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一、 二、 三、 四、 五、 六、 七、 八、 教学分析 (Analysis) 设计意图 (Design Intent) 教学目标和要求 (Teaching aims and demands) 教学重点与难点 (Teaching difficult and important points) 教学方法( Teaching approaches) 教学过

程 (Teaching procedures) 板书设计(Blackboard design) 评估与反思 (Teaching evaluation and reflection)

Designed By Han Meng

Book 4 Unit 5 Theme Park

【教材分析】 本节课要处理的是 Book 4 Unit 5 Theme Park 的阅读部分。 本单元的中心话题是 “主题公园” 。阅读(Reading)部分介绍了主题公园——以围绕一个或多个主题展开 的,提供各种方式的游戏、展览、演出的娱乐中心,并举了三个例子( Disneyland, Dollywood, Camelot Park) 来说明主题公园的多样性和丰富性和指出主题公园与一般公 园的异同,并使得学生了解人们不仅可以在主题公园中使自己身心放松并得到娱乐, 同时还可以从娱乐中获得知识和有益的体验。 【设计意图】 英语新课程标准中明确提出,阅读课要求我们“能从一般性文章中获取和处理主 要信息” 。 很显然它要求的阅读不仅仅是学生理解作者说了什么, 而且要在理解的基础 上,通过思维、分析和判断,提取有用的信息,并对这些信息进行组织和整理。因此, 在认真分析了单元重点和教材内容的基础上,确定文章的主线索就是要了解三个著名 的主题公园的信息, 然后围绕这个主线索,设计了一系列活动。通过提出问题、引导 学生从文章当中提取有关信息,分析信息,并且将所得到信息进行整合,最终能够准 确的掌握三个主题公园的信息。并在本节课的最后,通过让学生为 “中国印象主题公 园”的建设出谋划策,最终让学生将本节课所学的内容真正内化、升华,真正的了解 主题公园的意义和目的,并激发学生对家乡文化的热爱。 本节课的设计意图旨在使学生在义务教育阶段学习的基础上,进一步明确学习目 标,发展自主学习的能力和合作精神;在加强对综合语言运用能力培养的同时,注重 提高学生获取信息,处理信息,分析问题和解决问题的能力,以及用英语进行思维和 表达的能力,较为充分的体现了新课程理念。


Designed By Han Meng 【教学目标】 Knowledge Aims: 1. To make sure students know what a theme park is 2. To present the students information of three famous theme parks Ability Aims: 1. To train and improve students’ ability to pick out and analyze the information 2. To improve students’ ability to express their own ideas Emotional Aims: 1. To arouse the students’ love for our country 2. To cultivate their ability of individual learning and cooperative learning by doing some activities independently and some in groups 【教学重难点】 1. To lead the students to pick out the information related and analyze it 2. To ask the students to discuss and express their own ideas about the main topics 【教学方法】 Task-based approach &. Communicative teaching method 【教学过程】 Teaching Procedures 教学过程 Step I Lead-in 设计意图

1. Ask students to think about the question : “What can you do in a 通 过 引 入 部 park?” Possible answers to this question: have a walk; go boating; go fishing; square dance; play games ( Students will answer according to their personal knowledge and experience. Various answers will be accepted and shown on the blackboard. The main function of a park will be presented.) 分所展示的 问题,让学生 自己发掘,探 索普通公园 和主题公园 的不同,并理 解题目“是娱

2. Show students what a theme park is and the meaning of the title 乐,又不仅仅 “Theme Park- Fun And More Than Fun”. 是娱乐”的含 义,为学生更 好的理解文

Designed By Han Meng Suggested answers to this part: The title means that theme parks are fun to visit, but that they can also be educational and can offer useful information. Step II Skimming 在这一环节, 让学生速读 文章完成两 项任务。通过 对第一个任 务让学生能 够从整体上 把握文章的 结构 , 为下面 的阅读奠定 了基础。通过 第二个任务, 明确文章主 要内容。 章奠定基础。

1. Give students 3 minutes to skim over the text. 2. Ask students to finish the following tasks.

⑴ What’s the structure of the reading passage?
Answer key for this question: Two parts Para1. Give us a general idea of theme parks. Para(2-4). Each part shows one kind of theme parks.

