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牛津高中英语模块一unit3 project

Unit 3 Project
Making a booklet on keeping fit


1.Dou you like exercising ? Why ?

2, How can we keep fit?
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Healthy diet Exercise regularly Get enough sleep Not drinking and smoking Stay positive and cheerful Be confident


Read the article quickly and try to find out the main points of each paragraph.

main points of Para. 1
?You can feel better, look better and have more energy if you eat the right food and exercise regularly.

main points of Para. 2
Healthy eating along with regular exercise is the only way to become fit.

main points of Para. 3
It is important to give your body the energy and water

main points of Para. 4 Teenagers should spend at least 30 minutes exercising, five times a week.

main points of Para. 5 Teenagers need 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night.

main points of Para. 6 Follow the suggestions above, you will look and feel much better.

Read the article again to get the main idea of the article.
Eating right food, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly and having enough sleep will make a teenager feel and look better.

Answer the question :
1.How many suggestions are given about keeping healthy in the passage, what are they? Three. they are regular exercise, healthy eating and enough sleep. 2.How do they (approximately 20% of teenagers) control their weight ? by going on a diet and skipping meals. 3.What should you do for a healthy diet? You should eat mostly rice, bread, vegetables and fruits .you also need drink a lot of water. 4.what’s the experts’ suggestions? Experts suggest that teenagers spend at least 30 minutes exercising, five times a week. 5.How many hours the teenagers need to sleep? 8 to 10 hours.

Language points :
1. truth [ n ]. 真相;实情;真实性;真理

e.g. 1. 你认为他在讲实话么?
Do you think she is telling the truth? 2. 真相终将大白。

Truth will come out in the end.
truthful [ adj ] 诚实的 ;真实的 truly [ adv] 真实地 ;的确是

in truth =in fact 事实上
to tell (you) the truth 老实说,实话对你说 e.g. 实话对你说,我对玩游戏不感

To tell you the truth, I’m not interested in playing the game. [ n ]
【U】 1. 能;能源;能量 e.g. 我们应该充分利用太阳能。 We should make full use of the energy of the sun. 2. 活力;力量;精力 full of energy 精力充沛

【pl 】 energies 精力 e.g. 我们必须集中精力解决困难。 We must concentrate our energies on solving the difficulties.
energize [ v ] 给予……能量 energetic [ adj ] 精力充沛的 energetically [ adv ] 精力充沛地

3. eat the right food 合理饮食 e.g. 你应该合理饮食。 you should eat the right food

4. exercise regularly regular exercise 经常锻炼 e.g. 为了保持健康,你应该经常锻炼。 you should do exercise regularly in order to keep fit.
5. regularly 【adv】有规律地;定期地 e.g. 他定期地给杂志撰稿。 He writes regularly for a magazine. regular 【adj】有规律的;固定的;定期的 irregular 【adj】无规律的;不规则的 regulation 【n】规则;规章;法规

6. Along with 和……什么一起;加上

e.g. 1. 我和妈妈一起去了公园。
I , along with my mother, went to the park.

2. 充足的睡眠和经常锻炼都很重要。
Enough sleep , along with regular exercise

is important.
all along 自始至终 go / come along 一起去 / 来 take / bring sb. along 带某人一起去 / 来 come/ go / get along 进展,发展,进步

get along with 与……和睦相处

7. a / the way to do sth = a / the way of doing sth

e.g. 这是解决这个问题最简单的方法。

This is the simplest way to solve the problem.
= This is the simplest way of solving the problem.

8. useless 【adj】无用的,无效的
useful 【adj】有用的
use 【v】 用,使用;耗费 与 use 相关的短语 make use of = take advantage of

make full / good use of 充分利用=

make the most of make the best of

我们应该充分利用每一分钟。 We should make full use of every minute. used to do 过去常常…… be used to do 被用来做…… get / be used to doing 习惯做…… use up 用光;耗尽 e.g. 昨天我们用光了所有的钱。 We used up all our money yesterday.

