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1. Title: M4 Unit11 Lesson3 <The Advertising Game>
General introduction:This lesson is taken from a book of New Senior English for China by Beijing Normal University. This lesson is about the reading part. By learning this passage, the students can master some language points and reading skills, as well as some right life guides.

2.Teaching aims and demands
(1).knowledge objects 1).Vocabulary: advertise, classic, certain, sew, beer, corporation, brand, suitable, advertiser, budget, visually, boom, visual, concept, approach, humor, contemporary, contribution, citizen, niece, nephew. 2).Phrase: stand out, consist of, in direct competition with, consist of, linked to, be linked with, aim to, participate in, 3).grammar: Gegunds as a subject/verb/preposition/noun (2).Ability objects 1).Listening skills :understand what the teacher is saying, listen to the tape after class.. 2).Reading skills :general understanding,detail information 3).Speaking skills: use the new expressions to talk about Ads in your daily life. 4).writing skills : write a short passage about your opinions on Ads with new expressions learned. (3).emotion objects Ads help us know more about the products, but there are also cheats in ads. We should observe carefully about ads before buy the goods. We should watch more public advertisements ,participate in improving our neighbourhood, protect the environment, and help other people..

3 .Teaching keys and difficulties
Gegunds as a subject/verb/preposition/noun

4 .Teaching methods
(1).Fast reading (2).Detailed reading (3).explaining (4).Task based group discussion

5.Teaching aids
computer ,overhead projector, PPT

6. Course number
We will finish this lesson in 3 classes. This is the reading class.

7.Teaching procedures
General introduction: Step1 is for lead-in. Step2, 3 is for reading and listening skills

objectives; Step4 is for knowledge objectives; Step5 is for speaking skills objectives and emotion objectives; Step6, 7 is for consolidation of new knowledge and practice students’ writing skills. Thus we can meet all the teaching demands. Step1 Greetings. Revision and smoothly start the new lesson (2 minutes) Step2 Fast-reading and search for the answer for "T"or"F" questions ,general understanding. (8minutes) ”modern advertisements were made to make people forget that someone is trying to sell them something. T or F? ” ”Not all ads are trying to sell people products or services. T or F?” Step3 Detailed reading and look for the information needed . The ability to get detail information. (9minutes) “What ideas do today’s advertisers use to make you notice their products?””What has the government done during the last dacade?” Step4 Explain difficult sentences and use of new phrases in detail under the help of some teaching equipments.(10minutes) Step5 Task-based discussion(10minutes) Work in groups of four, choose one advertisement you know and describe it. Use some of the words and phrases learned today. Step6 Summary of the lesson with related exercises. Mention the emotional objects.(5minutes) Step7 Homework(1minute)say bye. (1).Do exercise 8,9,10 in the exercise book. This is used to make the students have a further understanding of new words and new grammars. (2).write a short passage about what is the right thing to do on the topic discussed today.(at least 100 words)

8.Blackboard design
In order to make the blackboard design clearly and neatly, I will divide the blackboard into three parts. On the left, I’ll write teaching aims; in the middle of the blackboard, there should be important and difficult language points, and on the right, I will write the summary of this whole class. Vocabulary, phrase, grammar Reading , speaking, writing, listening Culture and life guides Name:Hu Ronghua Date:2012.5.12

Gegunds as a subject/ verb Summary with practice on teaching points. /preposition/noun
Examples and analysis

导学案 编写人:王海斌

Lesson 3

The Advertising Game


本课目标:掌握单词和词组 细读课文理解广告的作用及实质

了解并学习动名词 Step 1 Discussion The advantages of ads _______________________________ The disadvantages of ads ____________________________ Step 2 Lead-in We can see ads everywhere. What kinds of ads do like most? Why? __________________________________ Step 3 Reading Read the text and answer the questions in item 3 on page 26 Step 4 Word learning 写出意思对应的单词 1 Way of dealing with a person or thing ____________ 2 Praise something publicly in order to encourage people to buy or use it__________ 3 Plan of how money will be spent over a period of time ,in relation to the amount of money available_________ 4 having a high quality that is recognized and unquestioned;of lasting value and importance __________________ 5 modern;of the present time ____________ 6 action of contributing;thing contributed __________

7 idea;general belief _______ 8 right or appropriate for a purpose an occasion _________ 9 concerned with or used in seeing ________ Language points: (2)certain adj 某种,某些;确定的,无疑的;确信的,深信的

He didn’t come for a certain reason. 为了某种原因他没来。 It's certain that two and two makes four. 无疑的。 I'm certain that he saw me 我确信他看见了我。 固定短语:for certain 无疑地,肯定地 It's 二加二得四是确定

