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牛津版单元复习精品学案 模块6 Unit 3 Understanding each other

Unit 3 词汇导练
1.Dust and dirt soon a____________ if a house is not cleaned regularly. 2.It would be u____________ that such an honest fellow should have betrayed his friends. 3.Despair is a s____________ of weakness. 4.He told a rather rude joke,and everyone looked e____________. 5.The teacher’s explanation c____________ the puzzling problem. 6.We have several questions ____________(关于)the report. 7.This button is for ____________(调整)the volume. 8.The equipment must be bought from a supplier ____________(认可)by the company. 9.His remarks show that he ____________(误解)my position on the question. 10.Please ____________(包,裹)the box in red paper. 11.A company cannot be sold without the____________(approve) of the shareholders. 12. She fulfilled her____________(ambitious)to become the first woman to run the 10,000 metres within 30 minutes. 1.accumulate 2.unbelievable 3.sign 4.embarrassed 5.clarified 6.concerning 7.adjusting 8.approved 9.misunderstood 10.wrap 11.approval 12.ambition

Understanding each other

1.________________ 庆祝 2.________________ 参加 3.________________ 总的来说 4.________________ 释放;散发,分发 5.________________ 属于 6.________________ 举起,抬起 7.________________ 讲和;求和 8.________________ 调整;适应 9.________________ 占据(时间或空间) 10.________________ 对??关心 11.________________ 打猎;搜捕 12.________________ 遇见,碰见 celebration of 2.take part in summary 4.give out 5.belong to 6.hold up peace 9.take up concerned about 11.hunt for with


1.(回归课本 P38)________ ________that there are so many French words in English________ ________the French ruled England for quite a number of years. 英语中有许多法语单词的一个原因是法国人曾经统治英国好多年。 2. (回归课本 P33)Do you know of any other________ ________ ________that people around the
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world use? 你了解世界上与人打招呼的其他方式吗? 3 . ( 回归课本 P41)________you get into university in the future , you would have to go and________the opportunity. 如果你将来进入大学,你将不得不去利用这个机会。 4.(回归课本 P47)________ ________ ________the Maori people came from the Pacific islands of Polynesia. 人们相信毛利人来自太平洋的波利尼西亚岛。 5.(回归课本 P34)He ________ quite ________ whenever it comes to this topic.The British teachers didn’t know what he was talking about or what Thanksgiving was held in celebration of. 每当谈到这个话题他就格外兴奋。 而英国教师就不知道对方在说些什么, 也不知道为什么要 过感恩节。 1.One reason;is that 2.ways of greeting 3.Should;take 4.It’s believed that 5.gets;excited

1.celebration n. 庆祝会;庆祝;赞美 (回归课本 P34)The British teachers didn’ t know what he was talking about or what Thanksgiving was held in celebration of. 英国教师不知道他(美国教师)在谈什么,也不知道为什么要过感恩节。 归纳拓展 例句探源 ①(朗文 P304)There will be a party in celebration of Joan and Dave’s 40th anniversary. 将举办一个聚会来庆祝琼和戴夫结婚 40 周年。 ②(牛津 P306)The service was a celebration of his life. 举行的宗教礼仪颂扬了他的一生。 ③How do people celebrate New Year in your country? 你们国家的人怎样庆贺新年? 易混辨析 celebrate,congratulate (1)celebrate 表“庆祝” ,宾语是事,即后接 sth.。 (2)congratulate 表 “祝贺” , 其宾语是受到祝贺的人, 可组成短语 congratulate sb.on sth./doing...。 名词 congratulation 可构成短语:congratulations to sb.on sth./doing...。 1.The students coming from all over the world held a party to________their teacher’s 70th birthday. A.congratulate B.memorize C.celebrate D.honour 解析: 选 C。 句意: 来自世界各地的学生为庆祝老师的 70 大寿举行了一个聚会。 congratulate “祝贺” ;memorize“记住;记忆” ;celebrate“庆祝” ;honour“纪念” 。 2.Every year the CCTV will hold an evening party________the Spring Festival. celebration of honor of memory of respect of 解析:选 A。in celebration of“为??举行庆祝活动” ,in honor of“为了对??表示敬意” , in memory of“作为对??的纪念” ,in respect of“关于” 。 2.adjust vi. 适应
