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必修 3 Unit 1 知识清单

必修 3 Unit 1Festivals around the World
高一英语 Step 1 Important words 1. ▲ award n._奖_____;_奖品__ vt.__授予_____;_判定____ 出题人:颜雨格 审题人:高一英语组 2010 年 04 月 15 日

常用短语:①win/ receive/ get an award for sth. ___因……而获奖__ ②award sb. sth. = award sth. to sb. 授予某人某物 ①He wins/ receives/ gets the first award for his perfect performance. ②The government awarded him a medal for his bravery. = The government awarded a medal to him for his bravery. ③The judge awarded him $1000 as damages. 2. ▲ admire vt.钦佩;羡慕;赞美 短语 admire sb. for sth. ①I greatly admire you for your courage and bravery. ②We can admire but not envy others. 我们可以羡慕但不能嫉妒别人. ③Dressed in beautiful blouse, she admired herself in the mirror. (自我欣赏) 3. apologize vi. 道歉 n. apology 常用短语 apologize to sb for sth. = make an apology to sb.for sth. 他迟到了向老师道歉。 He apologized to the teacher for being late. 4.remind 使想起; 提醒 remind sb. of sth. remind sb. to do sth. 因某事钦佩某人

常用短语:1) 使某人想起 2) 提醒某人做什么

1)这张照片使我想起了我的童年。 The picture reminded me of my childhood. 2)请提醒我早点起床。 Please remind me to get up early. Step2 Important phrases 1. ▲ take place 发生;举行 ①The film festival takes place in October this year. ②How did this accident happen/ occur? ★take place 侧重发生按计划和安排的事情;happen/ occur 侧重事情的偶然发生 婚礼将在何时举行? __When will the wedding take place?_____

2. in memory of 纪念 ①The museum was built in memory of the famous scientist. ②I have pleasant memories of our friendship. 【联想拓展】①memory n.__记忆力______ 3. ▲ look forward to 盼望 其中 to 为 介词 ②have a good/ poor memory 记性好/差

①He is looking forward to hearing from his pen pal. ② 我盼望着再次与你相见。 I am looking forward to seeing you again. 【联想拓展】devote oneself to ___专心于_____ pay attention to 注意 be married to 4.▲ as though 好像 = as if ①It looks as though it is going to rain. ②The child talks as though he were an adult. ③He talks as though he knew everything. ④He behaved as though nothing had happened 【联想拓展】as though 和 as if 从句用虚拟语气,还是用陈述语气,应根据具体情况而定。如果从句 表示很可能的事实,就用陈述语气,如例句① ;如果从句表示的意思与事实完全相反, 或者纯粹是一种假设,通常用虚拟语气,如例句② ④ ③ 。 5. turn up 常用含义有 出现 调大音量 发生 与……某人结婚 according to 根据 attach importance to do harm to 对……有害 重视

①We agreed to meet at 10 at the bus stop, but he hasn’t turned up so far. (出现) ②Turn up the radio please. I’m listening to the news. ③We don’t know what may turn up tomorrow. (我们不知道明天会发生什么) 。 以 turn 为中心的常用短语有: turn on turn down 打开 拒绝 turn off turn out 关上 ( 结果)证明是 turn to 转向;求助于

turn over 翻转

Step 3 Memorize the following phrases. (短语集萃) 1. 发生;举行 take place 2. 纪念 in memory of

3. 授予某人奖章 award sb a medal 5. 因……钦佩某人 admire sb. for sth. 7. 盛装 dress up 9. 遵守诺言 keep one’s word 11. 出现; 调大音量;发生 turn up 13. 使某人想起某事 remind sb. of sth.

4. 因……获奖 win/ receive/ get an award for sth 6. 盼望 look forward to 8. 捉弄某人 play a trick on sb. 10. 好像 as though/if 12. 因某事向某人道歉 apologize to sb. for sth. 14. 提醒某人做某事 remind sb to do sth.

