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四川高考完形填空解题方法及备考策略 一、考点、热点回顾
(一)词汇知识的运用(各类词的用法及搭配、词语辨析) 1.动词 1)动词的结构功能(vi./vt./linkv., 接什么样的宾语,能否接复合宾语,接什么样的复合宾语) ①But by using literary texts alongside other texts, teachers can 42 students improve their r eading skills. A. force B. help C. get D. wish 2)分析上下文情景,注意词汇与话题的同现 结构是为意思服务的,在完形填空中大部分选项只看动词的结构功能是很难判断的,所以要分 析上下文情景。 ②(Father)“Kate and John, a friend of mine is coming here to see me this evening, and I wish to be with him. Will you go up to your own room?”We_____,went to our room and closed the door. A. punished B. trembled C. obeyed D. replied

2.代词(不定代词/指示代词; 人称代词/物主代词/反身代词/疑问代词/关系代词/相互代词等) 1.不定代词(some, any, no, somebody, anybody, nobody, no one, one, none, something, anythi ng, nothing ; all, every, each, other, either, neither, both, half, everybody, everyone, everything ; m any, much, few, little, a few 等) 2.指示代词(that, this, these, those, such ,same, so) one 代[C] 泛指,指非限定的一个;可代人/物 that 代[C] 特指;不可代人;代物[U] this 近指,后指 that 远指,前指 ③____ is the sports programme. 开始体育节目。 ④_____ is the end of the news. 新闻到此结束。

3.同义词/近义词/形似词 1)词的搭配能力(rise/raise, hope/wish) 如:demand (of sb.) to do sth. pick one’s pocket request/require sb. to do sth. rob sb. of sth. steal sh. from sb. 2)单词的适用范围/场合 如:voice/sound/noise; defend/protect/guard ,ask/beg,kill/murder 等 3)单词的感情色彩 如:die 中性词,pass away 表示对死者的尊敬 The future is in my hands. It’s totally up to me. (我的未来我做主。)

4)过程与结果的不同 look for/search 重过程 find/discover 重结果 5)区分结构类似而意思不同的表达法 如:be used to do sth./be used to doing sth./used do sth. take place/take one’s place/take the place of can’t help do sth./can’t help doing sth./can’t help but do sth. 6)注意有意识与无意识 如:notice:表无意识行为,observe/watch/see 表有意识行为

4. 词语的搭配 1)动词的搭配(do 和 make 的搭配能力较强,要常记,记牢,记熟) do(a job, work, shopping, cooking, reading, typing, sewing, good, wrong, damage, harm, a fav or, an injury, etc.) make(a study, an appointment, arrangements, a breakthrough, a call, a comparison, contribution, a deal, a decision, a discovery, distinction, a guess, preparations, a start, a start, a survey, an atte mpt, an error, a profit, a fortune, a living, one’s way, sense, point, peace, bed, coffee, a fuss, etc.)

2)名词的搭配 形容词与名词的搭配有的具有一定的文化背景,学生要注意“貌合神离”的词语。如: lucky dog 幸运儿 right hand 得力助手 narrow escape 死里逃生 dark horse 出人意料的获胜者 3)形容词的搭配 有些形容词可以加一个形容词修饰,表示强调,使表达更加生动。常见的有:pitch dark(漆黑 的), brand new (崭新的),crystal clear(水晶般的) ,wide open(张得大大的), fast asleep(睡 得很熟的), wide awake(完全醒着的), icy cold(冰冷的), etc. 有些形容词可以和不同的介词搭配,学生应注意比较、归纳。如: sick for 渴望 tired from 因 而疲劳 engaged in 忙于 sick of 厌倦 tired of 对 厌倦 engaged to 与某人订婚

