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高中英语 {Unit2 Poems Period 6} 优秀教案 新人教版选修6

Period 6 Summing Up,Learning Tip and Assessment整体设计 ,
教学内容分析 This is the last teaching period of this unit,so the emphasis should be placed on going over and summarizing what has been learned in this unit.It includes the following parts : Summing Up , Learning Tip , Checking Yourself and some other consolidation exercises. Summing Up summarizes the whole unit from the aspects of topics,vocabulary and grammar.The teacher can first use this part to let students sum up what they have learned in this unit and then let them find out what they can't understand very well. Learning Tip gives students instructions on how to get the general idea of the text.Let the students think about what they already know about the topic and what new information they will find. Finally,ask students to finish Checking Yourself on Page 54 in the Workbook.This part aims at encouraging students to make a self-assessment after they finish learning this unit.It is very important to improve their learning.Of course,a testing assessment is also needed. In this period,the teacher can also provide more practice to consolidate what students have learned in this unit. 三维目标设计 Knowledge and skills 1.To get students to master all the useful new words and expressions in this unit. 2.To have students understand the new grammar item “Subjunctive Mood(2)” better,and enable them to use the following structure correctly:If I had done...I would have done... 3.To develop the students' ability to use the important language points in this unit. methods Process and methods Design some additional exercises for students to do in order that they can learn to use and grasp all the contents. Emotion,attitude Emotion attitude and value 1.To encourage students to learn more about poetry and know more about some famous poets both at home and abroad. 2.To train the students to appreciate the beauty of poetry. 教学重、难点 Using what they have learned in this unit to solve real problems. 教学过程 Step 1 Revision 1.Check the homework exercises. 2.Dictate some useful new words and expressions in this unit. Lead-in Step 2 Lead in Ask the students to turn to Page 16.Think about what they have learned in this
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unit and tick the boxes to see how well and how much they have learned. Step 3 Summing up Five minutes for the students to summarize what they have learned in this unit by themselves.Then check and explain something where necessary. Suggested answers: (Students' answers may vary.)From this unit we have learned some simple forms of poems: nursery rhymes, list poems, cinquain, haiku and Tang poems.From the Workbook we have learned some other forms of poems,such as songs and adverb poems. From this unit we have also learned: useful verbs:tick,convey,tease,transform phrasal verbs:take it easy,run out of,be made up of,try out,let out useful nouns:exchange,sponsor,rhyme,nursery,diamond,pattern,cottage, sparrow,minimum,translation,branch,sorrow,librarian,section useful adjectives and adverbs:concrete,flexible,appropriate,eventually, contradictory,salty,endless,forever useful expressions:in particular,by chance/accident new grammar item:Subjunctive Mood(2) Step 4 Practice Show the exercises on the screen or give out exercise papers. Ⅰ.Word spelling 1.Can you r______ any poems you have read in high school,either in Chinese or in English? 2.I think you'd better consider other a______ of the matter. 3.Some poems try to c______ certain emotions. 4.The n______ teacher made the children sit bolt upright. 5.Mind your manners,guys! I want no r______ of your bad behavior. 6.The lady has a very expensive ring with a d______ in the centre. 7.Somebody dreamed of after retirement moving to a remote c______ in the countryside. 8.If you always t______ others like that,you'll miss the good opinion of your friends. 9.There is e______ work to do when you have children in the house. 10.He t______ the speech from Spanish into English. 11.Your room looks old.Why not t______ it by painting it? 12.He told me with s______ that his mother was very ill. 13.His casual clothes were not a______ for such a formal occasion. 14.If you are lost in the wood,it's very necessary to have a c______ with you. 15.The cloth has a p______ of flowers on it. 16.John was touched by the w______ of their welcome. 17.The truck was carrying a l______ of bananas. Ⅱ.Complete the passage using the words and expressions in the box in their correct forms. cottage, run out of, nursery, rhyme, minimum, convey, contradictory, pattern,translation,form
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When I was a baby,my mother used to read me ______ rhymes.I loved their ______ meaning and the way that the words ______ at the end of the lines.When I grew older, I was introduced to other ______ of poetry.Many of them also had a strong ______ which was repeated.The forms I liked best ______ their meaning by using the bare ______ ______ of words.Some of these forms came from Asia(like the haiku)and some of these were ______from their original language. When I______ new poems to read and enjoy,I would go to the library for some more.The librarian was a friend of my mother,and she would put poetry books on one side for me.In fact,my family love reading so much that we keep buying books.Now the living room of our ______ is full of books. Ⅲ.Translate the following expressions into Chinese. 1.make a list of ______ feelings ______ 3.rhyming words ______ aspect of ______ 5.convey certain emotions ______ 6.nursery rhymes ______ 7.delight sb.______ 8.score goals ______ 9.take the eyes off the ball ______ 10.stay up ______ 11.take it easy ______ out of energy ______ made up of ______ 14.convey a strong picture ______ brimful of ______ 16.transform into ______ 17.translate into ______ 18.appropriate ending ______ chance ______ attention to ______ Ⅳ.Multiple choice 1.—It is getting late.I am afraid I must be going now. —OK.______. A.Take it easy B.Go slowly C.Stay longer D.See you 2.What will the world use for power when it ______ oil? out of running out of C.has run out of D.ran out of 3.To enjoy the scenery,Irene would rather spend long hours on the train______ travel by air. C.than D.while 4.Don't believe him.He ______ a story. A.makes up making up C.makes up of making out 5.There are ______ these books and ______ pencils on the desk. A.a dozen;scores of B.scores;a dozen of C.scores of;a dozen D.two dozens;a score 6.He suggested that we ______ the plan later,which suggested that he ______ against it. A.discussed;was B.would discuss;should be C.discuss;was D.should discuss;should be 7.The train ______ over three hundred passengers over day.
