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人教版高中英语必修四第一单元Warming up and reading 课件

Unit 1 Reading
A Student of African Wildlife

课前案完成情况评价 优秀小组 优秀个人 出现的问题

Class Report: Lend your ears to us! Enjoy our performance!

Jane Goodall

r />She went to Tanzania(坦桑尼 亚) and studied chimps from 1960s. She went with three African helpers to live in the Gombe National Park in East Africa. Her life was spent following and recording the social life and relationships of the chimps. Because of her research, we now know that chimpanzees hunt for meat, use tools, and have different personalities. In 1965, she earned her PhD(博士学位) in ethology from Cambridge University.

She is the chimp’s mother


Discussion and Presentation:
内容 短语1-11 短语12-22 展示人员/方式 G4C1/书面/前黑板 G8C2/书面/前黑板 点评人


展示点评要求: 1. 展示同学,认真书写 2. 非展示同学大声朗读这些短语。 3. 点评同学声音洪亮,教态自然,注意补充拓展。 4. 非点评同学认真听,及时做笔记,积极动脑质疑。

Discussion and Presentation:
内容 知识点1&2 知识点3&4 知识点5&6 展示人员/方式
G2B1/ 书面/后黑板
G3B1/ 书面/后黑板 G5C1/ 书面/后黑板

G4A2 G7A1


展示点评要求: 1. 展示同学认真书写,答案力求简洁规范。 2. 非展示同学讨论,准备点评。 3. 点评同学声音洪亮,教态自然,注意补充拓展。 4. 非点评同学认真听,及时做笔记,积极动脑质疑。

Discussion and Presentation:
内容 summary 展示人员/方式 G1C1/口头 点评人


展示点评要求: 1. 展示同学大声说出答案。 2. 非展示同学认真听。 3. 点评同学声音洪亮,注意补充拓展。 4. 非点评同学认真听,及时做笔记,积极动脑质疑。

Jane Goodall has studied the chimps ________ for many understand years in Africa and helped people ___________

behave like human. Jane_____ had how much they ________ wanted to ____________ work with animals in their own
environment observing ____________. She spent many years _________ recording their daily activities. and _________ For 40 years, Jane has beenoutspoken ______________ about making understand and______________ respect the the rest of the world _________________ life of these animals. She _______ inspires those who want to _______ the achievements of women. cheer

Only if we can understand can we care Only if we care will we help
Only if we help shall all the life is hopeful

---Jane Goodall

We have a choice to use the gift of our lives to make the world a better place

------Jane Goodall


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