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人教版必修三Unit 2语法专题练习 情态动词

Ⅰ.选词填空 1.You mustn’t go there alone; it’s too dangerous.(mustn’t/needn’t) 2.It’s so near; we shouldn’t have taken a taxi.(shouldn’t/can’t) 3. You oughtn’ t_to have spent so much time playing

computer games.(mustn’ t/oughtn’ t to) 4.—Shall I leave the room so that you two can talk? —No, you needn’t.(mustn’t/needn’t) 5.He can’t have missed the train; he arrived at the train station two hours early.(can’ t/mustn’t) 6.We’ll be very glad if you can join us in going camping.(can/may) 7.They had_to stay in the office last night because of the snowstorm.(have to/must) 8.We should have helped him; in that case, he would have been able to finish the work.(should/can) Ⅱ.单项填空 1.— I think we’ll give Bob a ring. — We ________.We have been out of touch with him for ages. A.will C.have to B.may D.ought to

解析:选 D。后句句意:我们应该给他打个电话。我们很长时间没跟他联系了。ought to“应该”;will “意愿”;may “可以;可能”;have to“不得不”。根据句意,D 正确。 2.— Write to me when you get home. — ________. A.I must C.I should B.I will D.I can

解析:选 B。答应某人做某事,要用 I will 表示“一定”或“我决心做某事”。根据对 话的语境,B 项正确。 3.— Susan doesn’t mind lending you her digital camera. — She ________.I’ve already borrowed one. A.can’t C.needn’t B.mustn’t D.shouldn’t

解析:选 C。既然“我已经借了一个”,所以“她就没有必要借给我了”。needn’t

在此表示“不必”。C 项正确。 4.— James, how did your English exam go? — I thought I ________, but in fact I came in the top 10 in the class. A.should have failed C.might have failed B.couldn’t have failed D.mustn’t have failed

解析:选 C。“might+have+done”表示对已经发生的事情的一种猜测,根据语境, C 项正确。 5.— What does the sign over there read? — “No person ________ smoke or carry a lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe in this area.” A.will C.shall B.may D.must

解析:选 C。shall 用于第二、三人称的陈述句,表示说话人给对方的命令、警告等。 根据句意,C 项正确。 6.You can’t imagine such a welleducated gentleman ________ be so rude to an old man. A.might C.should B.must D.would

解析:选 C。句意:你难以想象一个受过良好教育的绅士居然对一位老人那么粗鲁。 should 在这里表示惊讶或出乎意料。 7. There was a lot of fun at yesterday’ s party. You ________ come, but why didn’ t you? A.must have C.need have B.should D.ought to have

解析:选 D。句意:昨天的聚会很有趣。你应该来的,但为什么没来呢?ought to have done“本应该做(而没有做)”,D 项符合题意。 8.— What do you think we can do for our aged parents? — You ________ do anything except to be with them. A.don’t have to C.mustn’t B.oughtn’t to D.can’t

解析:选 A。句意:“你认为我们能为年迈的父母做点什么呢?”“除了多陪陪他们 不必做什么。”don’t have to 相当于 needn’t,意为“不必”符合句意。oughtn’t“不 应该”;mustn’t“不可以”;can’t“不能”。 9.As it turned out to be a small house party, we ________ so formally. A.needn’t dress up B.shouldn’t dress up

C.were not necessary to dress up D.needn’t have dressed up 解析:选 D。由句意可知,事实上,我们穿得很正式去参加了一个家庭舞会,但参加 了才知道是一个 small house party,感觉自己没有必要穿得如此正式。needn’t have done “过去本不需要做某事(但实际上做了)”,D 项符合句意。 10.— As you worked late yesterday, you ________ work this morning. — Thank you! A.needn’t C.can’t B.mayn’t D.mustn’t

解析: 选 A。 句意: “昨天你工作到很晚, 所以今天上午你不必工作。 ”“谢谢! ”needn’ t do sth.“不必做某事”,符合句意。mustn’t“禁止做某事”。 11.—May I take this book out of the reading room? —No, you________.You read it in here. A.mightn’t C.needn’t B.won’t D.mustn’t

解析:选 D。句意:“我可以把这本书带出阅览室吗?”“不,千万不要。在这儿读 吧。”由句意可知此处表示强烈禁止,mustn’t“千万别/不要”,表禁止,所以选 D 项。 mightn’t 表示“可能不”;won’t 表示“不愿意”;needn’t 表示“没必要”。 12.She________have left school, for her bike is still here. A.can’t C.shouldn’t B.wouldn’t D.needn’t

解析:选 A。句意:她不可能离开了学校,因为她的自行车仍然在这儿。can’t have done“不可能做某事”;wouldn’t have done 表示虚拟;shouldn’t have done“本不该做 (却已做了)”;needn’t have done“本没必要做(但已做了)”。所以 A 项正确。 13.—I’m sorry.I________at you the other day. —Forget it.I was a bit out of control myself. A.shouldn’t shout B.shouldn’t have shouted C.mustn’t shout D.mustn’t have shouted 解析:选 B。句意:“对不起,前几天我不应该对你大喊大叫的。”“算了,我当时 也有点失控。”shouldn’t have done“本不该做的事却做了”,符合句意。 14.Sir, you________be sitting in this waitingroom.It is for women and children only. A.oughtn’t to B.can’t



解析:选 A。考查情态动词。句意:先生,你不应该坐在这个等候室里,这是妇女儿 童专用的。oughtn’t to“不应该”。 15. Being afraid of making mistakes, the little boy________answer his teacher’s question. A.does dare C.daren’t to B.doesn’t dare D.not dare to

解析:选 B。句意:因为害怕犯错误,那个男孩不敢回答老师的问题。dare 既可以作 情态动词,也可以作实义动词,作实义动词时在否定句中 to 通常可以省略。故选 B。


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