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A.transmits B.ships C.conveys D.ferries 8.Look at the trouble I am in.If only I ______ your advice. A.followed B.would follow C.had followed D.should follow 9.Before leaving this country,you must be in ______ of a valid passport. A.provide B.possession C.own D.label 10.Everything ______ doing is worthy of ______ well. A.worthy;being done B.worthy;doing C.worth;being done D.worth;doing 11.The head office of the bank is in Beijing,but it has ______ all over the country. A.companies B.branches C.organizations D.businesses 12.They ______ two free tickets to Canada,otherwise they'd never have been able to afford to go. A.had got C.have got D.get 13.He hears the little girl ______ a scream of terror when he was about to leave. A.set out B.let out C.come out D.give out 14.Nowadays young people,______ children,are ______ about their foods and clothes. A.especially;special B.especially;particular C.particularly;especial D.specially;especial 15.After having worked hard for so many years,Tom ______rose to the position of manager of the company. A.eventually B.unfortunately C.generally D.purposefully First get the students to do the exercises.Then the answers are given.The teacher can give them explanations where necessary. Suggested answers: Ⅰ.1.recite 2.aspects 3.convey 4.nursery 5.repetition 6.diamond 7.cottage 8.tease 9.endless 10.translated 11.transform 12.sorrow 13.appropriate 14.compass 15.pattern 16.warmth 17.load Ⅱ.nursery ; contradictory ; rhymed ; forms ; pattern ; conveyed ; minimum ; translations;ran out of;cottage Ⅲ.1.把……列成一张表 2.表达思想 3.押韵的词 4.……的一方面 5.传达某种感 情 6.童谣 7.使某人高兴 8.进球 9.没有留心看球 10.不睡觉, 熬夜 11.放松, 不着 急 12.精疲力竭 13.由……组成 14.呈现一幅清晰的画 15.洋溢着…… 16.改变,转 变成…… 17.翻译成…… 18.恰当的结尾 19.碰巧 20.注意到,留意到 Ⅳ.1~5 DCCBC 6~10 CCCBC 11~15 BBBBA
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?Step 5 Learning tip Ask the students to turn to Page 16.Read through the passage and make sure they understand it.Encourage them to do as the passage tells because if they are doing so they will be teaching themselves a useful way of learning. ?Step 6 Assessment 1.Checking yourself(on Page 54 in the Workbook) First get the students to think about the 6 questions individually.Then they can discuss in groups sharing their experience.The teacher can join in and give them advice and suggestions where necessary. 2.Testing assessment (1)Complete the following dialogue with the proper forms of the verbs given. Tom:What ______ you ______(do)at this moment if you were at home? Tom Henry:Playing cards,maybe. Henry Tom:If I had known you liked cards,I ______(buy)some yesterday.If I happen Tom to see them tomorrow,I______(buy)them. Henry : Oh , if I liked them so much , I______(bring)some with me yesterday.I______(not mind)at all if I didn't play here.We ______ only ______(waste)this nice weather if we were playing cards now.It______(be)much nicer if we could go walking. Tom:Why not? Tom (2)Study the example below together with your group members.Then complete the following sentences with the proper forms. Example:If I_hadn't_taken your advice,I would_have_made a bad mistake. ①If I had a cold,_________________________________________________________. ②If you were in his place,_________________________________________________. ③It would be nice ___________________________________________________. ④If I had left a little earlier , ___________________________________________________. ⑤She would have come _______________________________________________________. (3)Match the two parts of the sentences. ①If I knew why she ran away, a.if you met a monster? ②She would sleep better, b.if you thought I was behaving badly? ③If I saw his face again, c.I would know it immediately. ④Would you tell me, d.I would tell you. ⑤If cloning were banned, e.if she watched fewer horror films on TV. ⑥Wouldn't it be terrifying, f . this research would end tomorrow. Suggested answers: (1)would;be doing;would have bought;shall buy;would have brought;wouldn't mind;would;be wasting;would be (2)①I would stay in bed ②you wouldn't do it in that way ③if we went together
