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外研高中英语:基础巩固随堂练 Module 4-1( 外研版 必修3)


外研高中英语基础巩固随堂练 Module 4 Sandstorms in Asia (第 1 课时) Ⅰ .课标单词 1.__________大量的;大规模的(adj.) 2.__________战役;活动(n.) 3.__________进程;过程(n.) 4.__________预报;预告(vt.) 5.__________重新利用;再循环(v.) 6.__________根据;证明(n.) 7.__________紧急的(adj.) 8.__________污染(vt.) 9.__________恐怖的;吓人的(adj.) 10.__________绝对地;完全地(adv.) Ⅱ .常用短语 1.____________遇上;赶上 2.____________砍倒 3.___________________只有做…… 4._________________________阻止某人做…… 5._________________埋怨;抱怨 6.____________理解;欺骗;吸收 7._______________________认真考虑 8.________________概括地说 9.___________________________为……担心 10.____________________放出;发出 Ⅲ .根据汉语完成句子 1. 暴风有时持续一整天,车辆开得很慢,因为浓浓的尘埃降低了能见度 The storms sometimes continue all day and traffic moves very slowly because the thick dust ________________. 2.为了阻止它来得更近,政府正在植树。 To ________ it ________ nearer, the government is planting trees. 3.然后垃圾被带走,如果可能的话会进行回收利用。 The garbage is then taken away and, ________, recycled. 4.若你很难找到七种想法,就让别的小组帮帮你。 ____________________ seven ideas, ask another pair to help you. IV. 完成短文(注:动词正确形式填空没有空的限制) Ren Jianbo described his experiences in a sandstorm in the desert as a child.”_______ ( catch ) in a sandstorm was a terrible experience. I had never ________(experience)a more frightening or a more dangerous situation. There is nothing ________(do)You just had to hope you’d survive.” Sandstorms in China appear______(increase) in recent years____ _____ ____


_____trees and

______”desertification”. This is a process that happens when land becomes desert_____ _____climate changes and _____ people ______ ______ ______grass. Sandstorms are often _____ thick_____ you can’t see the sun. and the wind is sometimes strong _____ _____ _____ sand dunes. Weather experts advise people _____ ____ _____(not go) out in a sandstorm. Huang Xiaomei says,”____ _____ _____(cycle) in a sandstorm is

frightening._____difficult to breathe and the dust _____ me _____.” Sandstorms ,which begin in desert areas ,sometimes affect Beijing. People _____ _____ _____the fact that there is a desert only 250 km away _____ the wast of Beijing.____ _____(prevent) it _____(come) nearer ,the government plans ____ _____(plant) trees for the next five years.

答案: 1.mass 2.campaign 3.process 4.forecast 5.recycle 6.evidence 7.urgent 8.pollute 9.scary 10.absolutely II. caught in 2.cut down nothing but do sth. 4.prevent sb. from doing sth. 5.complain of/ about 6.take in 7.think seriously about a nutshell concerned about/ over 10.give out III.


1.答案:makes it difficult to see 2.答案:prevent; coming 3.答案:if possible

4.答案:If you have difficulty in finding Ⅳ 1.To be caught 2.experienced be done have increased a result of 8.cut down 9.dig up 10. so 11.that 12. enough to 16. makes 17.sick 18.wake up

6.because of 7.because

move 13. not to go 14.To be cycling 15.It’s to 20.To prevent 21.coming plant



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