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2016年陕西省安康市紫阳中学七年级英语教案:Unit 6《 I’m watching TV 》Period 3 (新人教版下册)

Unit 6 I’m watching TV.
一、Teaching Goal: In this unit students learn to talk about what people are doing. Teach students how to cooperate and be good at watching something and love our lives. 二、Teaching difficulties 1. The vocabulary and the sentence structures. 2. Learn the grammar: Present progressive tense. 3. Oral practice using the target language. 三、Teaching Methods Listening and practicing methods, pair work, Task-Based Learning method. 四、Teaching Aids A tape recorder, some pictures and cards. 五、Teaching Time: 5 periods Period 3 (Section B:1a-2c) Teaching aims 1. 询问别人正在哪里干某事. 2. 继续学习某人正在干某事. Teaching points 1. To learn the following sentences. —Where do people play basketball? —Where is he swimming? —At school.

—He is swimming at the pool.

2. To learn the following vocabularies: toy, shopping, mall, pool. Teaching steps 1. Warming-up. chant and revision 1) Chant I’m reading books. He is watching TV. She is doing homework. They are eating dinner.

What are you doing? What is he doing? What is she doing? What are they doing? 2)

Revision Ask a student to do an action and ask S1: No, I’m not . S2: Yes, I am . S3: No, he isn’t .

T: Are you eating breakfast? T: Are you singing? T: Is he writing a letter?

T: What is she doing?

S4: She is singing .

T: Are you reading a newspaper? (To another student) S5: No, I’m not . T: What are you doing? S6: I am reading an English book . T: Is he reading a Chinese book? T: Is she reading an English book? 2. Presentation Show some pictures and present the new vocabularies . T: What is he doing? S1: He is swimming . T: Where is he swimming? S2: He is swimming in the river . T: No, he isn’t swimming in the river. He is swimming at the pool . T:Look! What are these? They are toys . What are the girl and her mother doing? They are shopping . T: Where are they shopping? S1: They are shopping in the store . S2: They are shopping in the supermarket . T: Maybe, look, they are shopping at the mall . 3. Practice Show some pictures and phrases, let Ss practice in pairs like this . A: What is he doing? B: He is boating . A: Where is he boating? B: He is boating on the river . 4. Complete the chart . (work on 1a) T: Look at the pictures and complete the chart . Then check the answer . 1). library 2). school 3). pool 4). mall 5. Pairwork

S7: No, he isn’t . S8:Yes, she is .

reading books playing basketball swimming shopping

Let Ss look at the chart , ask and answer in pairs . A: Where do people play basketball? B: At school . A: Where do people swim? B: At the pool . 6. Listening comprehension 1) 2a. T: You will hear three short conversations. Please listen carefully and write down the places you hear in the chart below . Then check the answers: mall, school , library . 2) 2b. T: Now look at 2b on page 28. Please listen to the tape again and fill in the chart . Let’s write down what they are doing.Ss listen to the tape twice and write down the answer on their charts. 7. Pairwork (work on 2c) .

T: Now look at the chart and use the information in the chart to make a conversation like this . A: Hello! Is Tina there? B: No, she isn’t . She is at the mall . A: Oh, is he shopping at the mall ? / What is she doing ? B: No, she isn’t ./ She is eating lunch with a friend . 8. Groupwork (Make a survey ) ww 绿 w 色.l 圃 s 中 p 小 j 学 y 教.c 育 o 网 m

1). T: Let’s make a survey, please ask Ss in your classroom where their parents are and what their parents doing now . Please ask and answer in threes, then fill in the chart . People Jim’s father Jim’s mother Susan’ father Susan’ mother 2.) After the Ss finish the survey .Let them give a report . Place Activities

9.Homework: 1). Listen to the tape and repeat the conversation on Section B.2b. try to imitate the pronunciation and intonation. 2). Collect some pictures and bring them to the classroom.

3). Write the report down in the exercise book .



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