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Writing a science fiction story

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Jules Verne



___________ ___

__________________ _____________________ _______

Verne, Jules (1828-1905), French author, who is often regarded as the father of science fiction.

Jules Verne Books 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 1870 A Journey to the Center of the Earth 1864 Around the World in 80 Days The Underground City 1877

1.How do they come back to the world above? The water rushed them out onto the ground above through a volcano in southern Italy 2.What do you think is the most amazing thing in the novel? The underground ocean The beautiful forest, huge mushrooms The dinosaurs, huge insects 3.What is the world thirty million years into the future like? There was neither wind nor waves, and there seemed to be little life.

4. Do you know what science fiction is?
It is a type of writing based on
imagination fantasy

5.What do Science fiction writers often write about? Science fiction writers often write about what will happen in ‘Tomorrow’s World’. 6. What are the basic elements of scientific fiction stories?

Novel Writer
Journey to the Center of the Earth





Jules Verne


Under ground

Otto Axel Hans

AD802, 701

on and under the ground on a beach

Eloi Morlocks

The Time Machine

H. G. Wells

30 million further in to the future

Journey to the Center of the Earth

begins/start ★The journey s _______ through a volcano ends in a volcano in Italy. in Iceland and _______ ★ On their journey, the three brave travelers catch sight of many strange creatures and unexpected happenings. experience many ___________

★ People can take the machine to travel to the futur past or the _______. e ★ With the ______ aid of the Time Machine, the The author travelled to the future and saw strange Time creatures, who had________ from mankind. evolved Machine ★ Man’s future seems _____________ disappointin as the covered in frost. Earth became cold and g was ________

Suppose you have been offered such a time machine, when would you like to go?

Startling by Each Step


A Step Into the Past

If you were given a chance to take a time trip,

Let’s write our own science fiction

Science fiction is a kind of story, so what are the basic elements of stories?
a certain time period a place

main characters
a plot

a problem to be solved
a surprise ending

The Mysterious Island
Anderson Hank




Please continue to write the story with your imagination based on fantasy.
1. What will they see on the island? 2. What danger will they meet and how can they go through it? 3. Will Anderson find out his grandfather and what has he been doing these years? 4. Will they get out of the island safely in the end?

Polish up your writing. Make comments on others’ writing.

They went to the underground through a volcano and saw an ocean, a beautiful forest, ancient Animals that have disappeared in the world.

A scientist invented a time machine and used it to see the future.

Why such time travel TV series were so popular previously in China? Relaxation Dream of heroism Eye candy Cultural nostalgia(怀旧)




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