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八年级(下)Units 9~10 课时跟踪检测


Units 9~10

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.Guilin is a beautiful city.I ____ there twice. A.have gone C.have gone to 解析 B.have been D.have been to



次了。”,have been 常和次数连用,故应选 B。 答案 B 2.—Would your younger brother go for a picnic this weekend? —If I don't go,____. does he C.neither does he 解析 will he D.neither will he

综合考查。if 引导的条件状语从句用一般现在时表示将来,主句用一

般将来,排除 A、C;此处表示“如果我不去,他也不去”,使用 neither 引 导倒装句,故选 D。 答案 D 3.—Can you come on Monday or Tuesday,John? —I think ____ day is possible.I will be very free in these two days. A.every B.some C.either D.neither

解析 考查代词辨析。every“每一个”;some“一些”;either“两者中的任 一个”; neither“两者都不”。 句意“John, 你星期一或星期二能来吗?”“我 认为这两天都行,这两天我都有空。”两者中的任何一者,应用 either,只有 C 项符合,故选 C。 答案 C 4.Nowadays,many people prefer to eat out on New Year's Day,____ kids.

A.specially C.may be

B.especially D.can be

解析 考查副词的用法。由上句“现在,许多人过新年时更喜欢去外边吃饭, 尤其是孩子们。”故应选 B,意为“尤其、特别”。 答案 B 5.—____ the population of China? —It's about 1.3 billion. A.What's C.How much is 解析 考查疑问代词。提问人口多少应用疑问词 what。 答案 A 6.—Please drive ____ when you pass a school. —OK. A.nearly 解析 B.early C.slowly D.really B.How many is


really“真正地”。根据句意“当经过学校时,请开慢一点。”故选 C。 答案 C 7.Maria has few friends in China,____? A.has she C.does she 解析 B.doesn't she D.hasn't she


形容词 few,反意疑问句应该用 does 的肯定形式构成,故选 C。 答案 C 8.They had problems A.take C.taking ____ the taxi. take D.took

解析 考查动词词组。根据 have problems doing 可知选 C。 答案 C Ⅱ.完形填空

(原创题)Here's a new finding of a


research from some health experts: if you also

Sitting is deadly.Scientists tell us that sitting for long time - _2_ exercise often-could be _3_

for your health.And no matter where the sitting takes

place-at the office,at school,in the car or before a computer or TV-just the number of hours you sit. The people who _4_ a heart attack or even die. “After four hours of sitting,the body starts to Ekblom Bak , a scientist who _6_ _5_ harmful signals, ” most of their days sitting are more possible to be fat, have

the research said.She explained that some

genes(基因)in the body start to shut down. Experts said more research is _7_ to find out how much sitting is dangerous,

and what might be possible to do with the dangers.But the experts suggested, “People should _8_ exercising because that has a lot of benefits.” “When they're in the

office,they should _9_ to interrupt(打断)sitting as often as possible, ” she said. “Don't just send your colleague(同事)an e-mail.Stand up him.” 1.A.medicine C.medicines B.medical D.a medicine _10_ over and talk to

解析 考查名词。根据后文的 research,应用形容词 medical。 答案 B B.because C.even D.then

解析 考查连词。根据上下文, “即使”你经常锻炼,久坐也会对你的健康有 害的。 答案 C 3.A.good B.bad C.fine D.danger

解析 考查形容词。根据句意“对你的健康有害处”可知要用 be bad for。 答案 B 4.A.take B.cost C.spend

解析 考查动词的用法。指花费时间,又主语是某人,因此要用 spend。

答案 C 5.A.send B.bring C.want D.make

解析 考查动词。“会发出(传递)有害信号”,应用 send。 答案 A 6.A.organize C.organized 解析 表示。 答案 C 7.A.need need 解析 B.needed D.needing B.organizes D.organization


考查被动语态。根据上下文, “还有更多的研究(被)需要”,因此要用

被动语态。 答案 B 8.A.begin B.keep C.stop

解析 考查词义辨析。“保持锻炼”,应该为 keep exercising。 答案 B 9.A.let B.try C.think D.always

解析 考查动词。“尽量打断经常坐着”,故应用“try to do” 答案 B 10.A.walking run walk D.running

解析 考查动词。 根据句意“站起来走过去和他交谈”可知应用 to do 表目的。 答案 B Ⅲ.阅读理解 (原创题)I saw a little boy daily near the Hanuman temple,always in a white T -shirt and black pants.He sat with a basket of fresh flowers.At six in the morning or nine at night,he was trying his very hardest to sell his flowers. I often went to the temple and each time the boy would beg me earnestly(真诚

