaine _______________ Step 3. Careful Reading (一)Read the passage again and decide these sentences are true or false. 1、Cocaine can be smoked and also injected . ( )

2、People who inject cocaine are in more danger if they share needles. 3、Cocaine makes your heart go more slowly . ( ( ) ) )

4、Smoking crack cocaine can change people’s behavior.( (二)Read the passage again and answer the questions . 1. How old was Adam Rouse when he started using the drugs? 2. Which drug did he use first? 3. Who did he buy it from ? 4. How did Adam pay for the drugs? 5. What did the doctor tell Adam? 6. Where does Adam work now?

Period 2 Introduction & Reading and Vocabulary

Language Points
1. danger n. 危险 (P12) dangerous adj. 危险的 dangerously adv. 危险地 endanger vt. 危及;危害;使遭到危险 in danger 处于危险中 out of danger 脱险 【反馈测试】 ① She fell into a river and was ____________. 她跌入河中,处于危 险之中。 ② The boy has been ____________. 这男孩已经脱险。 ③ The operation is ______ success and the patient is now out of ______ danger. A. a; the B. a; / C. /; the D. /; / be in danger of 有……的危险

2.reduce vt.减少,缩小;降低;使…陷入某种更坏的状态(P12) reduce from ... to ... 从…降低到… reduce to 减少到 【反馈测试】 ① 今年吸烟的人数已减少了 30%。 The number of smokers has been __________________ 30% . ② 现在一辆自行车的成本已降低到 50 美元。 Now the cost of a bike has been _______________ 50 dollars . a result of 由于……的结果 reduce by 降低了…

as a result/so + 表示结果的句子 + 表示原因的词或短语 result in 导致 【反馈测试】 用 as a result ,as a result of 填空。 ① Many people died ___________ smoking. ② There was a terrible accident, _________, I was late for school. 4. Thirteen people die every hour from illness related to smoking tobacco, such as cancer, bronchitis and heart disease. 每小时有十三 人死于与吸烟有关的疾病,像癌症,支气管炎,心脏病。(P11) (1)related to 有关系的;有关联的 be related to? 与……有关 result from 由……引起

relate sth. to / with sth. 把……与……联系起来 relate to sb. / sth. 与……有关;涉及 (2)die of /die from +n./v-ing 死于…… 5.addict n.对(药物等)上瘾的人; vt.使成瘾;使沉溺于…… 1)addict oneself to 沉溺于……;醉心于…… be/become/get addicted to... 沉迷于…;热爱…;迷上… 2)addictive adj.使人上瘾的;(药物等)上瘾的;上了……的瘾 3)addiction n.瘾;入迷;嗜好 【反馈测试】 ①Once one is _____ to cocaine cigarette,it’s not easy for him to kick it off. A.attracted B.absorbed C.devoted D.addicted

Period 3 Introduction & Reading and Vocabulary

Language Points
6. belong to 属于(P13) 注意:belong to 不能用于被动语态,不能用于进行时。 【反馈测试】 ① 判断正误: I am belonging to No. 1 Middle School now. I belong to No. 1 Middle School now. The house belongs to his uncle. ( ( ( ) ) )

7.break into vt 闯入,破门而入 ,打断,突然……起来 ( 后面需 加宾语) break in vi 强行进入,插话,打断 (后面不加宾语) break into tears 突然哭起来 break away from 脱离;打破 break out 爆发;突然发生 break through 突围,突破

break down 打掉;坏掉;失败;垮掉;分解(化学) break off 折断;突然停止;脱落;断绝;停止,中断 break up 打碎;拆散;分裂;分解(物理) ;驱散 break out of 摆脱(束缚等) 【反馈测试】 ① We had to ________________ as we had lost the key. 因为我们弄丢了钥匙,所以不得不破门而入。 ② When I told him the story, he ____________ a laugh. 当我把这件事告诉他时,他突然大笑起来。 break up into 分解成; 分割成

