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2010 广东高考英语语法填空题猜想
(1) Yesterday I went to an exhibition. I’m not __1____art lover but I’ve read some good reviews of the exhibition ___2____made me eager to see it. I arrived before it was due to open but there were already many young people waiting outside and ___3___didn’t seem to be any middle-aged people at all. I joined them____4___the queue waiting patiently. The exhibition turned out ___5___ (disappoint). ___6____ I spent lots of time looking carefully at each picture, I couldn’t understand what the artist was getting at. Finally, as I ___7_____ (look) stupidly at one of the ___8_____ (paint), a gentleman came up to explain the whole thing to me. He answered all of my questions and we talked for over an hour. After he left, I went round the gallery once more and found I now knew everything much better. ___9___was just as I was leaving that I found out the gentleman was the artist ___10____. 答案: 2. which 3. there 5. disappointing 6. Although 7. was looking 8. paintings 9. It 10. himself. (2) John was presented with his award at a ceremony which recognized the bravery of ten people 1_____had saved the life of another. John was studying in the room ____2_____ he heard screaming. When he and his father rushed outside, a man ran from _3____ scene. They discovered that Anne Slade, mother of three, had been cut _4_____ (repeat) with a knife. She was lying in her front garden _5____ (bleed) very heavily. Her hands had almost been cut _6___.

It was John’s quick action and knowledge that saved Ms Slade’s life. He immediately asked many people _7___bandages, but when nobody could put _8__ hands on any, his father got some tea towels and tape from their house. John used these to dress the most severe injuries to Ms Slade’s hands. He slowed the bleeding by applying pressure to the wounds _9___ the police and the ambulance arrived. “I’m proud of what I did, but I was just doing what I _10____ (teach),” John said.

答案: 1.who 2. when 3. the 4. repeatedly 5. bleeding 6. off 7. for 8.their (3) How much paper do you use every year? _1_____(probable) you can’t answer this question quickly. In 1900 the world’s use of paper was about one kilogram for each person in a year. Now some countries use as _2____ as 50 kilograms of paper for each person in a year. The amount of paper _3____(use) by a country shows how far advanced the country is, some people say. It is difficult to say _4_________ this is true; different people mean different things _5___the word “advanced”. But countries _6____the United States, England and Sweden certainly use more paper than other countries. Paper, like many other things _7___we use today, was first made in China. In Egypt and the west, paper was not very commonly used before _8____year 1400. The Egyptians wrote on papyrus(纸莎草); Europeans 9. until 10. had been taught

used parchment(羊皮纸) for many hundreds of years. Parchment was very strong; 9___was made from the skin of a certain young animal. We have learnt some of the most important facts of European history from record that _10 __on parchment. 答案:1.Probably 2. much 3.used 4.whether 5. by 7. that 8.the 10.were kept



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