15. 屏住呼吸 hold one’s breath

16. 玩得开心 have fun with

必修 3 Unit 2 Healthy Eating Step 1 Important words 1. ▲ diet n./vi 日常饮食;节食 。短语 on a diet____节食____ 。 balanced and healthy diet (平衡的和健康的饮食). on a diet ( 在节食). (说谎)

1) It is important to have a

2) I mustn’t have chocolate—I’m 3) She is dieting to lose weight. 2. ★ lie n. _谎言__ _ 短语

tell a lie / tell lies

1) From her red face I know she is telling lies. = From her red face I know she is ▲ 说谎 (lying) lying . 2) He lied about his age. 他谎报了年龄。 lie --lied --lied lie--lay--lain 躺;位于 (lying) lay--laid--laid 放置;产卵(laying) 1)He lay in bed (躺在床上) but stayed awake. 2) 兖州位于山东省的西南。 Yanzhou lies in the southwest of Yanzhou. 3. ▲ discount n./ vt 折扣;打折 。 at a discount of __打折______。 1) 我以九折的价格买的这辆自行车。 I bought the bike at a discount of 10%. 4. limited adj. 有限的 ( at a 10% discount ) 2) You must discount much of what he says. 你必须对他说的话大打折扣。 vt. limit is n. limit /limitation limited . 1) 时间有限。 Time

2) The teacher limited our speech to three minutes. 老师把我们的演讲限制到 3 分钟。 5. benefit n./vt.&vi. A benefit B= B benefit from A The rain benefits the plants =The plants benefit from 6. combine vt. 使结合;使联合 常与 the rain. with 连用。

Theory should be combined with practice. 理论应当与实践相结合。 Some films combine education with recreation (娱乐).有些电影把教育与娱乐结合起来。 Step2 Important phrases 1. ought to(情态动词)与 should 意思接近,都是“必须 ,应该, 应当”的意思,大多数情况下二者可 以互换,但是 should 谈的是自己的主观看法;ought to 则更多反映客观情况,在谈到 法律、义务和规定时使用。ought to have done =should have done 表示“本应该做而没

有做的事情” . 1)学生们应该努力学习。 The students ought to study hard. 2)每个人都应该赡养(support)父母。 Everyone ought to support their parents. 3) You should have told me the truth. = You__ought to __have told me the truth 【联想拓展】ought to 的否定句和疑问句 变否定句时,直接在 ought 后加 not; 变疑问句时,直接把 ought 提到主语的前面。 如:He ought to come. He ought not to come. (或 He oughtn't to come.) Ought he to come? Yes, he ought to . (No, he oughtn't to.) 【试一试】We ought to do it at once. 1) 否定句: 2)疑问句: We ought not to do it at once. Ought we to do it at once?

2. ▲ get away with 做(坏事)不受惩罚 He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies. ▲注意本句中的 couldn't have sb doing 表示“不能允许某人做某事” 如:我不允许你在这儿抽烟。 I won't have you smoking here. 他怎么侥幸逃脱了吸烟而不受惩罚? How could he get away with smoking? 3. neither…nor 既不……也不,通常连接两个平行结构。若连接两个成分作主语,其谓 语通常与靠近的主语保持一致。 I have neither time nor money. 我既无时间又无钱。 (连接两个并列 He neither smokes nor drinks. 他既不抽烟也不喝酒。 (连接两个并列 Neither you nor I am a doctor. (连接两个并列 主语 4. cut down 削减 cut up 切碎 ) 宾 谓 语) 语) 语)

This is neither my fault nor yours. 这既不怪我,也不怪你。 (连接两个并列 表

cut off ____切断______

He tried to cut down on smoking but failed. Step 3 Memorize the following phrases. (短语集萃) 1. 平衡的饮食 5. 说谎 tell a lie 7. 谋生 earn one's living 9. 削减 cut down balanced diet 2. 应该 ought to 4. 做(坏事)不受惩罚 get away with 6. 赢回 win ... back 8. 欠债 in debt 10. 增肥 put on weight

3. 减肥 lose weight

11. 打九折 at discount of 10%

12. 既不……也不 n 必修 3 Unit 3The Million

Pound Bank Note 知识集萃
Step 1 Important words 1. ▲ scene 一场;场面;现场;景色 短语 on the scene three 在现场 scenes (三场).

1)This play has three acts, and each act has 2)There are some moving scenes

(动人的场面)in the film.