Be certain to do something 一定会做某事 certain that ... 是确信无疑的 合适的

2) suitable adj

Clothes suitable for hot weather are being sold. 适合炎热天 气的衣服正在销售。 be suitable for 对...合适 这些书适合儿

These books are suitable for children 童(阅读) 3)stand out (from/against sb/sth) 1

The bright lettering stood out well against the dark

background. 那种鲜亮的字在深色背景下十分醒目。 2 Her work stands out from the rest。 她的工作成绩比其

他人都好。 思维拓展:stand aside 让开,站到一边去 stand back 退后,

向后站 Stand for 代表,赞同,支持或主张某事物 Stand by 袖手旁观,支持或援助某人;信守,遵守 4)contribution noun 援助,贡献,投稿 The invention of computers was a great contribution to human civilization 电脑的发明是对人类的一大贡献。 Contribute verb 贡献出,捐献,投稿 contributor noun 投稿 者,捐助者 contribute to (prep)为...作出贡献;把(时间)投 入;有助于;是...的原因之一 make a contribution/contributions to (doing sth) 对做某事做出贡献. 5) approach noun 方法、方式、道路 All approaches to the city were blocked 路都被封锁了。 Approach 接近,动手处理,商量,靠近 接近的 讨 There are several ways of approaching the problem . 处理这个 问题有好几个方法。 July 1 is approaching. 七一快到了。 长难句解析及翻译 approach to 接近,近似 approachable 易 通往这座城市的道

at the approach of 对...进行探

1) It is likely to be just the name of a company, part of which may be a general location. 翻译____________________________________________ 解析 part of which may be a general location 是一个非限制 性定语从句,关系代词 which 指 it,即“广告” 。 要点剖析:在介词+关系代词引导的定语从句中,由于意义上的 需 要 , of which/of whom 前 可 带 有

some/any/few/several/many/most/all/both/none/neither/each/half/on e 等词或形容词最高级。如: There are more than 5000 islands of different sizes in China, the largest of which are Taiwan and Hainan Island. Today there are many people smoking in the world,about 45% of whom are Chinese. 2) As present-day advertisers often have large budgets,a lot of money is spent on applying modern techniques of design to make these advertisements as visually attractive as possible. 翻译______________________________________________ 解析 AS present-day advertisers often have large budgets 是 原因状语从句;applying modern techniques of design 是动名词短 语作介词 on 的宾语,to make these advertisements as visually as possible 是动词不定式短语作目的状语。 辨析比较 apply vt. 应用,把...应用于,投入或应用于一项特定

用途。如: It's important to apply theory to practice 非常重要。 The rule cannnot be applied in every case 于所有的情况。 拓展: apply 的常见短语: be applied to 适用于, 应用于, 施加于; apply for 申请,请求,接洽;apply oneself to 致力于,集中精 力做某事; apply sth to 把...施于,把运用于。 Apply 不能用于进行时态。 3)Modern advertisements must stand out in a world full of competition by combining the highest standards of design with ideas linked to the products to make them more attractive. 翻译__________________________________________________ 解析:该句中 full of competition 是形容词短语,作定语修饰 a world;by combining...with...为介词短语作方式状语;combining the highest standards of design with ideas linked to the product to make them more attractive 是动名词短语,接在介词 by 之后作宾语; linked to the products 是不定式短语作定语,修饰 ideas;to make them more attractive 是不定式短语作状语,说明 combining...with 的目的。 要点剖析:combine...with/and...使...与...相结合,把...和...结合起 来。如: 这规则并不适用 把理论应用于实践

We should combine theory with practice 实际。 Some films combine education with recreation. 育和娱乐结合在一起。



4)The top advertisers of today believe that using humour as well as new and unusual ideas to surprise people is important in modern advertisements. 翻译__________________________________________________ 解析 that using humour...advertisements 是接在谓语动词 believe 后的宾语从句;其中 using humour as well as new and unusual ideas to surprise people 是动名词短语,作宾语从句的主语;不定 式 to surprise people 说明 using humour...的目的。 要点剖析:as well as 意为“和,又,而且,除...之外” 。用来连 接二个并列成分,强调的重点在前者。当连接二个并列主语时, 谓语动词应同前面的主语保持人称和数的一致。如: She is clever as well as beautiful 她不但漂亮,而且聪明。

John, as well as his wife and children, is going to visit China next week 约翰和他的妻子及孩子们下周要来中国参观。

