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必修一Unit2 English around the world 说课稿

Unit 2 English around the world
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I am No.5. It ’s my great honor to present my lesson here. My topic today is The road to modern English, from Unit 2 E

nglish around the world, Book 1. To make my presentation much clearer, I will divide my teaching structure into 6 parts. Part 1 Analysis of the Teaching Material First, let me talk about part 1 analysis of teaching material. 1. Status and function This lesson is a reading passage. It gives a brief history of the English language. It plays an important role in English teaching of this unit. By the end of this class, the students can know better about English language and its development. 2. Teaching Aims The teaching aims are established according to High School English Syllabus and the teaching material, which include knowledge aims, ability aims and emotion aims. Knowledge aims: 1. Master new words and expressions, such as voyage, native, fluent, at present, make use of and so on. 2.Understand the development of English language. Ability Aim:

Develop students’ different reading skills, like skimming and scanning. Emotion Aim: Get students interested in learning English and love their own language. 3. Teaching key points and difficult points: Based on the teaching aims, I identify the teaching key points and difficult points as follows: Teaching key points: 1. Master new words and expressions. 2. Understand the passage clearly. Teaching difficult point: Develop students' reading skills.

Part 2

Analysis of the Students

Second, I want to talk about part 2 analysis of students. Senior One students have the basic abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing, but they are still weak in scientific reading strategies. They have known sth about English language. Some new words and expressions in the text may cause learning difficulties for them.

Part 3 Teaching methods and learning methods The third part is teaching methods and learning methods. According to

New Course Standard of English, combining with the language level of students, I will adopt two teaching methods: Task-based teaching method and communicative teaching method. As for learning methods, students can get comprehensive language using skills by autonomic learning, cooperating and exploring.

Part 4 Teaching aids Part 4 is teaching aids. In the teaching process, I will use a blackboard and a multi-media computer to help students understand and grasp knowledge.

Part 5 Teaching procedures Next , let’s move to the most important part: part 5 teaching procedures. To achieve my teaching aims, I will divide my teaching procedures into five steps: lead-in, reading, retelling, group discussion, homework. Step 1. Lead-in In this step, let students enjoy a short video in which an Englishman and an American are talking to each other. The purpose is to let students feel the difference between British English and American English and naturally lead to the topic today. Step 2. Reading This step includes two parts: fast reading and careful reading.

1. Fast reading In the fast-reading part, get students to read the passage quickly and then finish two tasks. ? to get the general idea of the whole passage. ②to give the main idea for each paragraph in your own words. By doing fast reading, students can improve their reading

skill---skimming, and have a rough idea of the text. 2. Careful reading Then in the careful-reading part, let students read the passage carefully and do three exercises on the screen. ? answer True or False questions, like English had the most speakers in the 17th century. ? finish a timeline of the development of English language . ?translate some long sentences into Chinese. For example, Native English speakers can understand each other even though they don ’t speak the same kind of English. These three exercises are all about the important details of the article. They can improve the students’reading skill---scanning, and make students have a thorough understanding of the passage. Step 3. Retelling In this step, give students a few minutes to read the passage . While they are reading, I will write some key words of the text on the blackboard.

Then ask students to retell the passage according to the key words. By retelling, the students can improve their ability of language organization and have an overall understanding of the article. Step 4 Group discussion In this step, students will be divided into groups of 4 to discuss the following question: Why do you think more people in the world now want to learn Chinese? After their discussion, invite a few groups to make a report to the class. This group discussion can practice students’ oral English and let them know the importance of Chinese. Step 5. Homework Let the students write a short passage. The title is The importance of learning English. The homework can consolidate the knowledge the students have learned and cultivate their writing ability. Part 6 Blackboard Design: That’s all my teaching procedures. Finally, I’d like to say sth about part 6 blackboard design. On the top is the title. On the left, there will be some new words and expressions. In the middle of the blackboard, I will write some useful sentence structures. So students can know clearly what they’ve learned in class and then try to master the knowledge.

O.k. That’s all for my presentation. Thank you for your attention.


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