(二)篇章技巧的运用 一个完整的语篇,一篇内容充实、结构合理、行文流畅的短文所依赖的不只是词汇和语法,更 多的是篇章结构技巧。作者借助于篇章技巧成文,学生在复现作者的语言时同样可以借助篇章技巧。 1.复现 “词汇的复现”是指某一词以原词、同义词/近义词、反义词、同源词、概括词(总分关系)以及 其他形式重复出现在语篇之中。词汇复现的语用意义是使得语篇中的句子相互衔接和连贯,从而构成 The future is in my hands. It’s totally up to me. (我的未来我做主。)

一个完整和有机的意义整体。大体上说,词汇的复现包括:原词复现、同义词/近义词复现、反义词、 同源词复现、概括词复现和注释性复现(其中一种表达是对另一种的解释)。具体指某一词以原词, 指代词,同义词,反义词、同源词、概括词等重新出现在整个文章的前后,并起到了衔接全文的作用。

⑤ First of all, he was a window-cleaner and in his first week he managed to_____ six windo ws. A. rub B. drop C. break D. clean

2. 同现 同现指意义上相互联系的单词同时出现在同一语篇中。一个语篇,一个话题,要求有与之相连 的词汇(篇章中的词汇链)。 1) 名词同现:与一个话题或一个名词出现在同一个语境的另一个名词。如: school---primary school—middle school—college—university students—pupils—graduates—postgraduates 2) 动词同现:与一个话题或一个名词出现在同一个语境的另一个动词。如: school—teach—learn—attend—found—drop out—graduate—be dismissed 3)形容词同现 就某一语境而言所能出现的形容词也是有规律的。如:在学校这个语境中:(key)school—(o ptional)course—(compulsory)course 4) 结构同现 结构同现批搭配之类的句型和成对出现的短语。如: some…,others; on one hand…,on the other hand; former…,latter; so…that; not only…but also; hardly/scarcely…when…; no sooner…than…; be about to do /be doing /had done /be on the point of doing/be to do/be ready to do/be on the way … when…; ⑥I put my head in, expecting the (worst). But to my (surprise), the room wasn’t empty at all. It had furniture, curtains, a TV, and even paintings on the wall. And then on the well-made bed s at Amy, my new __44__, dressed neatly. A. roommate B. classmate C. neighbor D. companion

⑦We were __42____ to go back for class again when the headmaster called us ( together) an d said, … 42. A. about B. able C. sorry D. sure


The future is in my hands. It’s totally up to me. (我的未来我做主。)


一个完整的语篇应该是符合逻辑的,文章逻辑关系的取得主要靠过渡词的使用。作者利用转承 语保证文章的逻辑,学生在做完形填空时应通过自己对上下文的理解,找到适当的逻辑关系,然后选 择正确的过渡词。学生必掌握常见的过渡词: 1.递进 in addition, furthermore, again, also, besides, moreover, what’s more, what’s worse, to make m atters worse , to make things worse , worse still 2.比较 in the same way, as with, similarly, equally, in comparison, just as 3.对照 in contrast, on the other hand, instead, however, nevertheless, unlike, on the contrary, while 4.因果 because, because of, for, since, due to, owing to, thanks to, as a result (of), so, thus 5.强调 certainly, above all, indeed, of course, surely, actually, as a matter of fact, especially in particular, absolutely, 6.让步 although, though, after all, in spite of 7.举例 for example, for instance, that is, namely, such as, in other words, in this case, by way of ill ustration. 8. 时间和空间 afterward, after, first, later, then, soon, finally, at last outside, near, beyond, above, below, on the right(left), in the middle, opposite, in front of 9. 总结 to sum up, to conclude, in a word, in short, in brief, all in all, in all, in summary

二 典例解析
Recently, I flew to Las Vegas to attend a meeting. As we were about to arrive, the pilot announced with apology that there would be a slight 2l before setting down. High desert winds had 23 22 the airport 24

to close all but one runway. H e said that we would be

the city for a few minutes waiting to

The future is in my hands. It’s totally up to me. (我的未来我做主。)

We were also told to remain in our seats meanwhile with our seat belts fastened 25

there might be a few

bumps(颠簸).Well,that few minutes turned into about four—five minutes,including a ride that would make a roller coaster(过山车) 26 by comparison The movement was so fierce that several passengers felt 27 and had to use airsickness bags. As space because it only 29 to

you might guess,that’s not good thing to have happen in a(n) 28 increase the discomfort of the situation.