3)事故后记者很快到了现场。 After the accident, the reporters were soon on the scene. 2. ▲ permit v. 允许 ;常用短语 permit sb. to do sth. /permit doing sth. (同 allow) 1) 我们这儿不允许抽烟。 注意:n. permission. 允许 We don't permit smoking here. 许可证 未经允许

2)我们不允许你在这儿抽烟。 We don't permit you to smoke here. permit. without permission. 1)We can’t enter that area without permission . 2) You can’t work here without a (work) permit 3. ▲ spot vt. 发现;认出 .

n. __现场________;_污点_____;__斑点_________ I spotted my friend in the crowd. 这是我们最喜欢的度假胜地。

1)我在人群中发现了我的朋友。 2) This is our favorite holiday spot.

on the spot 在现场 = ___on the scene___ 4. ▲ account v. _______;__________;___________ n.________;_________;_________;______ 短语:account for ___解释______;___说明____ 他不能解释他缺课的原因。 He can't account for 寻找 his absence from school. 5. ▲seek - sought -sought

短语:seek to do sth. 设法去做某事 seek for (sb’s) advice, help, assistance 征求(某人的)意见/ 寻求(某人的)帮助 1)We are always seeking to improve (设法去提高) reading ability.

2)如果必要的话,我会征求你的建议。 If necessary , I'll seek for your advice. 6.▲ manner 词义__方式____;_________;________. manner 作“礼貌”讲时只能用复数,作主语时谓 语也只能用复数。 1) The waiter treated the customer in a rude manner ( 粗鲁地).

2) It’s impolite to speak with your mouth full. = It's bad manners to speak with your mouth full Don't be rude to your parents._ 3)别对你的父母无礼。 (be rude to sb) Step 2 Important phrases 1. ▲ bring up _抚养____;_培养_______;__教育___;___提出_________

1) It’s not easy to 2)We were

bring brought

up up



(被教育)to believe that hard work is important. 昨天他提出了这个令人激动的话题。 glare at

3) He brought up the exciting topic yesterday. 在街上盯着外国人看是不礼貌的。 It is

2. ▲ stare at __盯着________;__凝视_______ 怒目而视

bad manners ( impolite) to stare at foreigners in the street. 修饰 不可数名词;它所修饰的词作主语时,其谓 语动词的单复数由 amount 的来决定。有类似用法的还有 a large quantity of= large quantities of 修饰不可数名词或可数名词复数) 。

3. a large amount of =large amounts of

用 have, has 填空。 1) A large amount of the money = Large amounts of the money 2) A large quantity of fresh water Large quantities of fresh water has have has have run out. run out. been polluted. been polluted.

4. take a chance 冒险
句型:The chance is that.../ Chances are that...表示“有可能……” 1) 我想去国外碰碰运气。I want to go abroad to take a chance. 2)可能她已听到那则消息了。 It is probable that she’s already heard the news. = = The chance is that chances are that she’s already heard the news. she’s already heard the news. 至于 .在句中往往放在 句首 ,具有 转折含义。

5. as for (或 as to) 关于 ;
As for

至于我,则想碰碰运气在家乡开个公司。 me , I want to take a chance and set up a company in my hometown. as 所构成的短语:

2.结果,? as a result 4.如下?as follows 6.和…一样,不但…而且… as well as 8.在我看来,我认为 as far as I'mconcerned 2 . 开始 go ahead 4. 盯着;凝视 stare at on the contrary 衣衫褴褛 in rags 6. 相反 8. ?

1. 事实上, 其实 as a matter of fact 3. 据我所知 as far as I know 5. 照例,照常 as uasua 7. 作为一个整体(来看) as a whole Step 3 Memorize the following phrases. 1. 3. 抚养;培养 bring up 偶然 by accident

5. 解释;说明 account for 7. 冒险 take a chance 9. 至于;关于 as for 11. 很有可能 The chance is that /Chances are that

10. 允许某人做某事 permit sb to do sth.

