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高中 英语选修六 unit3 how can you stop smoking







It’s time to stop smoking!

In this class we can:
1. Learn some effective ways to persuade yourselves or your relations to stop smoking. 2. Think about more ways to stop smoking and share them in class. 3. Bear “no smoking” in your mind and advocate this rule to others.

Task 1

This passage talks about some suggestions suggestions how to stop smoking on ______________,which can be founded _____________. on the Internet

Task 2


Prepare yourself

Be determined

Break the habit
Relax Get help if you need it



Keep trying

1. How tocan prepare yourself before your stopping smoking? 3.Where you get help if you need? Your questions…

Task 3
Brain storming : Share more effective ways to stop smoking. You can work in pairs.

Task 4 Xiaoming’s notes for no smoking
It is not easy to stop smoking ,but millions have manage to quit . Here is some suggestions.

? Prepare yourelf.Decide a day to quit.Make a list ∧ of all the benefits you will get from stopping smoking.
? Be determined. When you feel like smoke, reread the benefits you write earlier. ? Break the habit. Develop some other habits∧ keep yourself busy.

? Relax. Did some relaxation exercises when you feel stressed.
? Get help if you need it.

? Keep trying. Do ∧be disappointed or feel ashamed if you fail to stop smoking. Just try again.

Task 5


Work in groups to desgin a poster to advocate

(提倡) “no smoking in school yard” and add a slogan for your poster.

Task 5

Work in groups to desgin a poster to advocate(提倡) “no smoking in school yard” and add a slogon for your poster.

show time


?Modify your poster and choose
the best one to put it up .
? Try to persuade one smoker around you to stop smoking.



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