About twenty minutes into the adventure,the entire airplane became very 30 . There was now a sense of anxiety and fear that could be 31 dear life …except one. A 32 noticed.Every passenger simply held on for

was having a good time! With each bump of the33! he w ould let out a that he didn’t know he was supposed to be afraid

giggle(咯咯的笑)of delight As I observed this,I 34 and worried about his

35 He neither thought about the past nor about the future Those are what we .He was 37 the ride because had not yet been taught to fear it. 38 back into my seat,pretending I was 39 on a

grown—ups have learned from 36

Having understood this,I took a deep breath and

roller coaster. I smiled for the rest of the flight. I even 40

to giggle once or twice, much to the

chagrin(懊恼)of the man sitting next to me holding the airsickness bag. 21. A. mistake 22. A. forced 23. A. watching 24. A. arrive 25. A. if 26. A. light 27. A. sick 28. A. empty 29. A. happens 30. A. quiet 31. A. partly 32. A. pilot 33. A. seats 34. A. realized 35. A. health 36. A. teachers 37. A. learning 38. A. sat 39. A. nearly 40. A. attempted B. delay B. warned B. visiting B. enter B. though B. pale B. nervous B. narrow B. continues B. hot B. gradually B. baby B. passengers B. hoped B. safety B. books B. taking B. lay B. finally B. managed C. change C. swept D. wind D. reminded

C. circling D. crossing C. stop C. because C. easy C. angry C. secret C. fails C. dirty D. land[来源:学_科_网 Z_X_X_K] D. while[来源:m] D. quick D. afraid D. open D. serves D. crowded D. clearly D. man D. airplane D. insisted D. future D. practice[来源:学*科*网 Z*X*X*K] D. enjoying D. rode D. suddenly D. decided

C. shortly C. guard C. flight C. agree d C. joy C. experience C. missing C. went C. really C. wanted

The future is in my hands. It’s totally up to me. (我的未来我做主。)


三 练一练 passage 1
If you want to learn a new language, the very first thing to think about is why. Do you need it for a 2 1 reason, such as your job or your studies? Or perhaps you are interested in the , films or the music of a different country and you know how much it will help to have Most people learn best using a variety of 4 7 3 , but traditional classes are an ideal(理 5 8 lives and learning a in a language will take 9 ,” they say.

a knowledge of the language. 想的)start for many people. They provide an environment where you can practice under the of someone who’s good at the language. We all lead . It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got long. Becoming language takes 6 . You will have more success if you study regularly, so try to develop a

years, but learning to get by takes a lot less. Many people start learning a language and soon give up. “I’m too Yes, children do learn languages more can learn a language at any I’ve also heard people 12 11 10 than adults, but research has shown that you 13 . Well, relax

. And learning is good for the health of your brain, too. about the mistakes they make when 14

and laugh about your mistakes and you’re much less likely to make them again. Learning a new language is never make progress. And you’ll be 1. A. technical 2. A. literature 3. A paintings 4. A. control 5. A. busy 6. A. courage 7. A. theory 8. A. bored 9. A. old 10. A. closely 11. A. school 12. A. worry 13. A. singing 14. A. tiresome 15. A. blamed 15 . But with some work and devotion, you’ll by the positive reaction of some people when you say C. practical C. agriculture C. methods C. pressure C. simple C. energy C. routine C. interested C. weak C. privately C. distance C. think C. bargaining C. interesting C. interrupted D. devoted D. tired D. quietly D. age D. quarrel D. learning D. easy D. informed

just a few words in their own language. Good luck! B. political B. transport B. regulations B. command B. happy B. time B. business B. fluent B. nervous B. quickly B. speed B. hesitate B. working B. hard B. amazed D. physical D. medicine D. computers D. guidance D. normal D. place D. project