的)to buy the flowers.But somehow I never did.Even when I came out,he would follow me to my car,begging me to buy one at least.Other boys sold flowers too,but none as persistently as he.I went back to the temple recently after some months. The boy was there,seated exactly as before.I tried to avoid his gaze(凝视), supposed that he must follow me.But he did not move at all.I went inside the temple and came back.But the boy seemed not to see me.I thought he was angry or just showing his own self-respect. I suddenly wanted to talked with him.I went to him directly.He looked at me but did not speak.This was strange.I gathered courage and asked, “Boy,why are you not asking me to buy your flowers?” He said, “Why should I ask?You are rich but you won't spend five cents on my flower.Now I am not so desperate(不顾一切的).My sister got cancer.My father had left us.My mother plants the flowers and I sell them.We used the money for my sister's medicine.She passed away two months ago.You can now take one for free.” I bought them all.But I felt so small.It made me guilty that I did not reply then when he tried so hard. 1.The little boy went to the temple every day because he A.had nothing to do B.wanted to play with his friends there C.wanted to watch the people D.had some flowers to sell 解析 细节理解题。由 he was trying his very hardest to sell his flowers.可知。 答案 D 2.Every time when I came out from the temple,the little boy would A.stop me at once B.follow me until I got to my car C.look at me quietly D.quarrel with me 解析 细节理解题。由 Even when I came out,he would follow me to my car. ____. ____.

可知。 答案 B 3.What is the meaning of the underlined word? A.坚强的 解析 B.迫切的 C.矛盾的 D.勤奋的


迫切的。 答案 B 4.Some months later,____. A.the little boy didn't go to the temple to see me again B.I didn't go to the temple because of the little boy C.the little boy didn't sell his flowers as before D.when I went to the temple I didn't talk with the little boy 解析 推理判断题。由文中第三段及后文故事的描写可知。 答案 C 5.Which of the following is RIGHT? A.I don't want to buy the flowers because of the high price B.The little boy's father and sister are still alive. C. Some months later the little boy would send the flowers to others without being paid. D.I didn't buy any flowers at last. 解析 细节理解题。 由 You can now take one for free.可知 C 答案的内容是正确 的。 答案 C Ⅳ.任务型阅读 We are at the age of being busy.Many of us live in busy places and have busy lives.Even the roads are busy as we try to get from here to there.Adults are busy going to jobs and taking care of their families.Kids are busy, too, going to school and doing lots of stuff after school and on the weekends. Busy isn't bad,necessarily.4.If_you're_not_busy_enough_you_might_be_bored.

But if you're too busy,you might feel nervous.There are findings of a survey: Almost all of the children aged 9-15(90%)said they felt stressed because they were too busy.About half said they felt this way once in a while or some of the time.But 17% said they felt this way most of the time and 24% said they felt like this all the time!Oh dear,that's no fun.Only 4% of kids said they wanted less free time.If they had more time,most would spend it hanging out or playing with friends. So if a kid wants more free time,how can he or she get it?Here are the steps to follow: ◆5.Take_a_look_at_how_you_spend_your_time_now. ◆Think of ways you could rearrange(重新安排)stuff or cut out some things to have more time for others. ◆Talk to your mom and dad about your free time and your plan,especially if you feel too busy. 根据短文,完成下列任务。 1.What are the adults busy doing? __________________________________________________________________ 2.What would the children like to do if they had more free time? __________________________________________________________________ 3.According to the passage,if there are 100 children aged 9-15 are interviewed, how many of them will say they would like to have less free time? __________________________________________________________________ 4.用 so...that...将画线部分改为同义句。 __________________________________________________________________ 5.将划线部分翻译成汉语。 __________________________________________________________________ 答案 1.They are busy going to jobs and taking care of their families. 2.They would like to hang out or play with friends. 3.Four. 4.If you are not so busy that you might feel bored.

5.看一看现在你的时间是怎么度过的。 Ⅴ.根据首字母或汉语提示完成句子 1.—What's your favorite season? —I like ____(春天)best.It's a good time to fly kites. 2.Luckily,soon I d 3.She doesn't feel like ____ the truth. ____(吃)anything. ____(自然的)food.

4.To keep healthy,we should eat

5.He hasn't fallen asleep,he is still a ____. 答案 1.spring 2.discovered Ⅵ.书面表达 今天是周六,天空晴朗。你参加了学校组织的志愿者活动,去河边清理废物, 浇花,浇树,宣传环保,促进和谐等。请你写一篇日记把你的活动和感受写 出来。 要求:1.书写正规,字迹清晰。 2.无语法错误,语言连贯。 3.词数在 80 词左右。 Saturday Fine 3.eating 4.natural 5.awake

__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 【参考范文】 Saturday I went to the river in our town as a young volunteer to clean the place. Early in the morning we started by bike.As soon as we got there,we began to work.First we collected the rubbish on the river bank.Then we watered the trees and the flowers nearby.Some students gave out notices to tell people to protect the environment. After we cleaned the river bank,we said goodbye to each other and went home.We were a little tired but very happy. Fine


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