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金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好! 老师都说好! Teaching aims: 1. Train the students’ listening ability. 2. Train the students’ listening ability. 3. Train the students’ ability to use the Internet to search for some useful information. 4. Train the students’ ability to cooperate with others. Important points: Train the students’ speaking ability by describing, talking and discussion. Difficult points: Train the students’ listening ability.


金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好! 老师都说好!


金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好! 老师都说好!

How much do you know about an earthquake?

Many people died… People lost their homes… Many things were destroyed...

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大家一起来欣赏一首为汶川地震创作的歌曲 《直到永远》


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The United States

? San Francisco


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Why do earthquakes happen? Scientists explain that the outside of the earth is made of a number of different plates. At San Francisco the Pacific plate which is moving towards the northwest meets the North American plate. The Pacific Plate is moving very slowly — at 5.3 centimeters a year.

金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好! 老师都说好! Sometimes these two plates stop and do not move for years. Then suddenly, they jump and an earthquake is felt. As a result of the movement of these plates, west America near the sea has always been a bad place for earthquakes. When the1906 earthquake happened, the pacific plate jumped 5-6 metres to the north.


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American plate

Eurasian plate
★San Francisco

African plate

Pacific plate Indian plate

Antarctic plate

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↖ ● Pacific plate

American plate San Francisco


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Tangshan, Hebei

July 28th, 1976


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Roads got huge cracks.


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Steam burst from holes or wells in the ground. Water pipes were destroyed.


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Houses fell down. Brick buildings were destroyed.


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The railway tracks became useless pieces of steel.


People died or were injured. Families were killed and many children were left without parents.

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In a few seconds, a large city lay in ruins. Everything was destroyed. It seems the world was at an end. 18

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Natural disasters occur throughout the world, and China has a particular problem with earthquakes. Tangshan earthquake in 1976 is a case in point. So it is especially important to take steps to reduce the damage caused by quakes.

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Seismology: the study of Quake recordings Seismologist: the person who studies quakes. Seismometer: the machine to record seismic waves. Zhang Heng in Han Dynasty: the inventor of the 1st seismology

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1. Talk about a big earthquake that happened in the world with your partner. 2. Learn the new words and phrases for the unit.


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