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外研社必修1 module4 Reading and Vocabulary

Welcome to our class!
Module 4
A Social Survey—My Neigbourhood

Lead in

Step1 Play a Game


Which city is it?

Hint1: It’s a coastal city , which is beautiful and clean. Hint2: It is located in Fujian province.

Hint3: It enjoys the title of the National Garden City (国家园林城市) . Hint4: It is famous for the Gulangyu Island.


What do you know about Xiamen?

Gulangyu Island

Gulangyu Island

Sunlight Rock

A Lively City

Step2 Brainstorm
interesting places
people local products architecture If you have a chance to live in a big city, what do you want to know about it?

A City





Step 1: Skimming
Which of the following subjects are included in this passage?

location climate history people local products environment economy district traffic interesting places

Step 2: Scanning
Read the passage carefully to find out the detailed characteristic about Xiamen the text introduced.

Location Climate Tourists Business district Western district Gulangyu Island Impression of Xiamen

Location: on the southeastern coast of China Climate: pretty hot and wet in summer; cold in winter Tourists: a lot of tourists a nuisance in summer Business 1.huge apartment block; high rent district: 2.high-rise buildings 3. shopping malls

pretty parks

Western district
most interesting part

gorgeous island

Gulangyu Island

interesting architecture

Impression of Xiamen:
attractive ;lively; friendly

Step3: Reading Comprehension Task1 Choose the correct answer.
1). John Martin is visiting _____. a (a) Xiao Li’s hometown (b) a town near where Xiao Li lives (c) a shopping mall 2). Xiao Li lives _____. b (a) on the island of Gulangyu (b) in Xiamen (c) in a town to the northwest of Xiamen 3). John and Xiao Li are ____. b (a) at Xiao Li’s home (b) driving around the city in a car (c) on a train

Task2 Read the dialogue again and decide if the following statements are true or false. T T
F 1). John and Xiao Li haven’t seen each other for six years. 2). Xiao Li enjoys living on the coast.

3). John has never been to China
before. He has seen quite a lot of China .

4). There are very few tourists in the northwest of Xiamen. F There are many tourists in the northwest of Xiamen. 5). There are a lot of new high-rise F buildings in Gulangyu Island. the business district 6). There are some interesting buildings

on Gulangyu island.


Task3 Choose the best answers.
B 1. Fortunate means _______. A. sad B. lucky A 2. Pretty hot means _______. A. very hot B. too hot

3. Bother you means _____. B A. amuse you B. give you problems

4. Nuisance means ______. B A. amusing B. causing problems 5. Shopping mall means _____. A A. shopping centre B. small shops 6. Gorgeous means _______. A A. lovely B. boring 7. Starving means ______. B A. excited B. very hungry

Step1 Please retell the whole passage.

hometown John is visiting Xiao Li’s ___________, one of on interesting the most ____________ cities ___ the coast. It’s very lively and everyone is ________. Xiao Li _____ friendly lives in the ___________ of Xiamen. It is hot ____ northwest and ____ in summer, but quite _____ in winter. In cold wet summer, many tourists come to Xiamen . ________ The business district where Xiao Li lives is very modern There are a lot of newly built _________. _____________________ and great high-rise buildings ________________, the western district is near shopping malls the _________ and it has some pretty parks. You harbour could also see the ___________ island with some gorgeous interesting ______________. architecture

Step2 Make a Dialogue
Work in pairs with the hints and attractive adjectives given below to talk about your peaceful/quiet/noisy location hometown. lovely lively friendly climate modern fascinating environment huge small people energetic beautiful interesting places gorgeous amazing specialty (特产) pretty hot/cold /wet/dry

local flavor (风味 小吃)

1.Find out the language points in reading material.


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