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2013 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛高一组试题含答案
(总分:150 分 答题时间:120 分钟)

听力部分(共三大题,记 30 分) I. Responses (句子应答)(共 5 小题;每小题 1 分,记 5 分) Please listen to the following five sentences and choose the best

response to each one you hear. Each sentence will be read only once.(请听句子,然后选出一个能够恰当应答你所听到的句子的最佳选项。每个句子只读 一遍。)(答案涂在答题纸上) 1.A. It’S sunny. B.What a pity. C.I think SO.D.You’d better not. 2.A.I think it’s a western. B.I don’t want to watch that. C.The news is at six fifteen. D.I'll meet you at the school gate. 3.A.I’11 have dinner with you. B.Give me a call at any time. C.It depends on how busy we are. D.Let’S go to see a film. 4.A.Never mind. B.You’re welcome. C.I've no idea.D.That’S wonderful. 5.A.Will 2 o'clock this afternoon be OK? B.That’S really amazing. C.I’ll try my best. D.I like Chinese food best. II. Dialogues(对话理解)(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,记 15 分) A) Please listen to the following five mini-dialogues. Each dialogue is followed by a question. Choose the best answer or picture for each question. Each dialogue and question will be read twice.(请听下面五组对话,每组对 话后有一个问题,根据你所听到的对话内容,选择能回答所提问的最佳选项。每组对话和问题均读两遍。) (答案涂在答题纸上) 6.A.He went mountain climbing last year. B.He doesn’t want to climb the mountain. C.He hasn't traveled around the world yet. D.He likes mountain climbing very much.

8. A. Italian paintings. B. Modern paintings. C. Traditional paintings. 9. A. Their neighbour. B. Their daughter. C. Their student. D. Their friend. 10.

D. Any painting.

B) Listen to the following dialogue and choose the best answer to each question. The dialogue will be read twice.(请听下面一段对话,选择能回答下列问题的最佳选项。对话读两遍。) (答案涂在答题纸上) 11. What is the man famous for? A. Doing business. B. Collecting coins. C. Teaching maths. D. Reporting news. 12. When did the man start collecting coins? A. After he had 12 coins. B. When he was 12 years old. C. 12 years before he went to college. D. After he became a professor.

13. How does the man get the coins for his collection? A. lie trades for rare and old ones. B. His uncle often gives him some. C. He asks for some from his friends. D. His students give him some regularly. 14. What is the woman? A, A nurse. B. A teacher. C. A reporter. D. A businesswoman. 15. How many coins does the man have now? A. 1,200. B. 2,500. C. Over 5,000. D. Over 6,000. III. Passages(短文理解)(共 10 小题;16-20 每小题 1 分,21-25 每小题 2 分计 15 分) A) Listen to the following material and choose the best answer to each question according to the material you hear. The material will be read twice. (请听下面一段材料,根据你所听到的内容,选择能回答所提问的最佳 选项。材料读两遍。) (答案涂在答题纸上) 16. What does the old song hold? A. A piece of good advice for adults. B. A piece of valuable information for businessmen. C. An important message for the Whole world. D. An important rule for the whole world. 17. When was the song played by 8,000 radio stations at the same time? A. In April, 1890. B. In April, 1895. C. In April, 1980. D. In April, 1985. 18. Where did the song become the number one song? A. In the US. B. In the UK. C. In the US and in the UK. D. Outside the US and the UK. 19. How many copies did it sell in just three days? A. About 18,000. B. Over 800,000. C. Over 1,800,000. D. About 8,000,000. 20. What's the name of the song? A. Without the World. B. Without a Word. C. We Are on the World. D. We Are the World. B) Please listen to the following material, and fill in the blanks according to the material you hear with one or two words. The material will be read twice. (请听下面一段材料,根据你所听到的材料内容填空,每空填一到 两个单词。材料读两遍。) (答案涂在答题纸上) Cultural relics are (21)______ that remind people of the past. By (22)________ cultural relics, we can learn what our ancestors did and how they lived. Many people steal these ancient things (23)______________. To (24)________our valuable cultural relics, it is necessary to (25) stop people from destroying them. 笔试部分(共七大题,计 120 分) I. Multiple-choice(选择填空) (共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,计 15 分) For each of the following sentences or dialogues, there are four choices, marked A, B, C, and D. Please choose the answer that best completes the sentence.(下列各句或对话均含有 A,B, C,D 四个选项中,请从四个 选项中选出可以完成该句或对话的最佳选项。) (答案涂在答题纸上) 26. I like listening to music; but music in this film is boring. A./; the B./; / C. the: the D. the; / 27. He divided the sweets the children who were divided three groups. A. in; in B. into; into C. between; in D. among; into 28. It is such a good book is worth again! A. that; reading B. as; to be read C. that it: reading D. which; being read 29. Soon after the accident, police were sent to the place to keep order. A. scores B. score of C. scores of D. two scores of

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30. When _______down the hill, his car _______upside down. A. came; turned B. coming; turned C. came; turning D. coming; turning 31. Susan has been fortunate to find a good job she loves in this city, and she gets well paid for it. A. what's more B. sooner or later C. as if D. more or less 32. The teachers are busy________ the exam papers while the students are busy the exams. A. prepare; prepare for B. preparing; preparing for C. prepare for; prepare D. preparing for; preparing 33. At present, more and more people from the countryside are going into the cities in_______ of better jobs. A. favour B. honour C. memory D. search 34. The news that the woman was still _______ five days after the tsunami was broadcast on_____TV worldwide. A. alive; alive B. living; alive C. alive; live D. lively; live 35.________has been introduced to the students to help them make progress. A. Many books as well as some advice B. Not only some advice but also many books C. Some advice as w