5) However,not all advertising is about selling products and service for a profit. 翻译__________________________________________________ 要点剖析:not 与总括词

both/all/every/everyone/everybody/everything/everywhere 连用,表 示部分否定,意思是“并非都...” 。not 有二个位置,可放在总括 词前,也可用来否定谓语,都表示部分否定。如: Not all of them go in for sports. /All of them don't go in for sports./Some of them go in for sports,but others don't. 不都喜欢运动 I don't like both of the novels./I like only one of the novels. 这二部 小说我并不都喜欢。 拓展 如 要 表 示 全 部 否 定 则 应 用 neither/none/no 他们并

one/nobody/nothing nowhere.如 None of them go/goes in for sports 他们都不喜欢运动。 在哪里你也

You can get this kind of vegetables nowhere 买不到这种蔬菜。 语法 动名词(Gerunds)

动名词在句中可作主语、表语、定语和宾语。具体用法如下: 主语 Teaching English at middle school is my full-time job. It's a waste of time arguing with him. 注释:1 不定式和动名词都可用作句子的主语,含义基本一样。 只是表示具体、特指的动作时,用不定式更多见:表示抽象、泛 指的动作时,用动名词更多见。2 It is no use/ no good/a waste of time doing sth 做某事没有用处、没有好处、是浪费时间。在该结 构中应用动名词作主语。


Their job is building houses.

His hobby is painting.

注释:1 不定式和动名词作表语含义基本一样。具体、特指的事 情多用不定式,习惯、泛指的事情多用动名词。2 动名词作表语 相当于名词,主语和表语的位置可以互换,而现在分词作表语相 当于形容词,不可以与主语调换位置。如:My job is teaching English=Teaching English is my job interesting≠Interesting is my job. 定语 a sleeping car 卧车 working method 工作方法 My job is

walking stick 手杖 注释: 动名词作定语主要是起分类作用,不表示动作。 宾语 The doctor advised taking more exercise. She left without telling me. same experiment hundreds He insisted on doing the

of times.

注释: 有些以 to 结尾的短语, to 为介词, 后面要用动名词。 devote oneself to,get down to,lead to,stick to,look forward to,see to,object to,turn to,point to,give one's mind to,pay attention to,be used to. 动名词的复合结构 His coming back make her happy 他回来了使她很高兴 医生坚

The doctor insisted on his patient's staying in bed 持要他的病人躺在床上。

注释: “名词所有格或形容词性物主代词+动名词”构成动名词

的复合结构。 在这个结构中名词所有格或形容词性物主代词是逻 辑上的主语。动名词的复合结构在句中可作主语、宾语等。在非 正式英语中或在句中作宾语时, 可以用名词的普通格或人称代词 的宾格。 动名词的时态 Edith denied having been there. locked the door. 注释:当动名词表示的动作发生在谓语动作之前时,要用动名词 的完成时。 动名词的被动语态 He narrowed escaped being run over. He prided himself on having never been beaten in chess. 注释: 若主语是动名词所表示的动作的对象,动名词要用被动 语态。 单句改错 1) 2) Our school was consisted of ten classes then. It’s a pleasure for me to be invited to participate the meeting I remember having

tomorrow. 3) If you handed in your homework in time ,you wouldn ’t have

been criticized. 4) 5) His attitude of study is very positive. The company is made of ten departments.

6) 7) 8)

The parents did all that they could send their son to college. I’m looking forward to hear from you soon. There is a ten-meters-tall tree in front of our classroom.

习题探究 1)—You seemed to be deeply struck by his skill. —Not exactly. It was his courage _____his skill that really struck me most. A rather than B as well as C but also D not

2) He was luck enough to escape ___in the great fire. A to be killed B killing C killed D being killed

3) The day he had been looking forward to ___at last. A coming B having come C came D come

4) —Did__get through the driving test? —No,___. A few failed. A everybody;not all D anybody;not all 5) It is reported that two schools,____are being built in my hometown,will open next year. A they both B which both C both of them D both of which 6) In my opinion,life in the twenty-first century is much easier than____. A that used to be B it is used to C it was used to D it used B anybody;no one C everybody;none

to be 7) ___much English troubled him a lot. A His not knowing B Not he knowing C His having not

known D His not known . 8) It’s no good___over spilt milk. A to cry B crying C cried D cry

9) ____provides us with essential nutrients,while_provides us with oxygen. A To eat;breathing D eaten;breathed 10)Isn’t it time you got down to___the papers? A mark B be marked C being marked 单词拼写 1) He has never shown much c______for his wife's needs. 2) Head teachers are more involved in d______than in teaching. 3) The teacher is trying a new a__to language teaching. 4) Her designs have a strong v___attraction. 5) Because of Tom's sudden wedding, his mother had to change the month's b____ 6) The leaders of the two nations are discussing c____ affairs. D marking B Eating;to breathe C Eating;breathing

7) How to use money depends on your a___ towards it. 8) The prisoner a_____ to escape,but failed.

9) TV,radio and newspaper all belong to the m_____ 10) If you failed the exam,you will only b_____yourself.


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