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vt. 调整,调节 (回归课本 P35)It’s quite funny watching the new foreign teachers trying to adjust to doing that. 观看那些新外教努力去适应那样做法非常好玩。 归纳拓展 例句探源 ①(牛津 P24)Watch out for sharp bends and adjust your speed accordingly.当心急转弯并相应调 整车速。 ②(朗文 P26)Adjusting to the tropical heat was more difficult than I had expected. 适应热带地区的高温比我预料的更为困难。 ③We’ve had to make some adjustments to the schedule. 我们不得不对日程安排作了一些调整。 3.完成句子 (1)你将很快适应学生生活。 You’ll quickly________yourself________student life. 答案:adjust;to (2)她过了一段时间才适应独自生活。 It took her a while ________ ________ ________living alone. 答案:to adjust to 4.My camera can be ________ to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions. A.treated B.adopted C.adjusted D.reminded 解析: 选 C。adjust 意为“调整, 调节, 适应” ,符合句意。 如 The body adjusts itself to changes of temperature.身体能自行调节以适应温度的变化。 5.I have just been in Australia for a week and I am trying to ________ the new climate here. A.agree with in C.adjust to D.rely on 解析:选 C。句意:我在澳大利亚呆了一周了,正在努力地适应这儿的新气候。adjust to 意 为“调整以适应” ,符合句意。rely on 意为“依赖” ;agree with 有“适合”之意,但多指气 候、品味适合于某人;fit in 常和介词 with 搭配,也指适合之意。 3.participate vi. 参加 (回归课本 P35)If a man participates in a wedding reception in Brunei,he has to sit with the bridegroom and the other men. 如果一个男人在 Brunei 参加一个婚礼,他就得和新郎和其他男人坐在一起。 归纳拓展 participate in 参加 participant n.参加者,参与者 participation n.参加,参与 例句探源 ①(朗文 P1489)More than 400 children participated in a clean?up of the park. 400 多个孩子参加了公园的清扫活动。 ②(牛津 P1450)She didn’t participate in the discussion. 她没有参加讨论。 ③He has been on an active participant in the discussion. 他一直积极参与这次讨论。
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易混辨析 participate in,take part in,join (in),attend 上述词(组)都表示“参加” 。 (1)participate in(较正式)与 take part in(较口语化)同义,表示参加活动或在活动中负责。 (2)join 为及物动词,表示“加入某组织(团体、机构),并为其中一员” ,也可用于 join sb.(与 某人一起),join sth./doing sth.(和某人一起做某事)。短语 join in 指参加正在进行着的活 动或游戏等,有时可与 take part in 换用。 (3)attend 用作及物动词,相当于 be present at,指参加会议、典礼、演讲、上学等活动。 6.用 participate in,take part in,join(in),attend 的适当形式填空 (1)I hope you will________ ________all our club activities. 答案:participate in (2)Kate________us in dancing and singing,and had a good time. 答案:joined (3)The headmaster promised us to________our class meeting next week. 答案:attend (4)Chris________ ________the class discussion enthusiastically. 答案:joined in 4.request vt.& n. 请求,要求 (回归课本 P42)He kept making an OK sign and my classmate and I thought it was a request... 他不断地打出“OK”的手势,我的同学和我都认为那是一个表示请求的手势?? 归纳拓展 例句探源 ①(牛津 P1693)He was there at the request of his manager. 他按照经理的要求到了那里。 ②(朗文 P1737)Further details will be sent on request. 详情承索即寄。 ③Students requested that the school provide more computer classes. 学生们请求学校安排更多的计算机课。 ④Guests are requested to wear formal attire. 要求客人们穿正装出席。 易混辨析 request,demand,require 这三个动词均有“要求,请求”之意。 (1)request 是正式用语,指非常正式、有礼貌的请求或恳求,多含担心因种种原因对方不能 答应的意味。 (2)demand 一般指理直气壮地提出强烈要求,或坚持不让对方拒绝的要求。 (3)require 强调根据事业、需要或纪律、法律等而提出的要求。 ①He demanded an apology from the student. ②His health requires that he(should)take a good rest. ③May I request your attention? 7.完成句子 (1)我们将努力满足你的要求。 We’ll try to meet________ ________/________/________. 答案:your requests/needs/demands
