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一、 教案背景 1,面向学生:高中 2,学科:英语 2,课时:人教版必修三 Unit3 2 课时 3,学生课前准备: 一、了解百万英镑这篇文章的文章大意. 二、了解关于马克吐温的生平和有关作品. 二、 教学课题 通过学习,使学生树立正确的金钱观,使他们明确:钱不是万能的。在现实生活中,金钱 买不到亲情、友情,爱情。 三、 教材分析 As usual, the teacher should check students’ homework and offer chances for them to go over what they learned in the last period at the beginning of the class. Then lead in the new lesson. In this period, we will mainly deal with the part Reading, acting an d speaking in Using language on Pages 17-18, that is Act I, Scene 3 of The Million Pound Bank Note. The purpose of this part of the unit is to continue the play and give students opportunity to act out the scene in class., ask students to read Act Ⅰ , Scene3 again to underline all the expressions used to order food, make up a dialogue at restaurant with their partner and be ready to act it out before the class. At the end of the class, ask students to retell the play of this part in their own words and perform the play of this part or their own dialogue. 教学重点 1. Develop students’ reading and speaking skills. 2. Let students read and act the play. 教学难点 1. Enable students to learn to use reading strategies such as skimming, scanning, and so on. 2. Get students to act the play. 三维目标 技能目标 1. Get students to learn some useful new words and expressions in this part. 2. Get students to read the play. 3. Let students learn the expressions of ordering food. 方法目标 1. Develop students’ reading skills and enable them to learn how to use different reading strategies to read different reading materials. 2. Enable student s to understand and act out the play. 3. Have students learn how to use the expressions to order food. 情感目标 1. Stimulate students’ interests of learning English by reading and acting this play. 2. Develop students’ sense of group cooperation and teamwork.


Make a quiz for the students to find out how much they already know about Mark Twain, Ask students to answer questions by groups. The questions are as follows: 1. What was the real name of Mark Twain?

2. Can you name one of his famous novels? 五、 教学过程

Step 1

1. Check the homework exercises. 2. Ask some students to read the words of U3. Step 2 Warming up 1. Ask students to make a list of all the changes that Henry has made to his life. 2. Learn more about Mark Twain. Then list some popular novels such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Prince and the Pauper. [百度知道] Step 3 Brief introduction of The million pound note

Step 4 listen to the tape 1. Ask the all turn to Page 17. We are going to listen to Act Ⅰ, Scene 3. 2. Play the tape again to check and have the correct answers. Reading and speaking

Step 5

1. Ask students to discuss the following questions in pairs. 1) Where did Henry come from? 2) Why was Henry in London? 3) What happened to Henry? Step6 Step 7 See the movie [百度知道] Think over

Let a group retell the story and start a role play.

Do you know the exchange rate between pound and RMB?

Step 8 Homework Finish the Workbook exercises.



教学时,我先由人物描写方法的总结导入,既是对前面几部作品艺术手法的总结梳理,又 为本课的学习做了很好的学习指导。 接着,我又引导学生通过阅读课文,引导学生思考:“金钱会让人发生怎样的变化?”引导学生深 入了解文本内容,如 the waiter,他开始是怎么说的、怎么做的,后来,他为什么这样说、这样 做,这样写有什么好处。接着抓住最能反映人物特点的句、段,重点体会。 最后,让学生再次分角色练习对读,让学生在读中悟、悟中读,效果很不错。要把金钱看 得太重要。




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