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外研社 高一英语 必修二Module3 cultural corner课件

Module 3 Introduction &Cultural Corner

audience(听众) choir(合唱队) classical(古典音乐) composer(作曲家) conductor(指挥) drum (鼓) erhu(二胡) guitar(吉他) instrument (乐器) jazz(爵士乐) musician(音乐家) orchestra(管弦乐队) piano(钢琴) pop(流行音乐) rock(摇滚) saxophone(萨克斯管) violin(小提琴)

Divide the words into groups.
audience choir classical composer conductor drum erhu guitar pop instrument jazz musician orchestra piano rock saxophone violin audience composer People: conductor musician instrument: drum erhu guitar piano saxophone violin music type: classical pop jazz rock

Match the pictures with the words




Match the pictures with the words



Match the pictures with the words



Match the pictures with the words




Listen to some music and decide which instrument is played




drum saxophone

Cultural corner

SB2 Module 3 Music

Ye Xiaogang What do you know about Ye xiaogang?

叶小刚是当代中国乐坛成绩斐然的作曲家,与大 多数同年龄的作曲家热衷于西方先锋作曲技法和 无调性音乐写作有所不同,叶小刚的音乐既手法 新颖,又富于内在的激情。他将各种技法巧妙地 融入其所作的音乐之中,自然流淌,毫无斧凿之 痕,体现了大家风范。国际音乐节为中国音乐家 办专场音乐会,这在历届音乐节中尚属首次。在 这场音乐会中,将演奏叶小刚以中国为题材创作 的四部交响作品《西藏之光》、《远方的呼唤》、 《最后的天堂》和第四交响曲《长城》。这些以 中国各地不同的风俗和地域景貌写成的音乐作品, 不仅展现了作曲家娴熟的创作技巧、成熟的个人 风格,同时更表现出叶小刚对自己祖国所怀有的

Famous Chinese composer

Note making: Make notes about Ye xiaogang
In 1955: ______ born When he was four years old: began studying piano __________________ From 1978 till 1983: studied at the ____________ Central Conservatory of Music of China ___________________________________ After graduation: __________________ worked as a lecturer

held a concert of his In 1985: __________________ symphonies in Beijing ____________________
His album Horizon appeared. In 1986: ___________________________ His music was played at the First ___________________________________ Contemporary Chinese Composers’ ___________________________________ Festival in HongKong. ____________________

In November 1996: _________________ The group played

with Italian musician at the Beijing ______________________________
International Jazz Festival. __________________________

Since1993:______________________ work part of the time in
_________________________________ Beijing and part of the time in the US.

Language points
1. He showed musical ability at an early age and began studying piano when he was four years old. show musical ability =show musical talent 表现出音乐才能 ? Many famous musicians in the world showed their musical abilities at an early age.

2. After graduation, he worked there as a lecturer. work as 相当于act as, “从事… 工作” ? Before making a success of his writing, he worked as a taxi driver, a newspaper seller, a miner and a railway man. ? Andrew, can you act as our photographer this week? Our photographer will be away on a holiday.


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