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外研版必修5 module 6 Animals in danger课件

Module 6
Animals in danger

The dangerous animal

The endangered animal

Report of the extinct animals
Chinese river dolphin

/>We have not seen it since 2002.


The last one was shot by a French man.

The last Asian Lion died in 1908.

Golden monkey



Please give me a future!

Individual work
Read the passage on Page 51 and answer the question: What is the present living situation of the Siberian tiger?

Fast reading:
Read the text as fast as possible and summarize the general idea of each paragraph Para.1 Jiesang gave his life to save the Tibeban antelope. A large number of antelopes have Para.2 been killed for their wool. The business of antelope wool is Para.3 illegal but it’s not easy to be stopped.

The Chinese government began to take Para.4 an active part in protecting the antelopes.

Progress has been made in protecting Para.5 the antelopes.


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