⑵ How many theme parks are mentioned in the passage? ⑶ What are these theme parks? ⑷ What theme does each of them try to express?(only one word
permitted) Answer key for this question: There are 3 theme parks mentioned in this passage, including Disneyland with a theme of cartoons, Dollywood with a theme of culture and Camelot Park with a theme of history. (The first two questions are easy to solve. Students will be suggested to use a word in Para1 to meet the third question.) Step III Detailed Reading

这一环节包括 两个部分。 第一 部分是个人任 务。 在这一部分 中, 学生跟随录

Part 1. Individual Work Students will read the whole reading passage carefully following the tape, followed several True or False exercises. 1. Disneyland can be found everywhere. 2. Tourism develops where a Disneyland is built. 3. The main attraction of Dollywood is its culture. 4. Dollywood has the only electric train still working in the USA.

音再次更为仔 细的诵读和理 解这篇文章, 并 在读完后完成 相关辨析联系,

Designed By Han Meng 5. Camelot Park has the oldest roller coaster in the world. 6. Camelot Park has an ancient English farm. Answer key for this question: 1. False; Disneyland can be found in several parts of the world. 2. True. 3. True. 4. False; Dollywood has the only steam-engine train still working in the southeastern USA. 5. False; Dollywood has the oldest roller coaster in the world. 6. True. Part2. Group Work There will be a competition for students.
本环节的第二 部分是小组活 动部分。这部 分, 采取竞争答 题的方式, 一方 面是为了再次 考查学生对段 落的理解, 另一 方面是为了活 跃气氛。 是为了使学生 掌握文章的更 多细节。

主 (Three theme parks will be learnt one by one in this part. In this section, 第二段阅读,

students will be divided into 3 groups, and they will be encouraged to answer 要 是 信 息 搜 索 questions for getting marks. ) 1. Para2.- Disneyland Find out what may happen when you visit Disneyland Yes : Meet Snow White ; Experience free-fall drops; Visit a pirate ship; See No : Meet country music groups; Bald eagles ;The round table 2. Para3.- Dollywood Find out important places, activities and determine whether pictures shown on the screen can match with them. Answer key for this question: All pictures shown on the screen belong to Dollywood except the pictures of Disneyland and of Camelot Park 3. Para.4- Camelot Park
第三段阅读主 要通过信息匹 配题型, 考察学 生分析理解文 章信息的能力 第四段的阅读 方式引导学生 快速在文章当 中搜寻相关信 息。 通过回答问 题, 学生能够对 迪士尼乐园有 了更清晰地了 解。

Ask students to listen to the tape and tick the items mentioned at 以 听 力 练 习 为 England’s Camelot Park. 载体, 做到听读


Designed By Han Meng


Step IV Summary Lead the students to sum up the main contents of this passage according to the structure of the passage.

是引导学生将 文章中的重点 信息再梳理一 遍, 从而对文章 主线索所提出 的问题更加了 解。

Step V Discussion Topic: A theme park- China Image will be built. Tell me what theme you will choose and activities will be included. Suggested expressions: I will choose ____as the theme of Jin Chang Image. The reason why I choose it is that _____. You can ________ in the theme park. ( Students will have 3 minutes to discuss this topic and present their results. They can use the suggested expressions.) Step VI Homework

通过假定 “金昌 印象主题公园” 的建设, 激发学 生对于家乡文 化的热情, 并锻 炼学生的口语 能力

熟读是为了巩 固, 找出有用的 单词和短语是 为下节课语言 点的讲解奠定 基础。

Read the passage again and find out some useful words and expressions.


Designed By Han Meng 【板书设计】

Theme Park-Fun And More Than Fun Theme ------┆ Park ------┆


Designed By Han Meng Teaching Evaluation Teaching Aims: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Difficult and important points: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

Teaching Reflection

____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________


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