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描述人的英语短语describing people

Eyes Green eyes Blue eyes Blonde 金发碧眼的 Dark/hazel 褐色的 Emerald eyes 淡绿色眼睛 Liquid/watery eyes 水汪汪的大眼睛 Expressive eyes 会说话的眼睛 Single-fold eyelid 单眼皮 Double-fold eyelid 双眼皮 Hair Blond hair 金发 Fair hair 淡黄色头发 Bunette hair 栗红色头发 Long hair 长发 Pony tail 马尾辫 Curly hair 卷发 Bald 秃顶的 Nose high bridged nose 高鼻梁的 Face shape round face

Light yellow hair 淡黄色头发 Golden hair 金色头发 Grey hair 灰白头发 Short hair 短发 Straight hair 直发 Wavy hair 波浪发 Crew cut 平头

flat nose 扁鼻子

snub nose 蒜头鼻

square face

oval face

Height tall short medium height How tall are you? What’s your height? About one-hundred-eighty centimeters I’m five feet three inches tall. 我身高 5 英尺 3 寸。 muscular 肌肉发达的 overweight 超重的 lanky 瘦长的 stout 结实的 thin 瘦的 chubby 圆胖的 slim slender 苗条的 bony skinny 骨瘦如柴的 Plump 丰满的 Age Elderly


Young Be in one’s early twenties Be in one’s late twenties

Personality calm nervous friendly unfriendly hardworking lazy honest dishonest neat messy talkative quiet adventurous cautious optimistic pessimistic cheerful blue open-minded conservative sociable outgoing easy-going intelligent generous Warm-hearted Trustworthy upright sincere modest unselfish tolerant considerate sympathetic hardworking responsible practical humorous funny independent strict narrow-minded aggressive attractive pessimistic dishonest selfish bad-tempered moody sensitive conceited stubborn


描写人物的英语作文Describing People

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describing people(人的描述)

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Describing people

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Describing people

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Unit 5 Describing People_图文

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Unit1 describing people

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Describing People

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Describing People List 大学英语

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