必修 3 Unit 4 Astronomy 知识集萃 Step 1 Important words 1. exist vi 存在;生存 Man can’t exist without water. 谜 人离开水无法生存。 这种植物只生长在澳大利亚。

This plant only exists in Australia. 2. puzzle n.

vt. 使迷惑 令人迷惑的 有趣的 激动人心的 令人惊讶的 动人的 令人疲劳的 令人担忧的 令人恐惧的 令人震惊的 感到迷惑的 感兴趣的 激动的 吃惊的 感动的 疲劳的 担忧的 恐惧的 ;害怕的 震惊的

写出下列单词的现在分词和过去分词及其意思 (B 级) puzzle interest excite surprise move tire worry frighten shock puzzling interesting exciting surprising moving tiring worrying frightening shocking puzzled interested excited surprised moved tired worried frightened shocked

【小结】此类动词本身是及物动词, “使某人……” 其现在分词意思为“令人……的” 常用来修 , , 饰事或物 。其过去分词意为“ (人)感到……的”或“…….的表情” 。 1)这个问题使我感到迷惑。 The question 2) 这个问题令人迷惑。 This question 3) 他看上去有点困惑。 4) He looked at with a Step 2 Important phrases 1. in time 及时;终于; 迟早 on time 按时 及时 ) 如果你努力, 你迟早会成功的 They arrived there in time. ( He looked a little puzzled look was puzzled me . .

puzzling .



If you work hard, you will succeed in time. 2. be fundamental to 对……是基础(关键)

Water is fundamental to the development of life. (Translation) 水对生命的发展起关键作用。 3. be harmful to 对......有害 = do harm to 抽烟对健康有害。 1) 2) Smoking is harmful to health. Smoing does harm to health. 阻止某人做某事 (阻止了我们外出).

4. prevent…(from) The rain

prevented us from going out

5. cheer up 固定短语,意为 _


他听到这个消息感到欢欣鼓舞. He cheered up at the news . 6. now that 固定短语,意为_既然__;由于 。now that=_since_, 引导__原因状语___从句, 一般放在 句首 . (既然天不错), let’s go for a ride.

1) Now that the weather is fine

2)既然你有了机会,你不妨还是充分利用的好。 ___Now that you'v got a chance, you might as well make full use of it. 4. break out 指__战争_ __火灾 break down ____车坏(了)_ break up ___驱散人群__ 填入合适的短语。 1) A fire broke out in his house last night. suddenly at midnight. on his way to work. broke out in 1939. __疾病_(突然)爆发。 没有被动语态。 桥塌 (了) 人垮(了)_ 学校放假 _谈判破裂(了)


2) A quarrel broke out 3) His car broke down

4) They had escaped to America shortly before the war 5) The police ___broke up __the crowd. 5. 倍数表达法 1) A is 倍数 + B. 2) A is 倍数 + 比较级 +than B. 3) A is 倍数 + the size/the length/the amount 1) This road is 4 times as long as that one. = This road is = This road is 4 3 times times longer the

of B.

than length

that one. of that one.

2) 我们的学校是你们学校的四倍大。 __Our school is four times as big as yours.__ __Our school is three times bigger than yours. _Our school is four times the size of yours._ Step 3 Memorize the following phrases. 1. 及时;迟早 in time 3. 轮到某人 in one’s turn 5. 挡住(光线)block out 7. 既然;由于 now that 9. 留心,监视 watch out 11.根据;按照 according to 2. 对......有害 be harmful to 4. 6. 8. 10. 阻止 爆发 prevent …from cheer up 振奋起来

break out

对……是基础(关键)be fundamental to

12. 理解;熟悉 get the hang of

必修 3 Unit 5 Canada-“The True North” 知识集萃 Step 1 Important words 1. ▲ scenery n. ___风景____;____景色___ 1)这个地区的风景很美。 The scenery in the area is beautiful.

2)The beautiful scenery beyond the mountain was so great that the tourists couldn’t tear themselves away from it. (Translation) 山那边美丽的风景如此之壮观以至于游览者们流连忘返。 2. ▲ surround vt./ vi._围绕_______;__环绕_______ n. Surrounding (多用复数) 常用短语:be surrounded with/ by 由??环绕; 1) The island is surrounded with/by the sea. (被…环绕)

2)The moment he stepped out of the plane, he found himself surrounded by reporters. (他发现自己被记者包围了) 3. ▲ measure vi./ vt. __测量____; n. ___措施________;___度量单位; (尺寸)___ 常用短语 take measures to do sth. 采取措施做某事

1) They took effective measures to improve their working conditions. 他们采取有效地措施改善他们的工作条件。 2) 我们应该采取有效措施来停止污染。 4. ▲ mix vt./ vi. _混合___;____调配______ n. ___mixture__(混合物)_ 常用短语:mix A with B ____把 A 与 B 混合____ mix sb./ sth. up with sb./ sth. __混淆某人某物__________ 1)油和水不相混。 2)They are always 5. confirm vt. 证实 Oil and water won't mix. mixing ; confirmed me 批准 his our honesty plan (证实了他的诚实). (批准了我们的计划). 在远处 at a distance 从远处 up with (混淆)my twin sister.

