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2015-2016学年江苏省新沂市第二中学高二英语教案:Unit 2 Revision(新人教版选修6)

江苏省新沂市第二中学高中英语《Unit 2 Revision》教案 新人教版 选修 6
教学 目标 Students will learn and master the important language points in the two passages to understand them better. How to help the students to learn 重点 Learn and master the important language points in the two passages 难点 and master the important

language points well. 教法及教具 A recorder, a projector and some slides. 教 学 内 容 学生主体 活动 个案调整


Practice Section A 1.________ theme of the Shanghai Expo is “Better city, better life”. It will send _____ message to people around the world to care about the places where they live. A./; a B . The; a C.A; the D./; the 2. — Who should be responsible for the accident? —The boss, not the workers. They just carried out the order_________ . told are told telling they told 3. In April, thousands of holidaymakers remained ______ abroad due to the volcanic ash cloud. A. sticking B. stuck C. to be stuck D. to have stuck 4. Nearly four hundred supermarkets in Beijing are preparing to dim( 使 暗 淡 ) their lights ________ the "Earth Hour 2010" on Saturday night. A.honor B.honoring honor D.having honored 5. Stronger and more lasting memories are likely to be formed ________a person is relaxed. A.where B. unless C.when D. although 6. Paul is good, kind, hard-working and

intelligent; _____, I can’t speak too highly of him. A. as a result B. in a word C. by the way D. on the contrary 7. American Indians ________ about five percent of the U.S. population. A. fill up B. bring up C. make up D. set up 8. How long do you think ________ the computer company brings out a new product? A. it will be before B. will it be until C. will it be when D. it will be that 9. Much to the couple’s comfort, their income is now double ______ it was five years ago. A. that B. than C. which D. what 10. --- Sorry, I’m late. --- That’s OK. I _______ long. A. haven’t waited B. don’t wait C. haven’t been waiting D. didn’t wait 11. It is not like Jack to be unfriendly, so he _______ you when you called. A. can’t have seen B. should not have seen C. must not have seen D. need not have seen 12. The people ____ the murderer everywhere when he suddenly _______ in the hospital. A. searched for; appeared B.were searching; was appearing C. were searching for; was appeared D.were searching for; appeared 13. It is known to all that there is ______ as a free lunch. A. no such a thing B. no such thing C. such no thing D. no such things 14. __________ different life today is from _________ was fifty years ago! A. What a; what B. How; what C. What; what D. What a; how 15. Now that this problem is settled, let’s ______ the next item on the agenda (议事日程). A. go on with B. go on discussing C. move on with D. move on to 16. She said she would telephone but we _______ from her so far.

A. haven’t heard B. didn’t hear C. hadn’t heard D. won’t hear 17. Don’t get that ink on your shirt, for it ________. A won’t wash out B won’t be washing C isn’t washing out D doesn’t wash out

18. --What made her mother so angry? -________. A. Because she didn’t make the most of her time B. Her not making the best of her time C. Her time was not made full use


D. Because of her wasting time 19. The biggest risk of a high-sodium(钠)diet is the effect ____ has on blood pressure and heart health. A. it B. which C. what D. that 20. Some people are worrying about the possibility ________ mobile phones could be responsible for a range of illnesses, from rashes(皮疹) to brain tumors. A.that B.why D.whether 21. To improve their oral English, everyone in the class is supposed to ______ actively in these discussions. A. participate B. attend C. enter D. take 22. Don’t ________more work than you can do, or you will __________ . A. take over; break in B. take on; break down C. take over; break off D. take on; break in 23.The two men stood ________drunkenly at each other while the crowd looked on with amusement. A. watching B. glaring C. watched D. glared 24. They were not prepared to ________ the olive branch to their enemies. A. hold out B. hold on C. hold back D. hold up


25. --Do you mind my opening the window? --______ . Fresh air is good for our health. A . Never mind B. No, not at all C. I ‘d rather you didn’t D. Yes , ahead. Section 2 1.--- Have you booked a hotel room in Salt Lake City? --- Yes, it’s a five-star hotel and offers its guests a wide v______ of amusements. 2.-- I want to know more details about the story. Please show me more about the story. -- The s________ of the story is a hotel in Paris during the World War Ⅱ. 3. -- Did you go to the concert last night? -- Yes, live p____________ was the best! I really

enjoyed it. 4. -- I am weak these days. -- You should try some exercises. Here is a set of exercises which will s________ your muscles. 5. -- Her grandmother p_______ away last night. -- I’m really sorry to hear that. 6. -- We could only see the old actor standing there moving his lips. -- It seems a_________________ that he got his start in silent films. 7. -- I’d like to buy a notebook. --Whichever you buy, there is a three-year g______________. 8. -- Would you like to come to my house and take part in my birthday party next Friday? -- I am really glad to accept your kind ___________.


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