③ If a parent dies, a family may ____________. 如果父母中有一人去世,这个家庭可能就解散了。 ③ The elevators in this building ________ always _____________. 这幢楼里的电梯总出故障。 ④You’ll ______sooner or later if you keep working like that. A.break off 【当堂检测】 1. We don’t allow ___in the office. But you are allowed ____in the rest room. A. smoking, smoking C. smoking, to smoke B. to smoke, to smoke D. smoke, smoking B.break down C.break into D.break out

2. It was _____that we went camping on the mountain. A. such nice weather C. such a nice weather B. so nice a weather D. too nice weather

3.The patient was ___of losing his life and had to be operated on at once. A. in danger C. out of danger B. in the danger D. out of the danger

4. Since then the number of people taking driving lessons ____20. A. has increased to C. has increased by B. increases by D. have increased by

Period 4 Grammar
【随堂讲解 1】 动词不定式作目的状语常用的动词短语结构为: to do/in order to do /so as to do 【当堂训练】 a. Make sentences by using to, in order to and so as to (1)I take exercise every day ______________keep healthy (2) They do everything they can ______________save the drug addict. (3) 我早起是为了赶上早班车。 __________________________________________________ 注意: 1.不定式短语的否定形式应该在不定式符号 to 前加 not . 【当堂训练】 b. Make sentences using in order not to, so as not to (1)I go to school early every day __________________ be late (2)她学习很努力以便不落在别人后面。 _______________________________________________ 补充: 2.动词不定式, in order to 与 so as to 均可表目的状语, 其中 so as to 不能放在句首,其余情况三者相同。 他们早些出发是为了及时到达那里。 Eg : They started early in order to get there in time .

【随堂讲解 2】 结果状语从句: 结果状语从句表示事态的结果,常置于主句之后。 常由 so----that such ----that 注意:so --that 和 such --that 都可以引导结果状语从句,意思相同, 但在结构上是不同的. So 句型: 1) So + adj/ adv + that 从句 2) So + adj + a / an + n (可数名词单数形式)+that 从句 3) So + many / much / few / little (表示多少)+n + that 从句 Such 的句型: 1)such + a / an + adj + n (可数名词单数形式)+that 从句 2)such + adj + n (不可数名词)+that 从句 3)such+ adj. +n 复数名词) + that 从句 【当堂训练】 1. It was _____that we went camping on the mountain. A. such nice weather B. so nice a weather C. such a nice weather D. too nice weather 2. He left in ___a hurry ___he forgot to lock the door. A. such, that B. so, that C. such, as D. so, when

3. It was ____ a hundred people looked lost in it. A. so large a room that C. a such large room B. so large room D. such large a room

Period 5 Grammar
【当堂训练】 1. You must improve your study method _____ you may make progress in your studies. A. so as to B. in order to C. so D. in order that

2. The Prime Minister got to the platform and sat down, ____to answer the questions. A. preparing B . being preparing C . prepared D . to prepare

3. They demanded a rise in their wages ___up for the ____ cost of living. A. to make, increase C. to be made, increasing B. made, increased D. making, increasing

4. ---Why did you move the table over there? --____ the new sofa. B. Share room with D. Saving room for

A. To make room for C. Given room to

5. ____late in the morning, Bob turned off the alarm. A. To sleep B. Sleeping C. Sleep D. Having slept

6. ---I’ll thank you ____my affairs alone. ---I will. It’s none of my business. A. leaving B. not to leave C. for having left D. to leave

7. Not ____faith in himself, the scientist went on with the research.

A. losing

B. to lose

C. lost

D. to be lost

8.Farmers rotate (轮作) their crops _____ the soil will remain fertile. A. so that B. because of C. in order to D. rather than

9. Speak to him slowly ____ he may understand you better. A. since B. so that C. for D. because

10. It was ____ a hundred people looked lost in it. A. so large a room that C. a such large room B. so large room D. such large a room

117. He has ____ little education that he can’t teach ____ little children. A. so; such B. too; such C. a; so D. very; so

12. The news reporters hurried to the airport, only ____ the film stars had left. A. to tell B. to be told C. telling D. told

