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【英语】高中英语新课标(人教版)选修六 优秀教案 {Unit5 The power of nature Period 6}

Period 6

Summing Up,Learning Tip and Assessment

教学内容分析 This is the last teaching period of this unit,so the emphasis should be placed on going over and summari

zing what has been learned in this unit.It includes the following parts:Summing Up, Learning Tip,Checking Yourself and some other consolidation exercises. Summing Up summarizes the whole unit from the aspects of topics and vocabulary and grammar.The teacher can first use this part to let students sum up what they have learned in this unit and then let them find out what they can't understand very well. Learning Tip gives students instructions on how to get the general idea of the text.Let the students think about what they already know about the topic and what new information they will find. Finally,ask students to finish Checking Yourself on Page 75 in the Workbook.This part aims at encouraging students to make a self-assessment after they finish learning this unit.It is very important to improve their learning.Of course,a testing assessment is also needed. In this period,the teacher can also provide more practice to consolidate what students have learned in this unit. 三维目标设计 Knowledge and skills 1.To get students to master all the useful new words and expressions in this unit. 2.To have students grasp the grammar item—the -ing form better,and enable them to use the following structures correctly:“Waking along the street,I met Mary.” and “Having finished my work,I went home.” 3.To develop the students' ability of using the important language points in this unit. Process and methods Design some additional exercises for students to do in order that they can learn to use and grasp all the contents. Emotion,attitude and value 1.To encourage students to learn more about the power of nature. 2.To train the students to express their feelings of joy,fear,anxiety and surprise. 教学重、难点 Using what they have learned in this unit to solve real problems. 教学过程 ?Step 1 Revision 1.Check the homework exercises. 2.Dictate some useful new words and expressions in this unit. ?Step 2 Lead-in Ask the students to turn to Page 40.Think about what they have learned in this unit and tick the boxes to see how well and how much they have learned. ?Step 3 Summing up Five minutes for the students to summarize what they have learned in this unit by themselves.Then ask them to write down what they have learned about natural forces.Check and

explain something where necessary. Suggested answers: (Students' answers may vary.)From this unit we have learned some natural forces.From the Workbook we have learned some natural disasters that are caused by natural forces. From this unit you have also learned: useful verbs:appoint,wave,suit,shoot,panic,guarantee,erupt,evaluate,fountain, tremble,sweat,bathe phrasal verbs: make one's way, glance through, vary, burn to the ground, attach... to...,compare...with...,run out of,look down into, surprise,pick up,protect sb./sth.against/from sth.,be covered with useful nouns: potential, anxiety, diagram, volcano, eruption, ash, hurricane, questionnaire, equipment,database,helmet,boot,candidate,bungalow,typhoon,thunderstorm,novelist, fog,document,rainbow,balcony,shot,appreciation useful adjectives and adverbs:absolute,actual,anxious,alongside,absolutely,precious, uncomfortable,unconscious,diverse grammar item:the -ing form ?Step 4 Practice Show the exercises on the screen or give out exercise papers. Ⅰ.Word spelling 1.The story ______(使兴奋)the little boy very much. 2.On hot days we often go ______(洗澡)in the river. 3.I got into a ______(惊慌)when I found the door was locked. 4.It was a cold,wet day and the children were b______. 5.It's many years since Mount Vesuvius last e______. 6.He drew f______ animals with two heads and large wings. 7.I'm a______ to get home to open my presents. 8.They had to c______ tomorrow's football match because of the bad weather. Suggested answers: 1.excited 2.bathing 3.panic 4.bored 5.erupted 6.fantastic 7.anxious 8.cancel Ⅱ.Fill in the blanks with the expressions given below.Use each expression only once and make changes where necessary. compare with give birth to look down into make one's way burn to the ground make an effort out of the way vary protect...from glance through 1.We must ______ to get new knowledge. 2.The house was robbed by these cruel guys,and it ______. 3.A car accident happened the time I ______ home. 4.She could ______ deep greenwoods if she opens her window. 5.I ______ the menu and chose a dish which is my sister's favorite. 6.Schools have responsibility for ______ students ______ danger. 7.The sign tells us to put the car ______ to make the traffic smoother. 8.Their actual needs of energy will ______ person ______ person. 9.Mrs Sanders ______ a healthy baby,which made her and her family very happy.