The future is in my hands. It’s totally up to me. (我的未来我做主。)

Passage 2
Every fast-food employee knows that the drive-through window is the worst position. The window sticks with constant ice; the roar of engines hurts your the howling wind. On a 37 afternoon, everything changed. 38 39 their Every once in a while, the sub-zero temperatures seal a 36 ; your words are lost in

windows shut. Drivers don’t exactly enjoy having to stand outside in the cold, such cases, most customers tend to show their annoyance to the employees. This woman was She stood outside, bright 43 lit up her face like a fire. “You can’t 44 their drinks,” I said, confused and tired. 45 “No, but I’ll buy them,” she said. “Pay it forward and all that.” Completely puzzled, I charged her as to be out in the cold, then 48 . 47 42 40 . 41 “I’ll get the next car’s

orders into a speaker box, when they expect to drive through on their heated leather seats. In

as well,” she said as she came up to the window to pay.

much snow on her hair. Though she was obviously freezing, her

, and when the next customer arrived at the 46 changed — first angry

window I explained what had just happened. I watched as his

at the random act of kindness, and finally, delighted by his

“I suppose I’ll pay for the next order then,” he replied, nodding and waving at the impatient driver Some were shocked to spend much more than they had expected, their order for less than half the price. Five vehicles passed, then ten, then twenty. No one refused to pay. Customers stood at my window 53 a fist-full of change to buy drinks for a complete stranger. Cars drove off, 54 their thanks. 55 of traffic. It only honking (鸣笛) and 52 others ended up receiving 49 him. He 50 over the cash and received his pre-paid hot drink. 51 and pleased. The trend continued. Customers arrived annoyed, only to leave

It only takes one customer, one person, to change the entire takes one moment, one smile, to warm up even the coldest of days. 36. A. ears 37. A. freezing B. hands B. sunny C. feet C. warm

D. back D. usual

The future is in my hands. It’s totally up to me. (我的未来我做主。)

38. A. truck’s 39. A. offering 40. A. polite 41. A. number 42. A. covering 43. A. eyes 44. A. pay 45. A. instructed 46. A. gesture 47. A. inspired 48. A. turn 49. A. beyond 50. A. took 51. A. shy 52. A. while 53. A. putting 54. A. explaining 55. A. jam

B. vehicle’s B. throwing B. angry B. coffee B. increasing B. smile B. take B. requested B. expression B. upset B. chance B. before B. looked B. calm B. since B. emptying B. sending B. row

C. car’s C. screaming C. popular C. fee C. gathering C. hair C. buy C. directed C. figure C. surprised C. deed C. beside C. handed C. anxious C. as C. laying C. introducing C. flow

D. lorry’s D. cancelling D. different D. order D. falling D. annoyance D. give D. suggested D. feeling D. disappointed D. luck D. behind D. thought D. regretful D. unless D. holding D. casting D. line

1、本次课学生总体满意度打分(满分 100 分)_____________。 2、学生对课程内容的满意度( A.非常满意 B.比较满意 ) C.一般 ) C.一般 D.比较不满意 E.非常不满意



3、学生对授课教师的满意度( A.非常满意 B.比较满意

The future is in my hands. It’s totally up to me. (我的未来我做主。)

4、学生对授课场地的满意度( A.非常满意 B.比较满意

) C.一般 D.比较不满意 ) D.比较不满意 E.非常不满意 E.非常不满意

5、学生对授课教师的上课的总体精神状态( A.非常满意 B.比较满意 C.一般

6、您对本课程的意见和建议:__________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________。

家长(学生)签字: 201 年 月 日

The future is in my hands. It’s totally up to me. (我的未来我做主。)




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