9. In the long term
=in the long run 从长远角度看;就长期而言 e.g. 1. 从长远角度看,这个计划会成功的。 The plan will succeed in the long term. 2. 我们应从长远的利益出发来考虑问题

We should consider things in the long term.
拓展: in the short term 就眼前来说 in terms of 根据…… ;就……而言 ; during one’s term of office 在某人任职期间

10. yet

(1). 在句中作连词,意为:(虽然)…..但是;然而
e.g. 1. I’ve slept eight full hours , yet I still want to sleep. 译:我睡了足8个小时,可还是想睡。 (2). 作副词,意为:尚未,还;仍然。一般用于现在时或现在完 成时(have / has done )的句子中。多用于疑问句和否定句。在否定 句中,一般用 not … yet 的形式。 e.g. 1. Have you caught any fish yet? 译:你捕到鱼了吗?

2. ——你做完作业了吗?
——还没有。 ---- Have you finished your homework? ---- Not yet .

11. control (one’s ) weight 控制体重

lose (one’s ) weight 减肥
gain (one’s ) weight = put on(one’s ) weight 增加体重

【vt】 控制;管理;限制 e.g. 1. 你应该控制饮食。

You should control your diet.
2. 在他21岁的时候,他掌管了公司。 At the age of 21 ,he controlled the company. 【n】 控制;支配;管理;控制键 e.g. 1. 军队很快控制了整个城市。

The army soon kept the whole city under control.

与control 相关的短语
take control of 接管

lose control of 失去对……的控制
in / under the control of 在…… 的控制下 under control 得到控制 be / get out of control 失去控制 be in control 控制;管理; 掌握 e.g. 我将负责管理那个班。 I will be in control of that class。

12. Exercise is something that can help to make you look good , feel good and be healthy.
不定代词something , all,anything,nothing, everything,little,much等作先行词,只能用that引导 定语从句。( that 作宾语可省略。)
e.g. 1. He overheard something that shocked him a

2. Have you write down everything (that) Mr. Li said? ?

13. suggest 【vt】建议;提议;暗示;表明
【1】suggest 表 “建议” 时,后接宾语从句,常用虚 拟语气 (should+动原,should可省略)
e.g. 1. She suggested that the class meeting (should ) not be held on Monday. 2. We suggested that he (should ) go and make an apology (道歉) to his teacher.

【2】suggest 表 “提议,提出”
e.g. 1. He suggested a different plan to his boss. 【3】suggest 表 “暗示,表明”时 e.g. 1.The simple house suggested a modest income. suggestion [ n ] .建议,提议 make a suggestion 提出建议 follow one’s suggestion 遵循某人的意见

14. count [ vt / vi ]
【vt】(1). 意为 :计算 ;数数
e.g. 老师清点了人数以确保无人缺席。 The teacher counted the students to make sure that no one was absent (2). 意为 :算作;当做 count sb (as) 将某人视为…… e.g. 我 视Tom为我最好的朋友 。 I count Tom as my best friend. 【vi】重要;有用;有价值 e.g. It is not how much you read but what you read that counts 重要的不是你读了多少而是你读的是什么。

15. So do school sports(倒装句)
一、关于so 的倒装结构 助动词 ( do ,does ,did ) so + 系动词 ( am , is , are… ) 情态动词 ( can , could等 )

+ 主语

意为 “……也一样”, 主要用于前面所说的情况同样适 用于后面的人或物。 e.g. 1. My father likes watching TV , and so does my mother . 2. You can answer the question . So can I . 3. I have seen the film twice . So has my sister.

助动词 ( do ,does ,did )
neither/ nor + 系动词 ( am , is , are… ) 情态动词 ( can , could等 ) + 主语

意为 “……也不……”, 主要用于前面所说的否定情况同样适用于 后面的人或物。

e.g. 1. he can’t speak Japanese . Neither / Nor can I . 2. She can’t swim. Nor can four of us. 3. 今天我不玩游戏,他也不玩。 I don’t play games today. Neither does he.