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④I could have arrived on time ⑤if she hadn't had another appointment (3)①d ②e ③c ④b ⑤f ⑥a ?Step 7 Homework 1.Finish off the Workbook exercises. 2.Review and summarize what you have learned in Unit 2. ?Step 8 Reflection after teaching 教学参考 诗歌欣赏(课外欣赏) 如果我能留住彩虹 1.If I Could Catch a Rainbow If If I could catch a rainbow 如果我能留住彩虹 I would do it just for you 我将只为你一个人挽留 And share with you its beauty 在你感到忧伤的日子 On the days you're feeling blue. 与你分享它的美丽 If I could build a mountain 如果我能建造大山 You could call your very own 你尽可把它当成你自己的 A place to find serenity 体验宁静的空间 A place to be alone. 独处的地方 If I could take your troubles 如果我能带走你的烦恼 I would toss them into the sea 我会把它们通通扔进大海 But all these things I'm finding 然而我发现所有这些事情 Are impossible for me. 我都无能为力 I cannot build a mountain 我建不成一座大山 Or catch a rainbow fair 也留不住彩虹的美丽 But let me be what I know best 就让我做你最好的朋友吧 A friend that's always there. 永远与你相伴 2.月下独酌 Drinking Alone Under the Moon 李白 Li Bai 花间一壶酒 Among the flowers from a pot of wine 独酌无相亲 I drink alone beneath the bright moonshine. 举杯邀明月 I raise my cup to invite the moon,who blends 对影成三人 Her light with my shadow and we're three friends. 月既不解饮 The moon does not know how to drink her share; 影徒随我身 In vain my shadow follows me here and there. 暂伴月将影 Together with them for the time I stay 行乐须及春 And make merry before spring's spend away. 我歌月徘徊 I sing the moon to linger with my song; 我舞影零乱 My shadow disperses as I dance along. 醒时同交欢 Sober,we three remain cheerful and gay 醉后各分散 Drunken,we part and each goes his way. 永结无情游 Our friendship will outshine all earthly love; 相期邈云汉 Next time we'll meet beyond the stars above. 3.Why am I the one that has to die? Why I went to a party,Mom,I remembered what you said. You told me not to drink,Mom,so I drank soda instead.
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I really felt proud inside,Mom,the way you said I would. I didn't drink and drive,Mom,even though the others said I should. I know I did the right thing,Mom,I know you are always right. Now the party is finally ending,Mom,as everyone is driving out of sight. I started to drive away,Mom,but as I pulled out into the road, the other car didn't see me,Mom,and hit me like a load. As I lay there on the pavement,Mom,I hear the policeman say, the other guy is drunk,Mom,and now I'm the one who will pay. I'm lying here dying,Mom...I wish you'd get here soon. How could this happen to me,Mom? My life just burst like a balloon. There is blood all around me,Mom,and most of it is mine. I hear the doctor say,Mom,I'll die in a short time. I just wanted to tell you,Mom,I'm certain that I didn't drink. It was the others,Mom.The others didn't think. He was probably at the same party as I. The only difference is,he drank and I will die. Why do people drink,Mom? It can ruin your whole life. I'm feeling sharp pains now.Pains just like a knife. The guy who hit me is walking,Mom,and I don't think it's fair. I'm lying here dying and all he can do is to stare. Tell my brother not to cry,Mom.Tell Daddy to be brave. And when I go to heaven,Mom,put “Daddy's Girl” on my grave. Someone should have told him,Mom,not to drink and drive. If only they had told him,Mom,I would still be alive. My breath is getting shorter,Mom.I'm becoming very afraid. Please don't cry for me,Mom.When I needed you,you were always there. I have one last question,Mom,before I say good bye, I didn't drink and drive,so why am I the one that has to die?

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