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Universities and colleges now often qualification though distance learning from the internet rather than using teachers in the classroom.Do you think the advantage of this development outweigh the disadvantage?

Lately ,it is undoubted that universities and colleges though distance leaning from the internet frequently,even exceed using teachers in the classroom. But as far as some critic concerned,this way also ignore some significant issue.

In the first place,there also have two reason to describe the disadvantage point. The first reason is:indeed,technology make study more convenience,but also make a part of people turn into dawdler. There are some data about overweight rate, more than 53.7% juvenile are overweight when distance learning are the direction of education. The second reason is students and teachers has less and less real communication. Just like Ed Sheeran said,if everyone wants to get more

communication,please put down your phone, computer or other technology product and go outside to hand on with you friends.

Instead,there are two reason can describe how did the people who hold the advantage point may think.firstly,distance learning is the embodiment of developing technology because of internet is becoming the person’s life gradually. If a person who without internet, he or she will out of style and become unpopular.secondly,internet is convenience. For example,a student who want to inquiry professor some academic question but the student is not in school,so the student can use the telephone and open the mobile internet to search of answer.

Form my individual view,compared with disadvantage point, I prefer to support the people who hold the advantage view because of my life are enjoin the convenience from technology,and I am also use distance learning frequently. I can download the curriculum when I had WIFI, and study when I was outside.









convenience,but on the other distance learning is also makes a huge distance in students and teachers. So we must find the

suitable way to use distance learning, and make the balance between real learning and distance learning.



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