Suggested answers: 1.make an effort 2.was burned to the ground 3.made my way 4.look down into 5.glanced through 6.protecting;from 7.out of the way 8.vary from;to 9.gave birth to Ⅲ.Complete the following sentences according to the sample English sentences and the Chinese given. 1.Have you ever considered how weak humans are compared with a volcano,hurricane or earthquake? ______(和整个世界相比),this area is really small. 2.Having collected and evaluated the information,I help other scientists to predict where lava from the volcano will flow next and how fast. ______(在伦敦住了五年后),the writer began writing a new detective novel. 3.I was about to go back to sleep when suddenly my bedroom became as bright as day. ______(Shirley 正要离开)when she heard someone knocking at the door. 4.The other two climbed down into the crater to collect some lava for later study,but this being my first experience,I stayed at the top and watched them. ______(Eric 看着父亲),his face became red. Suggested answers: 1.Compared with the whole world 2.Having lived in London for 5 years 3.Shirley was about to leave 4.Eric looking at his father Ⅳ.Multiple choice 1.—Did you listen to the lecture? —Yes,I have never heard such a ______ one. A.more exciting B.more excited C.most exciting D.most excited 2.There are so many people that he has to ______ his way through them. A.force B.make C.take D.get 3.______ other good students,the teacher thinks,Hank is ______ student. A.Compared with;a most satisfied B.Compared to;the most satisfied C.Compared to;the satisfying D.Compared with;a more satisfying 4.They were ______ their daughter being out so late at night,and very ______ her return. A.anxious for;anxious about B.eager for;eager about C.anxious about;anxious for D.anxious about;eager about 5.The patient was warned ______ oily food after the operation. eat not B.eating not C.not to eat D.not eating 6.There are a great ______ flowers shown in the park and ______ people go to have a look. A.plenty of;many B.diversity of;many C.diverse;many a D.diversity;a few 7.The teacher glanced ______ this student who was busy______ a picture.;drawing;draw;drawing;to draw 8.It ______ that there will be no war in the world. A.hopes hoping C.hoped hoped 9.You've made ______ mistakes in the writing ______ we can't quite catch what you meant. A.such many;so B.many of;that many;that D.too many;that 10.The football match was said ______ in Rome,but it was held in London at last. have been held be holding hold have held 11. visiting minister expressed his satisfaction with the talks, The ______ that he had enjoyed his stay here. A.having added add C.adding D.added 12.______ any biscuits that morning,we had nothing to eat. A.Not baking B.Not having baked C.Not being baked D.Not having been baked Suggested answers: 1~5 AADCC 6~10 BCDCA 11.C 12.B First get the students to do the exercises.Then the answers are given.The teacher can give them explanations where necessary. ?Step 5 Learning tip Ask the students to turn to Page 40.Read through the passage and make sure they understand it.Encourage them to do as the passage tells because if they are doing so they will be teaching themselves a useful way of learning. ?Step 6 Assessment 1.Checking yourself(on Page 75 in the Workbook) First get the students to think about these questions individually.Then they can discuss in groups sharing their experience.The teacher can join in and give them advice and suggestions where necessary. 2.Testing assessment Ⅰ.Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of the words given. 1.At the moment I saw him ______(cross)the road. 2.He went away without saying anything,______(leave)us ______(stand)outside. 3. Kate is said ______(design)a new computer program now, I don't know when she will but finish it. 4.Do you know the girl ______(lie)under the big tree? 5. Many feared that Columbus would fall off the edge of the earth, ______(believe)to be flat. 6. speech which he made ______(concern)the football match bored a lot of fans to death. The 7.The squirrel was so lucky that it just missed ______(shoot). 8.I can hardly imagine Tom ______(sail)across the Atlantic Ocean in five days. 9.I would appreciate your ______(call)back this afternoon. 10.The discovery of the new evidence led to the thief ______(catch).

11.She didn't remember ______(meet)him before. 12.We've always deeply regretted ______(sell)the house. 13.This dictionary can't help ______(learn)the language. 14.—When do you plan to leave? —I mean ______(leave)tomorrow. Suggested answers: 1.crossing 2.leaving;standing be designing 4.lying 5.believed 6.concerning 7.being shot 8.sailing 9.calling 10.being caught 11.meeting/having met 12.selling/having sold 13.(to)learn leave Ⅱ.Rewrite the following sentences according to the patterns given. 1.A.He always wears sunglasses because sunshine is bad to his eyes. B.He always wears sunglasses to ______ his eyes ______ sunshine. 2.A.As soon as the thief saw the policeman,he ran away quickly. B.______ ______ the policeman,the thief ran away quickly. 3.A.It's getting late.We should go back to the hotel soon. B.It's getting late.We should ______ ______ ______ to the hotel soon. 4.A.If we could all do our best to keep this office tidier,it would help. B.If we could all ______ ______ ______ to keep this office tidier,it would help. 5.A.I was just beginning to talk about this question.Just then you interrupted me. B.I was ______ to talk about this question ______ you interrupted me. Suggested answers: 1.protect;from 2.Having seen 3.make our way 4.make an effort 5.about;when ?Step 7 Homework 1.Finish off the Workbook exercises. 2.Review and summarize what you have learned in Unit 5. ?Step 8 Reflection after teaching ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________


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