注意:当表示三者或三者以上的否定时,只能用 nor

二、so 表强调
so + 主语 + 助动词 ( do ,does ,did ) 系动词 ( am , is , are… ) 情态动词 ( can , could等 )

表示 “ 确实如此,的确如此 ” ,用于强调前句所讲内容。 e.g. 1. you say he works hard . So he does . 2. M: 我们应该按时完成作业。 N: 对,应该按时完成。 —— We must finish our homework on time. —— That’s right . So we must.

三、so it is with … 可代替

so +倒装句 neither / nor + 倒装句 e.g. 1. I like listening to music and playing the piano every day. So it is with my sister. / So does my sister . 2. Tom can speak English . So it is with me. / So can I. 3. 没有水人不能生存,动物也同样不能生存。
So it is with animals / Men can’t live without water . __________________ __________________________ Neither / Nor can animals. 4. 他不会游泳,我也不会。 So it is with me. / Neither / Nor can I . He can’t swim . ______________________________

补充:与so it is with…类似的结构 It is the same with … The same is true of … This is also the case with … e.g. 1. 一个人说话应该说清楚,写字也应该写清楚。
it is the same with One should speak clearly , and ____________________ Writing . __________ 2. 他没赶上火车,我也没赶上。 The same was true of me. He was late for the train . ______________________

16. give up

sth 放弃,让出… doing sth 放弃做某事

17. concentrate 【vt / vi 】 [ vt ] 集中; 集聚 e.g. We must concentrate our attention on quality。 [ vi ] 集中精力;全神贯注 concentrate on doing 集中精力做某事 e.g. 你应该集中精力学习。 You should concentrate on studying . concentration [ n ] 集中;专心;浓度

18. a good amount of 许多的,大量的,修饰不可数名词 = a great deal of e.g. They spent a good amount of money on this project. 拓展: 【1.】a good / great many
a large / great / good number of + 可数名词复数 a good few (做主语,谓动用复数) quite a few

e.g. 1. A great many books are in our school library. 2. A large number of trees were destroyed.

【2】many a / an + 单数可数名词

e.g. Many a student has been there. 【3】 a great / good deal of a great / large amount of quite a little

+ 不可数名词 (作主语,谓动用单数)

e.g. 1. He has a great deal of experience(经验). 2. A great amount of money is to be spent on the project .

【4】 a lot of (lots of) plenty of




e.g. 1. There are plenty of eggs in the basket。 2. There is plenty of rain here.

【5】 large amounts of large quantities of




e.g. 1. Large quantities food were wasted. 2. Large qualities of work water were polluted.

19. prepare sb for sth 使某人为……做好准备 20. as a matter of fact in fact in truth 21. loss of sleep 失眠


22. in no time right now right away


Project 短语总结
1. eat the right food 合理饮食 2. exercise regularly 经常锻炼 regular exercise 3. along with 和……一起 4. the way to do sth 做某事的一种方法 5. in the long term 从长远角度来看 6. go on a diet 节食 7. skip meals 不吃饭 8. control one’s weight 控制体重 9. lose weight 减肥 10. keep fit 保持健康 11. improve one’s skin 改善肌肤 12. give up sth 放弃 doing 放弃做某事 13. a good amount of 大量,许多 14. prepare sb for sth 使某人为某事做好准备 15. as a matter of fact 事实上 16. loss of sleep 失眠 17. follow one’s suggestion 遵循某人的建议 18. in no time 立刻,马上

Thank you!

(that) you know. 1. Say all ______ 2. Is there anything (that) _____ I can do for you in town? (that ) 3. Something __________ we have seen in China is changing. (that) 4. This is all _________ I want to say at the meeting. that 5.There seems to be nothing _______ is impossible to him in the world.


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