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(2)要求参观者不要触摸绘画。 Visitors________ ________ ________ ________touch the paintings. 答案:are requested not to (3)我要求他离开。 I requested that________(________)________. 答案:he (should) leave 8.(2010 年河北冀州中学高三模拟)It is ________ that all the celebrities in the entertainment circle pay their taxes to the government. A.commanded B.requested C.advised D.required 解析:选 D。句意:按规定,娱乐圈所有的名人都要向政府缴税。四个选项中只有 require 指根据事业、需要、纪律、法律等而提出的要求,故选 D。 9.The manager of the hotel requested that their guests ________ after 11∶00 p.m.. A.not to play loud music B.shouldn’t play loud music C.don’t play loud music D.couldn’t play loud music 解析:选 B。考查 request 的用法。句意:宾馆的经理要求客人在晚上 11 点以后不要大声地 播放音乐。request 后的宾语从句中应用“(should+)动词原形” ,故选 B。 10. (2011 年成都市高三检测题) Don’ t respond to any e ? mails________personal information, no matter how official they look. A.searching B.asking C.requesting D.questioning 解析:选 C。ask for sth.和 request sth.都可表示“要求某事物” ;而 question sth.为“对某事物 提出质疑” ;search a place 表示“搜查某处” 。 5.Account

(回归课本 P46)You will have the opportunity to take part in the drumming and dancing, and listen to traditional accounts of bravery as well as play games! 你将不仅有机会玩游戏,还可以参加打鼓、跳舞,听人们讲述传统的勇敢的故事! 归纳拓展 例句探源 ①(朗文 P13)Delong gave an account of the incident in his book.德龙在他的书中记述了此事。 ②(牛津 P13)On no account should the house be left unlocked. 离开住宅时千万要锁门。 ③The Japanese market accounts for 35% of the company’s revenue. 日本市场占该公司收入的 35%。 11.完成句子 (1)由于身体不好他退休了。 He retired_______ _______ _______poor health.
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答案:on account of (2)他们在起草计划时不得不把各种可能性都考虑到。 They had to________every possibility_______ ________/________when drawing up the plan. =They had to _______ _______ _______every possibility when drawing up the plan. 答案:take...into account/consideradion;take account of (3)无论什么理由我都不做。 On no account________ ________ ________it. 答案:will I do (4)那是他延误的原因。 That________ ________his delay. 答案:accounts for 6.power n. 能力;权力;能量 (回归课本 P47)The Plains Indians believe in the Great Spirit who has power over all things including animals,trees,stones and clouds. 平原印第安人信奉 the Great Spirit,他支配着包括动物、树、石头和云在内的所有东西。 归纳拓展 the power to do sth. 做某事的权力 be in power 在执政,在掌权 be in one’s power 在某人的控制下 be beyond one’s power to do sth. 某人无权/无能力做某事 take/seize power 上台;当权;执政 come to power 上台执政;掌权 例句探源 ①(牛津 P1549)The present regime has been in power for two years. 现政权已经执政两年了。 ②(朗文 P1592)De Gaulle came to power in 1958. 戴高乐于 1958 年开始执政。 ③As general manager Wolf has the power to fire or retain the coach.作为总经理,沃尔夫有权解 雇或续签教练。 易混辨析 energy,power,strength,force (1)energy 主要指人的精力、活力和物理学中的能、能量、能源。 (2)power 主要指政权、权力,还可泛指做某事的能力,也可指物理学中的动力、功率。 (3)strength 强调一个人所具有的力量、力气。 (4)force 主要指为克服阻力使事物运动而实际发出或施加的力量,即物理学中的力;也可指 兵力、势力、武力。 ①The boy used force to open the door. ②Some animals have the power to see in the dark. ③Union is strength. ④Young people usually have more energy than the old. 12.完成句子 (1)他当权已有 8 年了。 He’s been ________ ________now for eight years.