1) What he did 6. distance n. 距离

2) The government confirmed

常用短语: in the distance

1) 我看见远处有辆车。I saw a car in the distance. 2)这幅画从远处看更漂亮。The picture looks more beautiful at a distance. 7. terrify vt. 使恐怖 please vt. 使高兴 1) I’m 2)I’ll be terrified pleased terrifying pleasing at the 使印象深刻 make (leave ) a deep impression on sb. 给某人留下…..的印象 (更常用)

(令人恐怖的) (令人高兴的) terrifying

terrified (人)感到恐怖的 pleased (人)感到高兴的

accident. (terrify) invitation.(please)

to accept the


8. impress vt./vi

常用短语:impress sb. with sth. ( be impressed with/by sth.)

1)他流利的英语口语给我留下了深刻的印象。 He impressed us with his fluent English. with /by a deep his fluent impression English. on us.

= We were

impressed made

= His fluent English

2) 他的演讲给观众留下了深刻的印象。 (make a deep impression on ) His speech made a deep impression on the audience. 3)My father impressed on me the importance of work. Step 2 Important phrases 1. ▲ settle down __定居________;__平静下来______;_专心于___ 1) They 2) His words 3) settled made down me (定居) in this town ten years ago. settle down (使我平静下来). 父亲要我铭记工作的重要性。

I can't settle down to my work

(我无法静心工作)with the noise outside. at the sight of ___一看见___ (看见)a car in the distance.

2. ▲ catch sight of ___看见_______ 1)He caught 2) At 【注意】 sight sight of of

(一看见) the terrible scene, she was frightened to cry. 翻译并注意下列句中 downtown 的词性。

1. downtown adj. 市区的;商业区的 adv. 在市区

Let’s go downtown tomorrow. 我们明天去市区吧。 (adv.) He was born in downtown Beijing. 他出生在北京的闹市区。 (adj.) 2. aboard prep./adv. 在船上,飞机上,火车上或公共汽车上。 翻译并注意下列句中 aboard 的词性。 It’s time to go aboard the plane. 该上飞机了。 (prep.) He was already aboard the ship. 他已经上了船。 (prep.) The plane crashed, killing all the passengers aboard. 飞机坠毁,所有乘客伤生。 (adv.) ▲ abroad adj./adv. 在国外 After graduation from college, many students went abroad for further education. at home and abroad. ( 国内外) ▲ broad adj. 宽阔的;广泛的 He has a broad knowledge of computers. 他计算机知识渊博。 短语:in broad daylight. 大白天 Step 3 Memorize the following phrases. 1. 与其;不如 rather than 3. 定居;平静 settle down 5. 设法做成某事 manage to do sth. 7. 看见 catch sight of 9. 有......的天赋 have a gift for 2. 发现自己被包围 find oneself surrounded by 4. 采取措施做某事 take measures to do sth. 6. 一看见 at the sight of 8. 把 A 与 B 混合

mix A with B

10. 给人留下深刻印象 make a deep impression on sb

11. 在远处 in the distance


从远处 at a distance




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高中英语必修三知识点总结 Unit 1 1.mean doing sth. 意味着; mean to do sth. 打算或企图做某事; mean sb. to do sth. 打算让某人做某事 be meant for...


高一英语必修三知识点归纳精华版_英语_高中教育_教育专区。第一单元 1)starve 作不及物动词,表示“饿死,挨饿” 。 starve for=be starve of/for,表示“渴望...


高中英语必修三知识清单_英语_高中教育_教育专区。适合复习,背诵必修3 Unit 1 知识清单 必修 3 Unit 1Festivals around the World 高一英语 Step 1 Important word...


高一英语各单元知识点总... 53页 1下载券 新课标高中英语必修3知识... 15页...单元知识点(1): 1.Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very ...


新人教版高中英语必修三知识点总结(详细) - 必修三各单元知识点总结 第一单元 1)starve 作不及物动词,表示“饿死,挨饿” 。 starve for=be starve of/for,...

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