13. He let me repeat his instruction ____ sure that I understood what was ____ after he went away. A. to make; to be done C. to make; to do B. making; doing D. making; to do

14. He left in ___a hurry ___he forgot to lock the door. A. such, that B. so, that C. such, as D. so, when

Period 6 Listening and Vocabulary & writing & Everyday English & Function 【课前预习】 (一)Words:英汉互译 1、 burglary___________ 2、 罪行__________ 3、 criminal___________ 4、connection____________ 5、违法的__________

6、ratio__________7、shoplifting_________8、治疗_______________ 9、likely____________10、成人________11、咖啡馆__________ 12、不同意_____________ 13、禁止______14、horrible________ 15、对…有坏的影响________16、possible_________ 17、behave______18、absolutely__________19、indicate________ 20、agreement_____________ (二)Phrases:翻译成汉语 1、break the law_____________ 2、shopping centre ___________ 3、steal…from…_____________ 4、obey the law ______________ 5、in this connection___________ 6、in connection with __________ 7、refer to______________ 8、I totally agree with you .____________ 9、I couldn’t agree more .___________ 10、You can’t be serious ._________________ 11、all the same__________________ Language Points: 1.treatment n 治疗(P15) 21、totally________________

treat sb. with sth. 治疗(过程) cure sb. of sth 治愈 2.likely adj.可能的(P16) sb. / sth. be likely to do sth. 3.disagree vi.不同意;不一致;不适宜;不适合(P18) disagree+ with / on 意见不合;有分歧 ; disagree+on / about 争论,争执; disagree+with (食物、天气等)不适宜,有害 disagree with sb. about sth. 与…意见不一致;与…不相称;与…不 相宜 disagree with sb. on/about sth. (对某事)与某人意见不一致 sth. disagree with sb. (气候、食物)(对人)不适合 【反馈检测】 ① The hot climate ____________ me. 这炎热的气候不适合我。 ② We are ______________ their decision. 我们同意他们的决定。 4. ban vt.禁止;n.禁止,禁令(P18) 1)ban on /against 禁止 ban+n./pron./doing... 禁止…… ban sb.from doing sth. 禁止某人做…… 【反馈检测】①由于喝酒他被禁止开车了。 He was ________________ driving because of drinking. ②The President supports a global ____________ nuclear testing. 总 统支持全球性禁止核试验。

Period 7Cultural Corner
【课前预习】 (一)Words:英汉互译 1、参与者;参加者____________ 2、认识;认出_____________ 3、传单_________ 5、jogging ___________ 7、organisation ____________ 9、delay___________________ 11、repeat ____________ (二)Phrases:翻译成汉语 1、stop smoking __________ 2、a couple of minutes ___________ 3、something else __________ 4、give up_______________ 5、deep breathing __________ 6、make a plan _______________ 7、set a date ______________ 8、keep busy ________________ 9、instead of ___________10、develop new interests ____________ Step 1 Fast reading Read the text on page 19 quickly and then answer the questions. Read the passage for the first time, try to find the four Ds: ① ________________ ③ _________________ Step 2 Careful reading (一)Read the text carefully and choose the best answers. ② _____________________ ④ ___________________ 4、分心;分散注意力__________ 6、gymnastic __________ 8、helpline ____________ 10、lung ___________ 12、relaxed ____________

1、Why do participants learn to realize the causes of their smoking? A. Because they want to find when they began to smoke . B. Because they can stop smoking by avoiding the causes . C. Because they want to forget the past experience . D. Because they can set a stop-smoking date in this way. 2、Which of the following is not included among the four Ds? A. Distraction B. Drink water C. Dance D.Deep breathing 3、If you began smoking just because you felt lonely,you can stop it by ___. A. deep breathing C. finding a friend to talk to B. taking a gymnastic class D. taking a short walk

4、This passage is written mainly to those __________ . A. who help to stop smoking C. who can’t give up smoking B. who are heavy smokers D. who have given up smoking

5 、 You most probably find this passage in _____ column in a newspaper . A. scientific 【课后反思】 ——————————————————————— B. cultural C. life D. sports



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