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答案:in power (2)这个政党是在上次大选中当选执政的。 The party________ ________ ________at the last election. 答案:came to power (3)音乐可以让你忘掉悲伤。 Music________ ________ ________to wipe your sadness out. 答案:has the power (4)医生们正在竭尽全力救他。 Doctors are doing everything________ ________ ________to save him. 答案:in their power 7.give out 散发;分发;释放;被用完,耗尽 (回归课本 P43)Japanese people may bow and even give out their business cards to greet others and get upset if people do not look at the cards carefully. 与别人见面时,日本人会鞠躬,甚至送给对方名片。如果对方不仔细看他们的名片,他们就 会不愉快。 归纳拓展 例句探源 ①(朗文 P874)She gave out copies of the report to the committee before the meeting. 开会前她将这份报告的复印件分发给委员会成员。 ②(朗文 P861)The radiator gives out a lot of heat. 散热器释放出大量的热。 ③Her patience finally gave out. 她最终忍无可忍了。 13.完成句子 (1)过了一个月,他们的食物贮备消耗殆尽. After a month their food supplies________ ________. 答案:gave out (2)飞机飞到大西洋中部时,其中一个发动机出了故障。 One of the plane’s engines________ ________in mid?Atlantic. 答案:gave out (3)老师把试卷发给学生。 The teacher________ ________the exam papers to the students. 答案:gave out (4)这台机器闪闪发光。 The machine________ ________flashes of light. 答案:gives out contact with 与??接触 (回归课本 P43)When you are in contact with people from different cultures,it is important to understand what you can and cannot do. 当你与具备不同文化背景的人打交道时,了解什么是你应该做的,什么是不应该做的,这是 很重要的。 归纳拓展 例句探源 ①(牛津 P427)Have you kept in contact with any of your friends from college?
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你和你大学里的朋友还保持联系吗? ②(朗文 P430)I’ve made contact with most of the people on the list. 我已与名单上的大部分人取得了联系。 ③Health care workers who come in contact with flu victims should wash their hands frequently. 与流感病人接触的卫生保健人员应该经常洗手。 14.完成句子 (1)自毕业以来我和我的同班同学通过电子邮件保持联系。 My classmates and I ________ ________ ________ ________/________ ________each other by email since graduation. 答案:have kept in contact/touch with (2)每天与这些可爱的孩子在一起他觉得很快乐。 He felt very happy ________ ________ ________ the lovely children every day. 答案:in contact with 9.belong to 属于,为??的财产;为??的一员 (回归课本 P47)There are many different tribes that belong to the Native American Indian group. 美洲印第安土著民族有许多不同的部落。 归纳拓展 例句探源 (朗文 P162)Do the books belong to the school? 这些书是属于学校的吗? (牛津 P168)Have you ever belonged to a political party? 你加入过什么政党吗? 15.Don’t forget the things________your own! A.belongs to belonging to belonged to D.belonging to 解析:选 D。句意:别忘记带上你自己的东西!belonging to your own 作定语修饰 things,相 当于 which belong to your own。 16.Just a reminder,please put the book________it belongs. which B.where C.which which 解析:选 B。句意:温馨提示:请把书放回原处。此处 where 引导地点状语从句。belong 意 为“应被放置在(某处)” 。

1【教材原句】 Should you get into university in the future,you would have to go and take the opportunity.(P41) 如果你将来进入大学,你不得不去利用这个机会。 【句法分析】 Should you get...相当于 If you should get...。 在虚拟语气中当条件状语从句的谓语部分含有 had、should 或 were 时,就将这样的词 had、 should 或 were 移到句首把句子写成倒装句而将连词 if 省略。 ①If you were the manager here,what would you do? Were you the manager here,what would you do? 你若是这里的经理,你会怎么办? ②If he should act like that again,he would be fired immediately.
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Should he act like that again,he would be fired immediately. 要是他再那样做,他会被立即解雇的。 17.________I known it,I should have told him. A.Have B.Had C.Having D.If 解析:选 B。考查虚拟语气。句意:我要是知道这件事就告诉他了。条件句中省略 if 要把 had 提至主语前,故选 B。 18.(2011 年岳阳模拟)________for the fact that she got hit by a car and broke her leg on her way to school,she might have passed the exam. A.Had it not been B.Hadn’t it been C.Was it not D.Were it not 解析:选 A。考查虚拟语气。句意:要不是她在上学的路上被车撞断了腿,她就会考试及格 了。条件状语从句中若去掉 if,则 had 或 were 应前置。本句是对过去事情的虚拟,故 had 提前。 19.(2010 年长春外国语学校期中考试)________ I attended the lecture,I ________ a good knowledge of how this happens now. A.Were;would have had B.Had;would have had C.Had;would have D.Were;would have 解析:选 C。考查条件句中的虚拟语气。但是条件句是对过去的虚拟,而主句则是对现在的 虚拟,因此我们要采取“分段处理,各个击破”的原则,即:分清虚拟时段,采用相应的虚 拟形式。本题条件句部分用 had done 形式;主句部分用 would do 形式,所以答案是 C。 19.(2010 年长春外国语学校期中考试)________ I attended the lecture,I ________ a good knowledge of how this happens now. A.Were;would have had B.Had;would have had C.Had;would have D.Were;would have 解析:选 C。考查条件句中的虚拟语气。但是条件句是对过去的虚拟,而主句则是对现在的 虚拟,因此我们要采取“分段处理,各个击破”的原则,即:分清虚拟时段,采用相应的虚 拟形式。本题条件句部分用 had done 形式;主句部分用 would do 形式,所以答案是 C。 2【教材原句】 He gets quite excited whenever it comes to this topic . The British teachers didn’ t know what he was talking about or what Thanksgiving was held in celebration of.(P34) 每当谈到这个话题他就格外兴奋。 而英国教师就不知道对方在说些什么, 也不知道为什么要 过感恩节。 【句法分析】 该句使用“get+adj.”的形式。 (1)“get+过去分词”表示使自己处于某种状态和情况,或表被动意义。 get dressed 穿上 get married 结婚 get burnt 烧伤,晒黑 get paid 得以付钱 get drunk 喝醉酒 get started 开始
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(2)“get+形容词”表示达到某种状态或情况。 get well/bored/hungry/worried/fat/fit/cold,etc. 变得(身体)很好/厌烦/饥饿/不安/胖/健康/冷等 20.完成句子 (1)他们刚结婚。 They’ve just________ ________. 答案:got married (2)你认为他能再次当选吗? Do you think he will________ ________? 答案:get re?elected (3)听到这个消息他变得不安起来。 He________ ________/________at the news. 答案:got worried/upset 21.(2011 年衡水中学高三调研)—Where have you been? —I________in the heavy traffic,or I would have been here earlier. A.stuck B.had stuck C.have been stuck stuck 解析:选 D。get stuck in...陷入??。由语境可知,此处应用一般过去时。

说明文 【体裁导航】 说明文,顾名思义,就是要说清、道明。可见,清晰的描述、不紊的条理、分明的层次和准 确的用词,都是说明文最明显的特征。 无论是文字叙述还是图表标识,只要无时间限制,说明文中一般都要用现在时态。 图表说明文是近年来高考英语写作的重点、热点,也是国家英语课程标准所要求掌握的。 做这一写作题型时,同学们最好能在分清图与图之间逻辑关系的基础上,列出要点,逐条予 以说明。这样,既能避免主次不分,又能有效防止要点的遗漏。 巧用过渡性词语,能使文章结构紧凑,条理清晰。 中学阶段常用的过渡词语主要有以下几类: 1.表示时间顺序:first, then, afterwards, to begin with, meanwhile, later, soon, finally ... 2.表示空间顺序:near, next to, far from, in front of, on the left, on one side ... 3.表示并列关系:and, as well as, also, too ... 4.表示因果关系:because, for, since, as a result (of), therefore, thus, thanks to ... 5.表示递进关系:besides, what’s more, moreover, furthermore, in addition, also, one more thing ... 6.表示比照关系:like, unlike, such as,but, however, on the other hand, on the contrary ... 7.表示条件关系:if, unless, as long as, so long as, on condition that ... 8.表示概括关系:in general, in a word, in short, on the whole, to sum up ... 【写作示例】 由于现代科学技术的发展,人们现在的日常生活已与几十年前的大不一样。那么,随着社会 和科学技术的进一步发展, 未来人们的生活又会是什么样的呢?请你以 “未来生活” 为主题, 从人类的工作、身体的变化、生活的环境、交通设施、沟通方式、住房等方面,展开想象, 描述一下未来美好的生活。
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要求:1.想象合理,表达清晰,有条理。 2.描述你想象中的未来生活。 3.词数:120~150。 【写作要领】 本文的体裁是说明文,主题是未来的生活,时态应为一般将来时。 要求学生预测并适当描述几十年以后生活可能发生的变化, 表达自己对未来美好的愿望。 文 章可以分为三部分:一、开头,二、主体,三、结尾。第一部分(第 1 段)开门见山,直接点 题,指出未来的生活肯定会发生巨大的变化。第二部分(第 2 和 3 段)发挥想象,具体阐述。 可从人们日常生活的各个方面(工作、交通、教育学习、休闲娱乐、环境等)入手。第三部分 (第 4 段)提出建议,表达自己美好的愿望。 【金点模板】 一、开头(表达个人观点) I suppose that ... Personally, I think that ... With science and technology developing, it is certain that ... 二、主体 1.句型 In the future we will... More people will be able to ... At that time, people will be using ... There will be no need to ... 2.过渡词 besides/in addition/what’s more/furthermore 而且 for example/for instance/such as 举例 instead of 代替,而不是 not only ...but also ...不但??而且?? in other words 换句话说 that is to say 也就是说 三、结尾 1.句型 Compared to the life today, the future life will be ... No matter what happens in the future, we will ... 2.过渡词 altogether 总之;above all 最重要的是;however 然而 【范文点评】 The Future Life ①With science and technology developing fast, it is certain that the future life will be more convenient and fast?paced.In the future we will have more free time and we may change jobs several times in our career.②More people will be able to work at home, doing less manual work but more learning and thinking, which will make our brains bigger and bodies smaller. ③Besides, transportation will become cleaner, faster, cheaper and not so crowded.④There will be no need to worry about the environment being polluted while traveling, for new fuels and engines will be used. At that time, ⑤people will be using the Internet to shop and do business while stores will be more
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like entertainment parks.⑥People will live in green houses and keep in touch with each other by using advanced videophones which can also be used for shopping and banking. ⑦Altogether, compared to the life we live today,the future life will be totally different. ⑧ However, no matter what happens in the future, as long as we learn to accept change and appreciate what is new and different, we will be well prepared for whatever the future may have in store and enjoy a happier and healthier life. 点评: ①由复合结构“with+宾语+宾语补足语”引出话题,自然流畅。 ②此句准确得体地运用了非谓语动词作状语和非限制性定语从句。 ③使用过渡词 besides,把话题自然引到“交通方式的变化”上。 ④准确使用 There is no need to do...句型, 且多处使用非谓语动词, 如: to worry, being polluted, traveling。 ⑤使用 while 来衔接两个不同的未来变化;前一个分句用将来进行时使举例时语言更生动形 象。 ⑥by 引导的方式状语中包含有一个定语从句。 ⑦用 altogether 引出对上面两段的猜想的总结。 ⑧由转折词 however 衔接两个句子,使句意互相照应,文章连贯流畅。 【类题尝试】 自 1978 年以来,我国海外留学生回国人数逐年上升。请在 Shanghai Daily 上发表一篇文章, 根据图表叙述海外人员归国情况,分析回归原因,并希望更多的海外学者回国创业。 要求:1.可根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 2.词数 150 左右,短文开头已写好,不计入总词数。 参考词汇:制定政策—work out policies,海归人员—returnee There has been a reversal of the braindrain since 1978 across the country.________________________________________________________________________ One possible version: There has been a reversal of the braindrain since 1978 across the country.Between 1978 and 2007, about 7,000 overseas Chinese returned to Shanghai after completing their studies abroad.They accounted for about 25% of all returnees nationwide.The year 2008 has witnessed a boom.The number of returnees came up to 15,000.By the end of 2009, a further 22,000 have returned to this city. The reversal of the braindrain mainly arises from three facts.Firstly, our government values overseas Chinese scholars highly, encourages them to return home to start their own careers and has worked out a series of preferential policies.In Shanghai, the famous international city, they can enjoy a modern lifestyle.Secondly, China’s economy has been developing at a high speed, which provides them with a vast space of development. Many returnees have achieved outstanding success in scientific research or in highlevel management.They are playing a more and more important role.Thirdly, the current global financial crisis leaves many overseas out of work or at the edge of being laid off.They feel more secure at home because the economy is more stable. I hope that more overseas Chinese can head home.There is a bright future ahead of them.

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